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  1. You all can always make constructive criticism, but that fails when there are aggressive comments towards people who do their best to bring correct information. We can all make our contribution by commenting or helping to correct information that may be inaccurate. Let's do it.
  2. Hi and congratulations on your Contributor Role!
  3. It won't happen because it is easily abusable. (E.g: I buy an en epic bold shiny Flareon, i use that candy and sell it for higher price)
  4. Senrosia

    pvp timer

    Everyone is still able to express their opinion. However, i reserve the right of closing this thread if mayhem starts.
  5. Senrosia

    pvp timer

    The rating shouldn't be a reason to suggest a change in the timer. Especially when it comes to rising stars which are the ones that normally make use of calculators. With all due respect, it seems to me a rather useless suggestion and of no benefit to the community in general. This is not happening.
  6. Senrosia

    pvp timer

    What exactly is the purpose of this suggestion? Sounds like a groundless idea to me.
  7. All sarcastic comments intended to insult a specific person will be deleted and punished if necessary. Neither ban discussions.
  8. I want to let you know that you should more careful if something similar ever happens, taking advantage of a bug leads to a PERMANENT BAN. The smartest move is to report these events.
  9. Sounds good, however it compromises the private information we seek to protect in appeals (one of the reasons was mencioned by G3n), especially when it comes to scams, account hacking or RMT. Another aspect to keep in mind is that not all appeals are simple as many are part of the investigations and can't be sorted out in a day or two xd. Other point to highlight is that the only person that can take your appeal is the person who punished you, this is not to make a mess.
  10. I don't have much to say; cheats always have existed in most of the games and PRO isn't exception sadly. We really improved our methods so we don't recommend you even consider using any kind of cheats as it will lead to severe punishments. We recently made a cheaters purge. You may take into account that we work on our free time, we are volunteers. Jhizen hasn't forgotten you, he's just attending some other stuff so don't worry about you appeal. I really appreciate your patience.
  11. You really shouldn't. Your friend/brother has to appeal, there is not much you can do about it. You really should appeal instead talking about bans outside discipline appeals subforum. You won't go anywhere by discussing it with a player.
  12. I want to be the clearest and most respectful of course. I understand the frustration at not being able to immediately find the way to continue through the quest, and for this reason, i want to clarify some points: The guides are supposed to be a challenge for the player, which means that it will be so difficult to continue, so take the time to enjoy the event, you can work together with friends. The more difficult something is, the more rewarding it is in the end! The staff will never provide guides. This would basically destroy the main purpose of our content staff work: Mapper
  13. This won't happen at least for now, the user has been suspended.
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