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  1. Hello guys I am doing a auction for my serp but it's a different kind of auction Rules= 1.you can only bid in this auction with cc 2. If u bid in this auction u can't take it back How to bid = for exp= a Pokemon stating bid is 5cc and someone already started it , so u can bid 6cc , 7cc or 9cc anything u like Stating bid = 10cc Time = 3 days after auction start Goodluck guys
  2. Hii I like to buy this 2 but i can't pick them up today can u save them for me
  3. There is no pic and which language is this I am pretty sure u can only use English in forum
  4. If u catch it as pupitar it have chance of getting both like 80% or some thing comman and 20% or something h.a
  5. Is your happiny is still available if it is I like to buy it
  6. The trade is invaled and you will receive your Pokemon and the money you received for Zeh1 will go back to him and added 15 min is already over so boss win as far as I know
  7. Ok I am in vermilion name shiddharth or u can dm me in discord benjiemager#5681
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