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  1. Hello It's me Kitretsu05 I would like to thank my friends for all the fun we had in pro and Being honest I would like to review something which needs to be fixed ....the way the staff handles is the worst ...Banning over simple simple mistakes is just not acceptable at all...y'all think you are running an school or whatt? Lol ...preety stupid staff team ...thanks for all those troubles ...I am leaving pro and won't be back again ...Gl to everyone and bye
  2. Wtb halloween trace ralts(necro version ) Budget = 5m+ Discord = kit#1652 Inbox on forum or dm me please
  3. It's been 18+ days ..no reply no force trade ..idk what to say now xd ....Seriously dissapointed on this matter
  4. Yea it's allowed until both of your accounts are on leaderboard . Goodluck
  5. +1 , I would like to have A new wing ...coz I had missed the earlier wings like cyan wings and etc But if they include a A new wing quest or Just add in to PvP/PvE coin shop...it will be amazing
  6. +1, I have been talking about it for a long time now..it should be changed by now but idk why even after so many voting it's not changing ...whatever the reason hope it will change soon.
  7. Nice shinies ...Sad don't have money to buy one ....But gl Benj
  8. Please Contact a staff for force trade..I am temporarily banned for 30 days ..so I can't do the trade sorry
  9. @Eon As I am banned I hope it will be force traded , thanks
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