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  1. I will take ADA 30spd Darmanitan pm me via my discord: Blu.Lotus#8322
  2. Oh someone is offered already? Ah sorry nvm then
  3. I will take the ada 30spd darmanitan
  4. 1cc + 400k for naive 31spd aerodactyl Discord: Blu.Lotus#8322
  5. Jolly 31spd speed boost carvanha Timid 31spd moody female snorunts Careful Prankster epic sableye. Aerodactyl 31spd naive epic Pm me via discord: Blu.Lotus#8322
  6. Can you do 450k for 2nd Jolly Tyran? ------------------------------------------------------------------------- Discord Blu.Lotus#8322
  7. You have wrong format for auction I believe. The min bid and max bid is confusing. You should have a start offer (s.o), min bid = minimum raise, and insta price. The whole maximum bid, minimum bid you put there is confusing
  8. Auction: Jolly 30spd Haxorus S.O 700k - Min Bid 50k - Insta 2m Duration: 24hr Accept: Poke$ or coin capsule (as 400k) or iv rr (750k)
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