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  1. WTB Pangoro = Adamant-Scrappy (1m)
  2. Buy Wailord Calm h.a Snivy timid contrary h.p fire pm
  3. Hi I buy Kanto's starter Pokémon Squirtle 1m Bulbasaur 1m Charmander 1m Send pm if you have any we can discuss the prices a little more thanks
  4. Timid contrary h.p fire Serperior 2m Venusaur bold/modest chlorophyll h.p fire 2m Umbreon calm 500k Breeloom jolly/poison health 600 Dugtrio jolly/sand force 300k Starmie timid/natural cure 500k
  5. Sell ms 15D :) 200k
  6. I mean, so I forget about those skills because you don't think they encode them.
  7. They plan to enable abilities outside of battle. Or don't you plan to enable that?
  8. Thank you very much the problem has been solved, I appreciate that you took the time to fix this error
  9. Hello, I was fighting the boss Battle bot, and the opportunity to catch phione surprised me, I went to look for a Master Ball and when I returned, phione was gone, what do I do now to bring him back, since they told me never would reappear
  10. I still don't know the reason for the ban
  11. I want to know the reason why I was banned I don't think I did something to get banned
  12. SERVER TRANSFER Username:Abraham72059 Server to charge the money from:Gold Main Server to transfer: I want to change from gold to silver
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