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  1. I traded a Pokemon from a friend which belongs to hoenn region And i just started my hoenn journey I was just keeping it in my party (coz it's strong and good) but suddenly it vanished from my party and it's not even in PC too It's not even showing region locked or something i payed for that Pokemon and now it's gone, Please help me regarding this
  2. Can any mod check my trade history and tell me to whom I have given my volcarona last time.
  3. Hello I lended my Pokemon to one of guildmates but I can't find where is that Pokemon can u help me tracking Pokemon Poke I'd = 63466958
  4. hi i have trouble which mega gallade - first i deposite tauros and female ralts - when i talk wally he want gallade in team - so what can i do now - train new ralts male or still going which ralts females when i deposite first time ( i need help dont want waste time training )
  5. Hi, I DC'ed at the end of the first halloween quest: (https://wiki.pokemonrevolution.net/index.php?title=Halloween_(quest)). I DC'ed at the part where your receive the rewards. As a result I think I cannot enter sweets land. When I try to enter it tell's me: But when I return to Gorge he tells me: Can you help me get acces to sweetlands? Furthermore, as a result of the DC I did not receive the rewards for the quest (pumpkin hat, vampire outfit and 100 halloween tokens), any chance you could add that to my inventory? Hope you can help ""
  6. hey so my help appeal was not aproved so my bisharp wasnt really meant to be traded in my alt which doesnt have all the regions i did it on accident sorry if im wasting ur time i would apreciate if it could be moved from my alt to my main king regards whitorabbit
  7. I recently defeated Nikola boss for respawning Suicune but when I go back to Guardian(Suicune) instead of respawning he is battling with me and after battling also he is not respawning my suicune can anybody help me with that
  8. I was about to start e4 kanto and got disconnected and this happened ign Itzskyguy
  9. What means hearth peach and were is it obtainable i need it for doctor quest pls
  10. When I'm not home I only have my MacBook with me. There's a problem, at home I have a windows desktop and I don't have any problems but when I'm outside and I try to play on my MacBook the temps are just insane, my CPU goes from 40ºC (before I open PRO) to 94ºC (after I open PRO). is there any way to fix this/is there gonna be any update for this? This is been going for 3-5 months now and I normally avoid playing on it because of that. I have TG Pro so if you need any logs, video or something to help fix the issue (if it's even possible) feel free to ask me for that type of information.
  11. Hello today I had a problem with rerol my suicune came to 31 Hp on the first try of the double rerol but my cell phone out of the game before i confirmed i wanted to know if there is any way to solve this by checking the rerol history of my account because it was the first time and i used 9x double rerol
  12. So I was trying to do the Halloween event, and I forgot to show Lingot my Chespin before evolving it into Chesnaught. Is there a way I can get through this part of the event without catching another fresh Chespin? I ev-trained it, so I don't want to re-train another one, thanks Edit: Attached pic
  13. I left game for few months and came back few months ago. today I was checking all my pokes but my garchomp was missing can someone help me to track that poke? Actaully its been a long time so forgot I lended to whom
  14. Hi, is it against PRO rules to purchase story service from another player? Giving them my account information and then they complete the regions for money and then giving the account back to me? Is any of that against PRO rules? I've seen someone get banned for this for whatever reason, and still see story service advertised so just want to make sure.
  15. So I've triggered looker in the past and followed him to the forest. I saw the cutscene, but I then got a server crash (not today, I just realized it now it wasn't working) and now I can't seem to initiate the quest.
  16. This topic can be closed I figured out what the issue was. While the Silver server let me login with an old password the gold server, and dashboard had an updated password. Hello PRO Team, Yesterday I decided to start playing again. I made my account back in 2016, and have put some money into the game. When I logged into PRO Silver server I noticed I did not have anything anymore. So I went to the website to log into dashboard to see if there was data I needed to move or merge however my username, and password are not working. So I figured okay ill just reset the password. I have not received a single reset email. I checked the junk folder heck I checked every folder and searched for PRO emails the only thing I have is m y original sign up email, and password reset from around 2018. I am not sure what to do I had heard there were some forum issue would that stop me from logging in on the dashboard? My username is Orphen223. Respectfully, Orphen223
  17. i leveled golbat with max happiness and it wont evolve, why?
  18. HI, i've been stuck here for 6 hours, i can't get out (and i have no escape rope). I ended here because of a disconnection while i was speaking to this guys. I couldn't find any help since this morning. And i wasn't sure if i needed to post this topic here or on mapping bug. Thx in advance
  19. My Chansey at level 99 with max happiness (255) doesnt evolve into blissey when i leveled it up at 100 by giving a rare candy, can i get help for this?
  20. I left the fishing contest last week 11/06/21, cannot seem to participate now. Does this mean leaving once will not let you participate permanently?
  21. Last time I played the game 2 years ago, it ran perfectly everywhere. I wanted to play it now again, It still worked perfectly just before I got to Mt. Moon. When Im fighting there, the game always crashes at some point - during move animation, or when there is the text going, or even when I try to run from battle - it just stops, i still can see the frozen screen, hear the music but can't do anything. Then the only thing I can do is to restart the client, but it happens again, so I'm stuck at this point. Device I'm playing on is Huawei Y6 Prime 2018 (Android). Thank you for any help.
  22. Hello staff, On silver server, after completed the Kyurem quest, I talked to Joey's mom to get a reroll ticket, and she only said 'thank for your help' without giving me a reroll. I think staff can check this like in this resolved case: https://pokemonrevolution.net/forum/topic/151425-kyurem-quest-bug/ Could you please help check why I can't get a reroll? Thanks, Berkeley
  23. Hello all my friends. As you all know that with the recent update in PRO, the ^inspect and ^memberlist commands have been removed from the reborn bot. Due to which we are facing a lot of problems especially the Guild leaders. Not enough information is available in the memberlist present in the game. Like when did a member last come online and what are his ratings. And without inspecting anyone, we are not able to get accurate information about any player. I request my staff members to find a solution for this. Thank you.
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