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  1. Hello @SpacialTimer , As @Allsmell and @Raika have pointed out, our Reborn Bot is a great tool to utilize for finding pokemon you can hunt with the repel trick. You can add the Reborn Bot to your own Discord or join our PRO Discord and use it in the #bot-commands channel. If you do not have access to Discord, you can visit the Repel Trick Guide! on the forums. I will lock this thread now. Please continue to contact us regarding any questions, issues, or concerns you have with the game. ~ TrollDaddy
  2. Hello @ThirstyPotato , I was able to locate your lending trade with NitroTMR involving Froslass ID#2971135 and Noivern ID#26715349. NitroTMR has returned them. However, there is a lending bug that causes pokemon to disappear if sent back early. Thankfully, the pokemon will return to you once the initial lending period set during the trade expires. It does not happen everytime. Regardless, we are aware of this bug and truly apologize for the inconvenience. I will keep this thread open, please let me know if the pokemon do not return after the time you initially set. ~ TrollDaddy
  3. No worries, glad we could help. I will lock this thread as solved. Please continue to contact us regarding any issues or concerns regarding the game, even if they end up being like this. We are always willing to help. ~ TrollDaddy
  4. Hello @Raaah , Your Infernape ID#31604243 that you lent to WiingLight is still with WiingLight. Do you have evidence that the lend period was only for 1 Day? ~ TrollDaddy
  5. Hello @Qasar , The pokemon you are referring to are with "TherionBloodeye". You traded them to him along with a Weavile ID#13700979 on OCT 27. The trade was not a lending trade. If you have any concerns regarding this trade, please let us know. ~ TrollDaddy
  6. I would like to get confirmation that Dread Plate and Lustrous Orb are not in the locations stated in our PRO Wiki. Please try these locations and take a screenshot to confirm you visited them: DREAD PLATE The Dread Plate can be found in the Old Chateau, which is locate in the most northeastern part of Eterna Forest. Once inside proceed upstairs to the middle door, then to the far west door once inside the next room. The Dread Plate will be in the Northeast corner of the room, where Goodra sits in the picture provided. You will need cut to get into the Old Chateau. LUSTROUS ORB
  7. Hello @Harjawaldar , I apologize for the delayed response. Do you still experience this bug? When you begin the trading process, is there simply no "Lend" button? Or does it not allow you to click it? This bug should not affect the return of your lent pokemon, however, here is your last five lending trades that you lent out. Please let me know if any of the pokemon are missing from you or the players you have lent them out to: To Gamingthug: Natu ID#28030718 To Refusinq: Excadrill ID#24743963 To Abdkb: Volcarona ID#25927366, Milotic ID#16396730 To Refusinq: Rotom-Wash ID#27206372
  8. Hello @N3XT , Welcome back to PRO! I apologize for the delayed response. I noticed you previously had the most playtime on Blue server. When you merged your account to Silver, it is possible you selected Red as your main server. This caused you to start Silver from your Red server progress. I have gone ahead and unmerged your account. You will now have to merge your account again. However, please select BLUE as your main server this time around. Please let me know if you continue to have issues or have any questions regarding the merge process. ~ TrollDaddy
  9. Hello @BrandonLee1 , Cottonee does not evolve via leveling up. Cottonee evolves when you use a Sun Stone on it. Please let me know if this solves the issue. ~ TrollDaddy
  10. Hello @SinLight , I apologize for the delayed response. We are aware of the issue with lending. If a player sends a lent pokemon back before the lending period is expired, the pokemon seem to disappear. Thankfully, as you discovered, the pokemon do eventually return back to the owner once the initial lending period expires. This bug does not always happen, but we are working towards pinpointing the issue and fixing it as soon as we can. We do sincerely apologize for the inconvenience and appreciate your patience. I will lock this thread. Please continue to let us know when you have issue
  11. Hello [uSER=2070033]@pankajrawat[/uSER] , I apologize for the delayed response. Specifically, what is the bug you are experiencing? Looking forward to your reply, ~ TrollDaddy
  12. Horon should "respawn" after a few days, allowing you to battle him again for a chance to earn the Halloween Rapidash. I will keep this thread open for now, please let me know after a few days if he does not respawn for you. ~ TrollDaddy
  13. Hello @Matherfather13 , Currently the return time for lending is bugged. The pokemon will eventually return, we appreciate your patience. I will leave this thread open for now. Please let me know when they return or if you continue to have concerns regarding this issue. ~ TrollDaddy
  14. Hello @Brickx , This problem should have been resolved. I apologize for the inconvenience. Could you please try to re-enter the castle? ~ TrollDaddy
  15. Hello @Pinkbanana , Have you completed the Dark Realm quest and caught Darkrai? First you will need to do this. Then battle Horon again without losing any pokemon to earn the Halloween Rapidash Mount. Keep in mind, Horon has a few days cooldown before you can battle him again. Please let me know if you continue to have any problems or questions regarding this issue. ~ TrollDaddy
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