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  1. Kanto Region WTB charizard Modest (Solar Power) WTB Blastoise Modest (Raind Dish) WTB Venusaur Modest (chlorophyll) Johto Region WTB Feraligatr Adamant (Sheer Force) WTB Meganium Modest (Leaf Guard) WTB Typhlosion Modest (Flash Fire) Hoenn Region WTB Swampert Adamant (Damp) WTB Blaziken Adamant (Speed Boost) WTB Sceptile Modest (Unburden) Sinnoh Region WTB Infernape Adamant (Iron Fist) WTB Torrtera Adamant (Shell Armor) WTB Empoleon Adamant (Defiant) they don't need to be epic I am not interested in the hidden power of any pokémon I don't want them to be from another region other than where they are from, pls
  2. Hi, I have been thinking that some money multiplier item that can be obtained in the coin shop would be good something like an item that has a limited time, example money multiplier x2 50c x4 100c something that can help to get money a little easier with The wild pokemon, trainers, and bosses, if they think it is very abusive, the time could be 4h for the 50c and 6h for the 100c it is not that he will earn millions with that time but it would help you get money faster without unbalancing the economy, if someone has a different opinion it is well received
  3. an apology I did not know that you could not do that, I already updated the rules I hope I do not have problems with it now
  4. the pokémon is already delivered sorry for the inconvenience you can close the post
  5. Hello and sorry for the inconvenience I will give the pokemon as fast as I can I do not want to cause problems and I will read the rules well for future posts
  6. Auction S.o 300k Min Bid 100k End auction 48h Insta price for 5cc
  7. +1 I think the same about the price for the name change, is very expensive there should be an option to delete account and start from 0
  8. Auction s.o 200k Min Bid 100k 48h no insta
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