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  1. Don't worry about it. I'm glad they were not lost. Have fun!
  2. Hello @ArgSvamp. The mounts you mention are located in your Gold Server Inventory. On Silver Server you only own a Talonflame Mount.
  3. Hello @nidogg, Sorry for the delay. I respawned Moltres for you. Could you please check if you can Battle it again on "Kanto Victory Road 3F". Waiting for your response.
  4. Hola @ImmortalEevee. Does this still happen even after closing your game and opening it again?
  5. Since your issue got resolved I'll close this thread. Have fun!
  6. Hi again @olocomeu, after checking your account I can confirm that you indeed finished the quest. I restored your access to the Transmat System. Please inform me if everything is working as intended.
  7. Hello @olocomeu, I was assigned to your case. Give me some time to investigate whats happening.
  8. Hola [uSER=1017571]@CyprianKetchup[/uSER] I did a reset on your Quest Variable. Could you try again please?
  9. If you hit the same sound twice, your sequence resets. Try to activate each sound once.
  10. Thank you for your fast report :) It was a mistake on my end but I resolved it quickly. By the time you relogged it was already fixed. Sorry for the inconvenience.
  11. Hi @Dreadrules, I am the Content Scripter assigned to your case. Could you please speak with the Alakazam in Franco's House? He is going to assist me to discover what happened with your missing Tokens. Please tell me when you do. Thanks.
  12. Thank you for your proper report. This got fixed.
  13. @Bestboss003 Sorry for the delay. I reviewed your account. You completed some quests on Celadon but I see no harm in the future. But If you happen to notice something wrong with your account or the story progression please let us know. I need you to come online and tell me so I can teleport your character to the Pokecenter in Route 3. A Mini MS Medallion got added into your inventory for the inconvenience.
  14. Hello again @Bestboss003, thanks for your response. Analyzing your account I can see you progressed a bit in Celadon City. Could you please wait some time without progressing until we figure this out? We are searching for what could have happened to you, to avoid having this incident again. Thank you
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