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  1. I thought about giving it brown hair cause of the Pringles ting :V
  2. Hello trainers! I'm the creator of Mantine mount and Jellicent family Valentines forms. Inspired by @TrollDaddy Electrode Mount making of, I decided I want to do something similar. It might be interesting to write a Making of Valentines Jellicent family. Click here to check out the Electrode Mount making of. Unfortunately, I deleted most of the drafts, but I hope the writing will be enough to entertain you. THE DECISION Valentines Day was coming and as a new PRO Artist, I wanted to challenge myself to create a Valentines form Pokemon. The first step was to pick a pokemon. Which
  3. We could make a Pirate Chest, like the Mystery Boxes... and have each of these items separately in the chest :o
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