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  1. I just redownloaded the game on android and it says connection lost when I try to login on silver. It lets me log on to gold. My main account is on silver. It says my account is active so idk if it’s the server or my account.
  2. Hi, I have many connection issue since yesterday. I bought and activated a BMS yesterday I feel bad I can't use it :x. Is it possible to increase his duration by 1 day ? :s
  3. Hello. Some days ago i finally trained my horsea to lvl 98 and decided to level it up to seadra/kingdra with RC to lvl 100, the problem was that i didnt really had someone to trade my seadra in order to evolve him. Earlier today i asked for someone to hlep me out with the trade, and another player sent me a PM offering to "help me". We met on velmillion city to do the trade, i gave him my seadra and right after we traded he went to his pc, stored my poke and left the pokecenter, as soon as i saw him leave i pm´d him again (He left the pm before that, when i confronted him his only res
  4. Hey, I have like 140 kanto caught data and exactly 38 evos. Yet the love sailor refuses to take me. Is there any other requirement or is it just something I have to do? Pls help
  5. Hi staff it me again,this time when i do quest catch celebi my master ball is missing and i want ask when do the quest there is npc lock up my masterball? becaube when i catch done i use escape rope
  6. I had this problem, while I was capturing zapdos, the light came off, and I had to disconnect the game, I went back to capture it but it's gone, what should I do? and a bag? have I missed the opportunity to capture it? I've done the whole quest and now I can't take zapdos anymore? help pls
  7. Hi everyone! A simple doubt: where can I teach Defog to my Gliscor? Best regards.
  8. well somes told me i can sell him my jet ski for cc when i tell him i wanna sell jet ski this happen and i have jet ski
  9. Hello, my English is not very good, but come on. Today I was doing the missions of the task master and he gave me five missions, I talked to some players and they told me that he only gives a mission for who is not ms and two for who is ms, do not know if it is bug or update and so I would like to report. I would not want to miss the count (I'm already on the 23rd) and I would not want to be punished for a possible bug. Do I keep doing his missions to see how far he's going or do I stop here? Server : silver, non-ms
  10. I have been trying to log in for the past hour on the Gold server but every time I try it says that I am already logged in. My username: Samcatchum Password: only joking It logs into silver fine, and have another account which can log into both. Don't think my account has been stolen as I'm logged in here. Please could you kick me off the server , thanks.
  11. Hello ! I played kingdra sniper in a game and i did focus energy draco meteor crit against a blissey (that deal 60%), then spatk drops and i used draco meteor again and it crits and did only 30% (damages are an approximation), Crits are supposed to ignore def+, spdef+ and atk or spatk drops. but it doesn't work with drops, thanks for fix it i want to play kingdra more :( Cordially
  12. i can't start this quest though i've all of new requirements.
  13. Borre mi alomomola gracias al lag sin querer xd
  14. Hello, my friend needs help. He can not login to his Account. If he wants to reset his password he get the message "password expired". Also he tried the process with 4 different browser but the problem is the same. I hope you can help my friend. I wish a nice day
  15. Why i always got connection lost even with strong and stable internet ? The other players is fine the one who get connection lost is just me :/ plz fix this bugs its really Annoying,i have lose a lot of battle because this problem so plz fix it soon, ty.
  16. Hello ^ ^, I am wondering when will the Mysterious Ticket from the world quest event be given out because i didn't receive any in my inventory. Here is the link to the image of the staff post that i make the list. https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/377031336592146445/592312165826953219/Screenshot_81.png Thank you for your time ^ ^
  17. Please help me, my sliggon is level 100 and now it can't evol
  18. Hi my name is azubike. I hope everything is well. i just wanted to say that pro is not working for me for some reason, i have download all the windows client because i use a windows dell computer but nothing works. anytime i download either 62 or 32 bit client this shows up and after i click run anyway they show me this. that the app cant run on this device. please i have tried everything but nothing seems to work. this has been going on for weeks .please help me anyway u can especially now that i sign up for the tournament and i cant even play pro. i don't want to be kicked out. thanks so muc
  19. I cant evolve any of my pokes after servers come back online. Tried to evolve lombre to ludicolo water stone havent worked. Tried to give candy to my lvl 55 beldum became 56 but havent evolved.
  20. Hello. Couple minutes ago i tried to lend 2 of my moons to a friend but server crushed and after i loged in again my moon were like lent but to mysellf i got a timer and when i post it on chat names are grey and i couldn't send them back cuz they mine can u fix it plz
  21. in the gold server my character is stuck in the start of a battle sequence in other words i get the ! for the start of the battle and nothing happens i just sit there since this is where i got initially logged out from a different client issue and now when i log in i cant move anywhere else and it just has me sit there and listen to the battle music and nothing pops up please help me <3 (:
  22. Hello, my name in-game is Dragmaster and today I reached sinnoh. I started as always talking to grandma, then going to Barry, talking to Rowan and choosing my starter. Then I started to training my pokemonand the server pulled me out. When I reconnected to server, I was back in grandma's house, and I couldn't interact with anything, or going out of the house. I don't know what to do, I won't loose all my progresses, so lease, try to fix this bug. Thanks.
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