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  1. Duskinoir is my favorite ;)
  2. Awesome! Thank you. I'll go with a bad butt design, I love Psychic/ghost type Pokemon. I was thinking Duskinoir or Alakazam, one of the two I can't decide. This would be a forums signature. My IGN is: Ronnan Thank you kida!
  3. Hello kida! I really love your art style. Are you still offering this service? I tried to contact you via discord but was not able to find your account. Please shoot me a response with tour discord if you are still doing this. More than happy to pay you somehow/compensate.
  4. A game with no events will not allow new players to achieve what only veteran players can achieve. This project is purely a voluntary project and not created purely for income like other games. The staff consists of PLAYERS, people VOLUNTEERING their time for you and all of us players. These events are not created for profit, they are created to players can attain rare pokemon or high tier pokemon that they want. I've been with PRO since October 2016 and I can say the economy has jumped all over the place in that time. They have created new events and killed old events, yet this game continues to thrive and grow. If they were not succeeding they would not still be here. PRO is a successful game with an outstanding community. That is just my opinion, you have the freedom to feel as you please.
  5. Uninstall PRO, restart your PC, install PRO again. Also if that works consider removing your post or censoring it as your name is in the code, unless you don't care. Do not disable your firewall as stated above, simply allow the program through your firewall via firewall settings. Good luck!
  6. It is April fools day today, staff have changed some sprites as a result :p
  7. Hallo! Ich spreche kein Deutsch, aber ich kann Ihnen empfehlen, an der PRO Discord teilzunehmen. Viele Leute sprechen dort andere Sprachen.
  8. While I'm not staff and cannot speak for staff I can inform you they probably won't be able to add it to apple devices due to apple not allowing the upload or download of outside sources without being jailbroken. This would cost them either a fee from every coin purchase or a monthly fee to keep in in the app store on top of their server fees, it is likely not feasible.
  9. I strongly agree with bhimoso. A new server will incur higher payments and would ultimately increase the cost of coins from their current reasonable price. I believe this was the issue back when I played years ago, there were too many servers and they had to force a merge due to costs, ultimately creating an insane economy but solving pricing issues of coins or server upkeep. I would like to see a progress reset option when you go to log on and choose your server, perhaps send you a confirmation email with a code ensuring you want to go through with it and select the server etc.
  10. Ronnan


    I agree. Only played for a few days and I already have like 8 leftovers. At least make it sellable.
  11. You should read this thread, it may assist you. https://pokemonrevolution.net/forum/topic/111203-url
  12. 1. What's your Player name (IGN)? Ronnan 2. Number of hours played? 6 (vet from 2016, started new character due to data loss) , Can provide proof of old sign up email) 3. What's your favorite Pokemon? Darkrai is my favorite legendary, non legendary is Alakazam. 4. What country are you from? USA 5. How old are you? 19 6. When's your Birthday? (Optional) 12-15-1999
  13. Thank you for your response. It appears my previous account simply does not exist anymore. Not sure why, But I won't complain, A fresh start!
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