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  1. Hey @Takenwasblank sorry got a bit busy..can u pm me on discord when you get on..its sunny0610#8877 and we can arrange the trade
  2. Well Some things in my context 1. When i bid for the 3rd beldum there was still time(according to ur stated time) left to bid for 2nd beldum which is probably better than 3rd one..if i had correct info that time i would have bid on the 2nd beldum then 2. The timings on forums go for "x hours ago" format until 24 hours passes..so if a post has 23 hours ago it can be 23 hrs 1 min or 23 hrs 59 minutes both..how will i know the exact time so i had to rely on the supposed wrong time given by the seller I hope after understanding my situation you'll get to know the proper conditions in which this auction was done and will take a justificatory course of action Thanks Edit - some minor mistakes
  3. @Whittmistake of the seller then..have to clarify..forum timings r based on "hours before" till it is at least 1 day old.. would i calculate hours or take word of seller as listed on his/her post
  4. @Whittperson has stated utc +1 00:02 as time ending..it is 00:005 utc+1 now
  5. Hi. I m having trouble teaching raticate the move scary face. It should be available as lvl up move but the move retutor doesn't seems to have the option and neither does the pre evo move tutor in day care. Can u pls help me get this move as it is important for my boss team
  6. Hi there Pls dm me on discord if u can as it is difficult to track being online in game Thanks :)
  7. hey got one in trades already..thanks for response tho
  8. Hey all, I am selling dex service for every catchable pokemon in the game from gen 1 to gen 8 (i.e. dex number 1-715, 742-745,769,770,775,778,781,782-784) excluding legendaries and mythical pokemons. Charges for dex services are as follows: - Kanto-Johto dex 2k per data Hoenn-Sinnoh dex 3k per data Beyond Sinnoh - 4k per data There are some discount for people who want to get dex service of more than 20 pokemons 20+ data - 10% discount 50+ data - 20% discount 100+ data - 30% discount Some basic rules of trade: - 1. Need to inform Pokedex numbers of the pokemon you need 2. If a pokemon is region locked you have to inform me first before accepting trade 3. Keep 5 slots in ur party empty before starting the trade 4. Payment can be done per trade or before the service 5. As this is a dex service you have to return the pokes after each trade CONTACT INFORMATION Ign - Sunnykr Discord - Sunny0610#8877 Payment Method CC - 360k each IV Reroll - 800k each Nature Reroll - 400k each Pokedollars P.S. - I also take requests for evo services pokes depending on time available on my hand and the pokes already available to me..If u need evo service check with me on discord Thanks.
  9. Yes i tried this methods and it worked this time. Pics included 1- fainting in ceru cave, 2- healing in ceru pc, 3- gave 1 rc in love island Thanks so much for the help Regards Sunny
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