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  1. I’m looking to buy some coin capsules. Dm me in discord at gio#0879 if you have any to sell :prayge: Also buying some cosmetics/mounts that I don’t already own, particularly a Bamboo. Dm me on discord and show ty
  2. Can you message me on discord? gio#0879
  3. Every catchable Pokémon now has its own page. Some may be outdated in terms of learnsets, but everything else should be accurate. As always, if you notice an error, let it be known and it will be fixed.
  4. Gio


    Forgot the time. Auction ends 48h after first bid. You’ll have to bid again to start it, if you want.
  5. Auctioning this max speed Larvitar. S.O.=500k min bid=100k no insta payment methods: pokedollars iv reroll @ 680k coin capsule @ 380k nat rr @ 340k auction ends 48h after first bid
  6. He came back btw. Raging in Battle chat like always
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