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  1. Bump Hoping for a response from our developer freinds.
  2. Bump Hoping for a response from our developer freinds.
  3. Hi, so I have recently tried Pokemon MMO and have found that their trading system is actual pretty dope. Although the gameplay is not as fun/vast as Pokemon revo's game play, still their trading system is quiet superior and much better than PokeRevo's system. Is it possible to implement that here in Poke Revo? I feel this update would be better for the game and would make trading easier(less bargaining, more of the actual trading). Would love if you guys(players & dev's) could share your thoughts/opinions on this too!
  4. Thank you @Exotyc for your response. Any update regarding this?
  5. After I beat Erika, this message popped up. Kindly look into this.
  6. Same thing happened when I beat Erika in Virdian Maze.
  7. Thank you for the quick response.
  8. Has Vulcan Island event started yet? Because I cant seem to find Sailor Dionisis.
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