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  1. Hi there, I've just returned after a really long break from PRO and saw the announcement about clearing the data base. I've reviewed my pc today and I cant seem to locate a Squirtle that i purchased before my hiatus. It was a modest 31 SpAtk Squirtle/Blastoise that I puchased in the region of 300k between Feb & May, if thats any help. I cant recall if i gave it for training and forgot to pick it up, or traded it with somebody or deleted it by accident. Please help to put my mind at ease to locate it, as it is bugging the hell of out me to find it since coming back.
  2. Bunnystar


    Faceplam. Total contradiction to what you initially said before I commented on the thread. Has for the rest of whatever you tried to preach and a waste of time to have read, Im gone reinforce something you don't get at all, "this thread is for the sole purpose of giving suggestions towards the improvement of the game." Now apply that to what you just tried to bring about and you'll realize everything you said is null. It looks like at this point you just trying to "save face" for those who are viewing notifications from this thread. Anyway, my point is proven here and done putting up wit
  3. Bunnystar


    Lets break this down shall we. First of, only to you it doesn't matter how "quick" it took to level up your alternate account, just so you could use it has an external bank. To others its not a viable option to be jumping through hoops just so they can have a make-shift feature of a banking system through two different accounts. Aside from that, if users are finding a different way to implement a feature that they are trying to simulate through two accounts, then its a clear indication its a needed feature for the game. All in all, I don't have to go any further then this to prove my point,
  4. Bunnystar


    easy fix is have an alt account? Spend multiple days/weeks instead of a simple feature that will benefit everyone and stop wasting tons of time? reduce the urge to spend? So... don't play the game?
  5. Bunnystar


    Made this suggestion last year, with a mock up https://pokemonrevolution.net/forum/topic/112050-url
  6. Hi, would like to buy these please: charmander 50k, shellos 60k horsea 50k lombre 50k and wingull 30k
  7. Another Birthday & another get together! Happy Birthday Kran!! :3 :RowletHeart:33 Best Daycare Trainer PRO will ever have!! Mark my words. > Duerenkran's Service Shop < Ca-ca-Caaake!!! ^^ Always fun when we all meet up, hope to see everyone again soon^^ tc Happy Birthday Kran :3! Nearly forget about this pic, if you dont see Kran in All channel... Now you know..! lol
  8. This bug keeps on occurring every 5 mins and cant even vs bosses now. Logging out & back in doesn't fix it either.
  9. Hey, what are some good team suggestions or pokes that can setup quick & sweep without needing revives or potions?
  10. I demand to speak with the C.E.O of this shop. I have a new order. Have your people contact my people to finalize details.
  11. Ty Shinohara, guess what I heard previously was lost in translation.
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