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  1. SexyGirl


    hi. can u give me a walktrough or infos to complete legendary birds quest?
  2. hi. is there some event active? what is that safari thing (pokemon wolrd destruction), that was written on annoucements? can i find alola pokemons?
  3. every routes, and places have a list on upper right corner, which pokemons it contains on water /ground. i wanna know that, which places, routes have only 1 pokemon foundable there. like tohjo falls water only seaking/goldeen.
  4. thats interresting, i farmed 7 whole days and nowhere a shiny. 1 hour is 250-300 pokemon, 10 hour is 2500-3000x7 is much more than 8150..........so im pissed off
  5. can u tell me, that can i find shiny pokemons on eumi island now or that areas are shiny locked?
  6. can u tell me wich routes, places contains only 1 (or 2 type with his evolved form) pokemon?
  7. please make for us ingame menus to block irritating players forever! (not until next login)
  8. please make purchasable houses to each regions, and purchasable interiors like desks, tv-s, flowers, and npc-s too. nice idea if there is a small lake on the garden, where we can fishing for some pokemons. How you like this idea?
  9. My idea: On Every hour a pop up message appears: "ho-oh drops his box somewhere in <route name>. Lets hurry and find it!" So the fastest player who find the box it is his. the box contains nice random gifts! Vote with +1 on comment if u support this idea
  10. ey. can u tell me which bosses can give 3rt time reward pokemons with shiny chance?
  11. "Added new tiles and NPC sprites for Unova."- what that means? are new pokemons on game?
  12. ey! what is new with that updated client? can u give me a list ?
  13. can the staff make power rangers costume for this game?:) idea on picture:
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