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  1. Hey ho, I don't know if that would be a big thing to do, but it would be nice if you could do the system behind the ignored-list a bit better. At the moment you can only remove the last person from the list, but when you have like 100 people in there and just want to remove a single one of them, you have to remove all the other people from the bottom first, which is pretty annoying. If you could change that so that you can remove individual people from the middle, that would be very nice. lG
  2. As the titles said there is no difference between normal Drifloon mount (500pve) & the shiny one (750 pve) that means shiny character doesn't sparkle as all other shiny mount do & have to be this is why i pray staff gm & scripter to make it sparkle otherwise remove the shiny form from this mount best regards
  3. The Trainer Tower is a new add and it is essential for leveling now. It involves a lot of battles which implies that it will also deplete the hp and pp of our pokemon. It would be great that a Nurse Joy could be added, but with limited healing tries per floor. For example) You could heal your pokemon upto 2 times for free (per floor) but after that it would require a small fee per healing. This would not only make levelling easier and faster, but also prevent the depletion of our healing items. This feature is more essential because this is not some kind of quest (which requires you to battle nonstop without healing like on Mt. Pyre), but is simply a place to help trainers so it would be beneficial to add a Nurse Joy npc. Thanks to Staff for the super-fast implementation of this feature.
  4. hello all, i am a player of gold server , today i was doing heatran quest in my account. as per the rule i took a lvl 60 gyarados to go inside , now im facing an issue related to npc pokemon lvl they are all high level Pokémons and due to new exp update i get only 2k exp in one battle due to which my gayra do not lvl up and im loosing to those npc which fails my quest . so my suggestion is please reduce the level of the npc grunt's Pokémon accordingly or increase the exp that we gain per battle so our Pokémon can level up fast and we can do the quest. thankyou
  5. Self explanatory, so people could directly see that they are close to a friend
  6. Hello. Many other players and I have been complaining that Absol's only spawns All require Membership, except for the 2 that don't, which are both Night Only. It would be nice if Absol could get an event map spawn that doesn't require MS. Also, it feels like Absol is tier 9. Maybe tone it down to 8 if it is. Though I have no idea if there are different rarities in the "rare" category. Since I guess tiers were removed. It's just that other rare pokemon I can find in way less than 200 encounters, frequently. But when I hunt for Absol, I've gone 400 encounters for 0 absol twice already in cave of justice. Maybe I'm just having bad luck with Absol. Anyway, feel free to share your thoughts on this topic. Every day I see someone in all chat mention they wish howling woods didn't require ms for Absol. lol Thanks for reading! ♥
  7. This game is already a gam game to make it more exciting if z moves comes it would make the game more fun to play
  8. i know there was a few days ago a vote for z moves and some other things as additions to the game recently and as i can remember there were more votes for something else than z moves.But i would like to suggest to have z moves since they really help in pvp etc. Showdown already has them and i think lack of z moves is one major things which makes showdown slightly better than ranked pvp.I'm not sure if staff is already working on them but just made this thread anyway to suggest to add them soon
  9. yea, this is a random suggestion with no connection to pokemon but it would be better if it had it, i just think it's pretty cool seeing pro on my activity status with a logo but it doesn't matter if you can't. It is what it is
  10. add an item to make the mone die instantely when we want to use repel trick or make the syncro faint
  11. Hello, I believe that being able to retrieve a pokemon's information in the clipboard in whatever format (as long as it's standardized), as seen in the example below, would be beneficial for the game and the involvement of people creating discord bots,third party tool/software. PRO is a game revolving around it's community so it would be nice to have tools to allow this community to make the most out of this game. I honestly can't see any inconvenient to this feature and think it would not be time consuming to implement such a feature. Example : Tyranitar 100 Hoenn 452489954 Jolly Sand Stream Neozeeeen Choice Band 31+252 21+0 28+252 5+0 21+0 18+6 That's my suggestion, thanks for your time.
  12. pls add an item to make the first mone fint & die directly without going on the wild to make it faint in case we want to repel trick or hunt for a mone (especialy if the pokemon is on high level its a pain to make him faint ) for example this pic
  13. This is something i have been very vocal about for a while, but have never made a thread about it. So here it is I find this "mechanic" to be very unhealthy for the game, not only by how it makes pvp less fun, but it also encourages pvpers to not play multiple games in a row, or change their teams after every match to avoid getting either counter teamed/getting the same (bad) matchup again. The latter is especially annoying, its not a matter of just playing it better, some matchups are just polarizing to the point of *forcing you* to change teams. Changing teams after a match is NOT something thats very plausible in an MMO setting, this is especially true for newer players who have just finished their only team and are trying to get their foot in the door of the pvp scene. In some cases, this could be a "good thing" allowing you to "farm" a new player over and over for free rating and coins, this may be a "good" thing for one person, but the person on the receiving end is almost certainly not having fun. I would suspect some new players have given up on pvp solely because they queue up into the same ladder player over and over For someone like me, this mechanic is just HORRIBLE for content creation. I was trying to record a 45 minute video the other day and got the same person 4 times in a row. Obviously fighting the same person 4x in a row isnt something a lot of people would like to watch, so I always only include 1 battle. This 45 minute recording session turned into a 3 hour session of boring hell, and completely ruined my mood for the rest of the video. Now, since i bring this up a lot i hear these 2 arguments against changing this mechanic. First is usually "this is a thing in many other games too" I dont find this to be a good argument at all, mostly for the reasons i stated above. It encourages you to play a different team every game, which is not a viable way to get around this in an MMO setting like ours, hunting/buying/preparing full teams takes a long time, its not something you can do overnight. And "it would make queue times too long" I do not think this would have an impact on the ladder queue at all, again for the reason i stated above. The current system encourages you to only play few games per day, at peak hours to ensure you get the most diversity possible. And even if this does impact the pvp queue times, theres a very simple solution. Make finding the same person 2x in a row an optional setting. Also something i didnt even think of, this would help stop boosters. Thanks for reading, have a nice day, let me know your thoughts on this.
