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  1. Not sure if this has been suggested in the past but can we allow the use of mounts in New Mauville please. It would make things alot eaiser when going to the Lt. Surge boss. As well as making Blitzle World Quests easier for players. Just for that extra movement speed. You might counter argue that its indoors etc. However the usage of mounts was allowed in Cinnabar Mansion so why not this?
  2. could we have an item in shop, lantern or something like that acts like flash move, cause there is a lot of dark places that needs flash but having a pokemon with flash is not always possible specially when have a team to fight a boss. thanks
  3. Dear Pro Staff Members, PvP nowadays is rewarding in no way for the players except for the ones who actually aim/hit ladder. This makes pvp more competitive but at the same time more punishing for the new trainers hoping to prevail on pvp. My idea of bringing more people on PvP , except for guild leader constant spamming to their members to hit Top 3 in guild ladder as it happens in most cases, is to add PvP quests. Not something extravagant but something small like PvP 5-10 times daily quest or win 3-5 PvP daily quest again. You could add as reward either some more PvP coins or even item t
  4. Most of the times during pvp battle we forget that our pokemon is holding choice item and we chose a different move which result in system automatically using the previously used moved and thats why we loose an important part of team! So why not make it like when using a move with pp is fully used then the system says no pp use different move so we either use a different move or switch to other pokemon. It is my suggestion hope to be approved.
  5. Hi guys, i believe then you could disable the game coin rewardin journal quest, because in this moment it is useless. Tks
  6. Ever since the graveyard been added i wonder why do we not do this but i believe the pumpkin king would be great in there. Fits with the whole Undead graveyard theme. Maybe put him in the middle of the graveyard to act as a centerpiece tying the map together. unless your actually going to do something with the table.
  7. The MasterBall should get a confirmation window before throwing it. MasterBalls are a relatively rare item people farm for to use it on rare shinys, poisoned encounters, legendaried or beldums, just to be sure to get the catch before something unfortunate happens. since the use of a masterball is kind of rare and special, adding a confirmation window wont bother players too much, as for them it is a special catch and they are excited, the comfirmation window will make the catch feel even more special as the masterball will feel like a rare item to use as u have to confirm it. now al
  8. Any reason why these 3 npc's need to be resetting every week compared to every other battle-npc in goldenrod? Its not a hassle to defeat, but it is a dread being caught to battle them instead of the same time being used to incapacitate the security guard/waiting for him to return to be incapacitated.
  9. Why i need to pay to go to the pinkan island, although i have a pass ticket?With a pass ticket,we can be free to go to every place except pinkan island.So,i have to suggest that we may be can be free to get on pinkan island just like love island with a pass ticket(๑>؂<๑)
  10. Hey there, so for this years Halloween event I choose a different kind of approach to how I wanna do things and how the spawns should look like. You can vote on up to 3 Pokemon and the Top 3 will guaranteed receive a spawn during the event. The rarity, location, helditem, level and daytime is totally up to my discretion. If your desired Pokemon is not on the list, do not hesitate to comment and suggest it, I haven't done the spawns yet so everything is possible and do-able (be realistic please, with that being said no Gen7 stuff duh). Note: There is no ETA for the Event so please
  11. I want to add a lending option in PRO. You can lend Pokemon to others but if you trade money or items in the same trade they won't be returned automatically. The Pokemon cannot be returned if the users is currently in battle, but they will be returned instantly after the battle ended. Pokemon that are from other users will be RED colored in chats. So they can't be used to scam or fake auctions. Pokemon you lent from other users can only be traded to the original owner. The duration will always be sent in the trade request and confirmation. For example: You write [iCODE]/trade Eaty,1[/iCODE]
  12. Can we please get a solid patch of grass here I get the design idea and all, just doesn't help with RSI having to change direction so frequently, its hurting my hand
  13. hello ive spent a full day in diamond domain trying to hunt for flabebe but there are none of them they spawns at night time in the water in diamond domain but none of them show up they tier 8 as i know--- thanks in advance, hope u can check up my post
  14. This is possibly the most expensive pokemon to farm at the moment. Right now, farming a competitive Foongus requires: Luck-Wise: -Sync to work (50%) -Black Membership proc for regenerator hidden ability (25%) -Hidden Power Fire. There are 16 possible types, fairy and normal don't count, so the chance of getting Hidden Power fire is roughly (6.25%). Chance of encountering a synced hidden ability foongus with hidden power fire = 50% * 25% * 6.25% = 0.78% (That's not counting IVs, its IVs could still suck even if you find one) I know this is really specific, but it's a pokemon th
  15. Soul Dew (in its gen 7 incarnation) is a decent Life Orb replacement for Latios on some sets. Would be nice to have it available as an option.
  16. I have been hunting for 3hrs n got 2 charmander only plz make it spawn in every 15mins plz
  17. Hi, I'd like to suggest to add a NPC who can raise happiness of pokemon level 100 only, for money of course. I find it hard to raise happiness to pokemon level 100 already. No other solution except to hold soothe bell and fight low levels pokemon. Or using ev reducing berries, but that means to train again the reduced stats... Maybe like in Sinnoh, or any advanced map? I've played a game where you could get a massage for pokemon, that raise directly to max happiness. So maybe not raise full happiness at once, but maybe paying per happi
  18. Hey , I'd like to suggest to add a option when we use escape rope. e.g - Are you sure you want to use escape rope ? It directly sends user to pokemon-centre , so its annoying if it was a misclick.
  19. Hi , id like to suggest making porygon from silver discs have good or at least usable natures upon (same with the pikachu trade change that was recently made , which makes the pikachu traded for electrode at cinnabar lab usually have a good nature) The reasons for that is: 1- There is no effective way to hunt and actually synch porygon , the only sources are a few bosses which porygon can be a third win reward and excavation in wonderous site which is tier 9. 2- There arent that many ways to obtain silver discs , the main method is usually getting it at the 7th day of helping the news repo
  21. Can we revert it to how it was previously? It would be suuuuuper annoying now to have 30-40 sync Pokémon in your Pc just for the repel trick... I mean, does everything has to be 100% like in the originals? ._.
  22. I would like to suggest to add a Field loaded with Leppa Berries, just like there is one of Lum Berries at Rage Lake, i would like to suggest to add another one but with Leppas Berries, since this one is really important for hunting :) Thx
  23. Hello everyone, I wanted to make a short suggestion regarding the money loss on defeats. There should be a set amount of money which can be lost at max when being defeated. Experienced player will most likely not die in wild combat and can still disconnect to keep the money, but this is still a possibility which could lose you millions of dollars really quick. However, the main reason behind the idea are bugs, just like the quite recent one which led to money loss in PvP. I know the players will get their money back in case they can proof it or Staff has methods to track the account back,
  24. Map name: Safari Zone Exclusive Pokemon: Nuzleaf, heracross, pinsirs, aipom, primape, burmy, etc. Other: It would be neat to have safari exclusive pokemon in trees to headbutt in the zone! Plus side: many people would donate more money for coins for memberships!
  25. Hi, As requested by Prehax for the spawns modification, there is snover on Lake acuity map which still have a self-harming move : wood hammer. It's a tiers 9 and very boring to chase. Sad to see it kill himself... Move in the proper section if you think it's not the right place. Thanks
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