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  1. Hey, sorry had a busy day yesterday, message me on discord we can sort a pick up time SchmittyT9#7398
  2. Harvest is a fun ability with niche use on Trevenant with sub, leech seed, curse, protect, etc. and a sitrus berry. would love to see it coded, and it's halloween with people getting trevenents too! Last resort is a viable move for Lopunny to use, but can only learn via move tutor, which as far as i can find out, there isnt a move tutor for it yet
  3. When can we meet up to do the trade? My discord is schmittyt9#7398
  4. worth at least 100k id say. abil;ity doesnt matter since its mega, and the nature isnt ideal, but its also not a negative one so fine for a shiny
  5. I tried to find you on discord but your user doesn't show in the search. Can you message me? SchmittyT9#7398
  6. +1. Understand it might be tricky to implement depending on how the game is coded, but if it's possible there is zero downside to implementing if it is offered as an option for guilds There are numerous other benefits in addition to ones mentioned by others in this post. Imagine this scenario: Two guilds, and their players: Guild A A1 rating: 400 A2 rating: 100 Guild B B1 rating: 100 B2 rating: 400 A1 queues first in Guild A, and B1 queues first in Guild B A2 and B2 must wait for A1 and B1 to match first, then they can queue. Now you have two games: A1 vs B1 - 400 vs 100 A2 vs B2 - 100 vs 400 If all players can queue at the same time, the net result is players being more likely to match against a player with a similar rating. Now the system can match this: A1 vs B2 - 400 vs 400 A2 vs B1 - 100 vs 100 As far as I can tell, there is zero downside aside from the effort from the devs to implement. I think most people would agree that they would prefer time is allocated to implementing both this and implementing a feature making it less likely to match same person twice, then they would new content. New content is great, but a matchmaking overhaul is I think of greater importance to the community. edited to mirror Teerav's formatting to explain benefits
  7. nice quick guide! I enjoyed the chess game, nice refreshing kind of quest that makes you think rather than the usual "travel to a, now travel to B, now C, now grind a lvl 10 poke to lvl 40, here have reward" type of quest
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