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  1. This won't happen at least for now, the user has been suspended.
  2. You're free to report in the proper subforum with the appropriate evidence to back your claims. but refrain from exposing the players in here, it just isn't cool and would only cause more drama. I'm not going to say this twice.
  3. Greetings everyone! I would like to thank everyone for giving PRO a competitive environment for another season. I would also like to congratulate each player and guild who made it to the top of the ladder, on behalf of the whole staff team. We all wish you the best in the next season. Thanks for participating! REWARDS Normally, 1st Place will receive 700 PvP coins, 2nd place 695, and so on. Top ladder guilds shall receive 25% EXP Boost for the entirety of the next season! Top 25 players from each server are eligible to enter the ladder tournamen
  4. It's evident that this post was made to cause drama so I'm going to close it because it doesn't really serve any beneficial purpose other than trying to ridicule our staff members. All your concerns are being answered in the complaint, so stick in there. Just to clarify, complaints are private because we usually show some evidence which may include sensitive information and this is protected under our policies. If you ignore this comment and create another post with the same purpose, i will have to take some actions.
  5. Cool guide Supertrainers. I personally appreciate people's contributions, you had the best of the intentions and that's good.
  6. Taking into account some problems we have had with this type of events in the past, the potential way to RMT and the mayhem i'm always seeing coming, this is a big NO. I appreciate your intention to make some events for PRO but this time is denied. If you have some concerns or if you want our reason better explained, feel free to make a post in the general complaint area. Have a nice day!
  7. The offensive comments have been deleted. Sticking on the same behaviour will lead to punishments.
  8. Primero que nada quiero aclarar que el juego no se va a traducir a ningún idioma. Esto es debido al gran trabajo que requeriría incluso tocar el código del juego, y por supuesto, tampoco daremos acceso a personas externas a algo tan delicado. Sin embargo, estamos trabajando en traducir los menús, opciones, etc. No hay tiempo estimado de llegada. El programa fue revisado y no encontramos una práctica no permitida en el mismo, sin embargo, le pedimos atentamente que pida permiso a un administrador o game master antes de publicar cualquier programa o link de descarga de lo contrario, se to
  9. Added. King's shield coded in the next update.
  10. Lunar Dance already coded in the next update.
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