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  1. hi so i have a question here, since all auctions, selling and shops have a set price my question is if i can make a thread to receive offers (i'm selling) since i currently don't have a price for the poke or should i set a price beforehand?
  2. hello, a few days ago I took tokens to buy 2 mounts, I only received one but the tokens were taken. check in the logs my nickname is Sumimasene, I even took back tokens to buy another mount.
  3. Hi, i started an auction which only accepts pokedollars and i'm wondering if i can incorporate more payment methods after starting it
  4. As you can see in the previous imagine, just when it appeared, i had problems with the connection and lost the oportunity to capture it. I would like to know if there is any way to remedy this, since i spent a lot of time trying to find it. Greetings!
  5. I wanna change my email account but dont receive my confirmation in the new email. Ty.
  6. I read a topic that for those who have already caught Darkrai, they need to defeat Horon without losing any pokes to be able to enter the room to do the Gengarite mission, I defeated Horon without losing any pokemon and I still can't enter the mission room. Thank you very much in advance
  7. Hello, I have seen several times in the game that some players can share links in a single sentence. What is the command for this? I checked the forum, but since I couldn't find an answer, I wanted to open a topic. I would be glad if you can help ^^
  8. Hello in the forlorn dungeon (lavender Dungeon) in the treasure room the Rotom can steal the item from my own poke with the move trick.
  9. Type of request: Restoration Username: LasTKeePer0 Server: silver Pokemon: mandibuzz Pokemon ID: 78067989 Reason: Release unintentionally.
  10. Dear staff, I just lend my friend some pokemons for 3 days but I need them now and he is not online now. Can you help me send back them to me?
  11. I finished the mission to defeat Mayor Gorge, and the final one says that I received my rewards, the mount, or the vampire costume, but it also says that he gave you 100 event coins, which I did not receive
  12. Accidentally released User ID. Makadad Pokemon. Darkrai ID 86002714
  13. it's weird that there is no shiny halloween surf mount in the coin shop hop staff will add them soon
  14. I don’t know if it is intentional or not but the magma and aqua teams on pyre are bugged every time I battle them they disappear but if all my Pokémon faint I come back and I pass by a area one was originally even if it’s ones I’ve faced already they battle me again the first time I’ve battled them I didn’t even get xp from them I’m really hoping this isn’t intentional I’ve even tried to heal Pokémon and it resets the battles also if this is a bug I need help if this is the case because it’s preventing me from continuing
  15. What happens to your previous tokens from last year event like xmas one where you could use it to buy mount etc.. It is resetted ?
  16. I was getting all blue pokeballs but still can't get in
  17. Buenas he visto que salen 3 iconos en la parte arriba izquierda pero no se de que son, supongo que serán del nuevo evento??
  18. Hi! I was able to get lucky and encountered a Halloween pancham but suddenly i lost connection! It was also a mold breaker. I know because i have trace Gardevoir. My sync is also Adamant. Please Help! T_T I attached pictures below.
  19. Hello everyone/team of moderators, I am currently searching a Pokemon with my OT which I can not find. It was a Halloween Drilbur which I caught during last year's Halloween event. I, sadly, do not have its ID at hand. If I recall correctly, its nature was Lonely and its ability was Sand Rush. I don't remember trading it but I can not seem to find it. Are you able to help me? Best Jinzoooo
  20. I have 500h play and catch a pokemon over 140 iv but i cant catch genesect. I only receive reward like normal reward. I am missing somethings?
  21. It doesn't let me enter the server, it gives me an error that says: "User already logged in" and no one is logged in to my account. I closed all, i change my password, Is there any solution???
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