  14. hey guys is it possible to add a cancel button to pvp like when u misclicked or forgot to mega u can go back until the enemy made his move ?
  15. Hi, I'd like to suggest to add a NPC who can raise happiness of pokemon level 100 only, for money of course. I find it hard to raise happiness to pokemon level 100 already. No other solution except to hold soothe bell and fight low levels pokemon. Or using ev reducing berries, but that means to train again the reduced stats... Maybe like in Sinnoh, or any advanced map? I've played a game where you could get a massage for pokemon, that raise directly to max happiness. So maybe not raise full happiness at once, but maybe paying per happiness points. Maybe 1k for 10 pts?
  16. Why mental herbs are much harder to get than other herbs? We can't buy them for PvP/PvE coins, even herb sellers offers white and power herbs but not mental one in the stock. The idea is simple - to add Mental herb to PvP and PvE Coin Master, like the other herbs.
  17. Took me a while to notice this because they're so freaking hard to find. The new Xmas forms do not have the snow animation that the old ones have. Rare Form Animations make the forms feel more precious and cooler. So if possible hopefully they implement them soon.
  18. My suggestion, as mostly a solo player now (Friends all stopped playing) is to maybe make a new channel in the discord, or even a category that lets players LFG(look for group) in there for dungeons. In my experience, its taken on average, over an hour to find a group every time, I'm in a guild but there is just not enough people running dungeons. Currently, the only way to look for other players doing dungeons is to ask in all chat, which is constantly being typed in so your message gets lost, or stand by the entrance and wait for quite a while. The other solution is to join a guild, while there is no downside to joining guilds, it pushes a player into a joining a guild for JUST dungeons, which isn't really the point of guilds. So guilds will get filled up with players who aren't really taking advantage of all guilds have to offer. Having a channel in the PRO discord would not be hard to set up, and it would also let players, guild, or no guild, have a good place to focus on finding other players also trying to complete dungeons.
  19. as you see in the pic below (the picture is only an example there are many stuff without description) when we want to buy some stuff if we scroll the mouse arrow we can't get any information about the item so please add a short description in all items shop to know what we are going to buy
  20. Hey everyone, my suggestion regarding the ingame links to forum auctions would be to add an additional confirmation window before you are directed to the forums. For me personally it happens a lot that I unintentionally click on forum links in the trade chat which can be a bit annoying and sometimes leads to a crash. This particularly happens when I play on my phone since clicks are less precise there. the suggested confirmation window could look like this: Furthermore it would be nice if there would be a possibility to decrease the size of forum links. This would avoid unintentionally clicking on them and would lessen the spam in trade chat. I don't know if that is technically possible. For example: https://pokemonrevolution.net/forum/forum/4-suggestions/ -> forums or link I would be interested in what you guys think about it! Let me know! Sincerely, Saruron
  21. World Map Text Adjustment (Android) - Checking the name of the location in World Map is kinda covered by the finger when pressed in Android so its a bit hard to view the location name. Maybe adjust the text a little to the right similar to checking Pokemon Move details and Inventory Item Details? Thank you very much! Additional Reconnect Time I think the current reconnect timer (like 30 seconds) is a bit short. Is it possible to adjust to at least a minute, to give the players enough time to switch internet connection? Thank you very much~! Enjoy the upcoming Halloween Event everyone! PvE Tradeable Drifloon mount please.
  22. Greetings, as some of us spend half of their lifetime in pro, adding an additional layer of security to our accounts seems like a good feature to me. For example: When logging in on a new device for the first time, you have to complete one of the following tasks: - verify via E-Mail (which is connected to your account) - receive a code on your smart-phone (connect your phone-number or use one of the existing applications made for 2FA) I´m looking forward to your feedback.
  23. Hi, I would suggest adding a shortcut to the dig spots on Mt. Coronet Summit or increasing the rewards at those dig spots. At the moment the way is hardly worth it, if you use repel, the costs for the repel for the way are higher than what you get there. I would prefer the shortcut. I hope that it is possible and that other players also find it helpful. Thank You. Possible place for the shortcut:
  24. In the lastest update, dev changed balls position pokeball have the least pior on bag after all kind of other balls which totally make no sense. I aslo asked my friend to see how they feel about the change. 50% of them said it's really annoying and keep missclick into another balls, 50% said they don't care about pokeball position. I just want to said that there are 0% in all kind of human knowledge said they want to have master ball in first place over pokeball. So please change it back, My brain got hurt while thinking why dev would make these change, it's even more hurt when thinking that there are ppl who actually like this change. thanks
  25. Ever since the graveyard been added i wonder why do we not do this but i believe the pumpkin king would be great in there. Fits with the whole Undead graveyard theme. Maybe put him in the middle of the graveyard to act as a centerpiece tying the map together. unless your actually going to do something with the table.
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