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  1. acabei de capturar o kyurem, não fui derrotado por nenhum pokemon da quest e não ganhei nenhum reroll ticket, podem me ajudar? :(
  2. i got hit by water fall on vaporion with water absorb ability
  3. it does not download anything it just stays there and had already downloaded the new client from the page when the update of the megas came out.
  4. I report the bug but can i keep the best volcanion ? O.O O.O The game crashed at the moment where i captured the first volcanion so i think the bug is at this moment :) O.O
  5. Hii i am royalboss. I came here becoz from yesterday i got alot freeze bugs both in silver and gold server and mostly the freeze bug happen in event bosses and encountering pokes in event map, so please fix this as soon as possible.. Thank you
  6. Hi, Team, I started playing with the boss in Pokemon tower today but my internet is fine but I was disconnected from server please help me to reset my boss battle For your reference
  7. I wanted to know if there's an npc who sells any kind of repel in bulk you know like the one selling pokeballs in Celadon City. I saw someone mentioning in help chat once, something about an npc selling repels in bulk in or near Stark Mountain just want to make sure if it's true. Thank you for taking the time to look at my post :D
  8. Hello, can you take any questions? I have two accounts, if I want to delete one, how should I proceed? (It’s not a confirmation that I’m actually going to delete it, it’s just a question)
  9. I accidentally evolved this pokemon.I need the help of the moderators. PLEASE
  10. Says it all here, pls help asap (I havent given the dr any of the items yet) edit: and again lol
  11. Hey so I had an accounts on all 3 of the servers Red, Blue, and Yellow and now that the servers are only silver and gold, I lost my red and blue accounts. One of which, dont remember what, was my main account in which I spent money on. Can I recover it?
  12. how do i evolve nincada to shedinja? I have tried the evo at lvl 20 with a empty place in my team but it doesn't work.
  13. Hi All, For four weeks in a row I have completed the daily Pokémon newspaper challenge in solaceon, sinnoh. I want to know why I keep getting only skull fossils and not a re roll ticket, maybe it's to do with a rarity of a Pokémon or IV count? Who knows! Any suggestions would be perfect help especially as I was hoping a reroll ticket as a birthday treat from the universe instead of a skull fossil. Many thanks Lalala 93
  14. Hello, Map Name : Petalburg Woods ( down, near Route 104 ) As you can see in this screenshot, we can ride a bike on this tree which is a dangerous and strange situation :v Maybe a problem with layers ? I don't know if you can fix that, i saw an old topic about that a few years ago : https://pokemonrevolution.net/forum/topic/30565-url Maybe there is others trees like that. Have a nice day.
  15. hey i dont know if it is a bug or i do something wrong but couldnt find something like that at first i have the seen-data of ho-oh, suicune and raikou i was the first time with a 5k pass at johto safari and saw entei talked to it and then i said ingame "its to dangerous" or something like that and could not fight entei i thought because of no full lvl 100 team so i returned with a fully lvl 100 team and a 24h pass catched some pkmn and than returned to entei but now it isnt there but funny fact i could fight ho-oh a 2nd time( i returned ,after i saw entei isnt there, to bell tower to tal
  16. wanna know how much time does it take for mute bans to be over (if not appealed)
  17. hi i ask for help to turn my gardevoir to kirlia because the personwho do lvl service evolved it without my permission hope for fast action thanks
  18. hey i very friend and players and mods in pro i am klayna i think my friend know ho i am so i am back now and i am try to get chance for my account i do mistk for broking rules so ples i need chance for my old account and give me last chance and test me with only one account and you well see how my behaviour have change forgive me iam still waiting your mercy listen i know i dont deserve your forgiveness i beg your forgiveness and pledge to do all i can to make amends but do as your children had made mistakes and want your so pless and for my friend and players and modes ho know me
  19. Hello everyone, Is there any other way to get rockyhelmet except in nap island.
  20. Update: Fixed by itself after 15 minutes. ty Hi staff. Today i did the little quest to can go to sinnoh (galactics grunts, pluton battle and all that things) and when i finally finished and just need to talk with alakazam in lilicove city the NPC tell me "An unecpected error has occurred. Please report this to the staff team.
  21. In-game name:Pasamonte Server:Gold Pokemon ID and/or screenshot:
  22. Hola, soy vikiii esta es mi cuenta secundaria que solo tiene mi dex service por lo que lo pase al silver, pero al intentar entrar al silver me dice que mi password es es incorrecta, es raro porque al gold puedo ingresar perfectamente, y de la misma forma no podría acceder ni aquí ni en ninguna parte.
  23. Greetings everyone, Is silverdisc disc tradable and what is the best Pokemon to defeat rotom wash and do sync works at Pokemons we bought from pve coin master with 50coins. Thanking you, Phanikumar.
  24. Plz update the boss guide in the forum bcoz the pro wiki is not very comfortable using. And plz add all the requirements for them too.
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