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  1. You seem to have the wrong idea of how we decide an outcome but let me explain as best as i can. Our detection system is not automated, if so, the existence of this role would simply not make sense. Each cheater is personally verified by us under different methods and tools (which I will not reveal for obvious reasons). Isn't matter of using "x" or "y" program, if you cheat, sooner or later you are found and banned accordingly. Want to discuss your case specifically? Make an appeal or a complaint. Wanna discuss a friend's case? I will clarify it to your friend, not you. Want to know our method? Just no, and stop asking such stupid request. Cheaters just could know how we work and this will not happen.
  2. I have no intention of revealing the methods we use but I assure you that these are discussed and approved before by our team. There are no unfair bans, just people who don't care about the effort made by players who play fair, some think that for donating a lot or being popular they are invulnerable but everyone is judged exactly the same. With all due respect, this is stupid and i don't recommend that you do it. If this means a threat to the game, I will make sure to take the necessary actions to prevent this from happening. Sounds like you are trying to say that we ban people who play too much or multitasking persons, but believe me, there a difference between multitask and automation software. If you have any complaint about a particular player you can make a post in the general complaint area. For GM complaints, is our admin the person in charge of answering them so you don't have to worry.
  3. Not happening. We will take actions but for a bug abuse related to Ditto.
  4. Changed, saturday hasn't ended for me, and i work in my timezone for obvious reasons.
  5. Since everything is resolved now, i will lock this thread. Thanks to @Epithetalso for get this solved.
  6. "got disconnected" is too vague, before even considering fullfilling your request, could you explain yourself better?
  7. "got disconnected" is too vague, before even considering fullfilling your request, could you explain yourself better?
  8. I'm already watching and your discord server link is expired, send me a new one.
  9. Auction is now canceled as the owner broke some rules that prevent this auction from taking place.
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