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  1. Thanks a lot Norex. Can a staff can check the rr was taken or not like in that resolved case?
  2. Hello staff, On silver server, after completed the Kyurem quest, I talked to Joey's mom to get a reroll ticket, and she only said 'thank for your help' without giving me a reroll. I think staff can check this like in this resolved case: https://pokemonrevolution.net/forum/topic/151425-kyurem-quest-bug/ Could you please help check why I can't get a reroll? Thanks, Berkeley
  3. interested in a sword acc. your discord seems not working, so please reach out to me at Berkeley#7604. Thanks.
  4. congrats VinierGF you won ping me in a game (ign: Berkeley)
  5. s.o. 8m Min bid : 500k No insta c.o. 8m by Mamaliebtmich Accept Pokedollars, CC (360k) & IV RR 700k Auction end time : 9:30PM PST 9/12 (Sunday) Done, please close, thanks. Gold user should come to silver for pick up.
  6. Thanks sarks for your input. s.o. is now 2m and min bid is lowered.
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