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  1. Maintenance is going on atm wait for an official announcement on discord you are there
  2. Hello, we will release reconnect and re-enable lending trades today. The maintenance starts at 11 AM GMT+0 (in 2 hours). We decided to not wait for the new server to arrive to release reconnect. In case something goes wrong we will do a database backups first. Walross
  3. Well every journey comes to an end seems like it's your time Have fun and release your pokemon Goodbye
  4. you have to beat the Horon boss without letting one of your pokemon faint, you can find him north of Necropolis,then Alucard will respawn in his castle on the third floor.
  5. @Jamekz currently the evolutions which requires happines are bugged . try this, faint your poke,heal it and increase it happiness again, it should work. gl
  6. if you are asking about selling pokemon ingame then drag your pokemon to trade chat and write your price which you want for that poke or you can ask for offers too in the trade chat if player are interested in your poke they will message about that mostly we use these 2 terms ingame for buying or selling anything for example wtb (want to buy) wts (want to sell) if you are on pro discord you can use trade chats for selling/buying anything and you can also use forum for trades too.
  7. hi i have a question whenever i relog, that shortcut of mounts disappear from that small boxes , most of the time. i have to put that again and again in that box specially it happend to jet skii alot . i don't have any other device, i only play this on my mobile phone, i only use 1 device to play pro . thank you have a great day
  8. afaik you can not own more than 4 account as long as you are not owning more than 4 accounts its fine i guess , well he is doing a service for you so it should be fine, you can wait for staff reply to be sure
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