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  1. The metangs can be old and non OT. EDIT: The -70 ivs mons wont work if they're too old. I myself submitted 3 Medis caught the day before the stones were released and they were accepted. Just tried now with really old mons and didnt work out. So fresh ones are accepted 100% or those caught just 1/2 days back (cant confirm the exact number of days/hours). I apologize for the trouble. @Bhimoso
  2. Few things here 1. The time limit is 120 seconds. Had several 130+ sec runs that failed to confirm it. Obtained the stone on a 118s one. 2. Trainers also have Shuckle, Blissey, Alakazam besides the aforementioned mons. 3. Rheat is allowed but would be a bad choice since Blisseys there. 4. I used ada scarf crawdaunt. Waterfall, knockoff is needed basically other moves dont matter. 5. Skipping the trainers is essential to ensure fastest run. Cut and smash tools are must.
  3. Including the apricorns as ingredients for some of these customized pokeballs would be great. Would revitalize headbutt runs
  4. According to the previous opinions, assuming buyers check both their respective sub server forums and the other one as well, what would be the need for cross server forums anyways? If potential sellers who want their mons to reach as much audience as possible have to spend 1 cc to deliver, we'll see how many guys would still want to post in the cross server subforums. Imo keep it as it is now.
  5. Week 1 terminator, oak, erika, george, shamac, entei , koichi, chuck, urahara, brock shary, klohver, jenny, battlebot, bugsy, misty, thor, pewdie, neroli, bruno (20) Week 2 elm, lance, morty, tigerous, steven, jones, suhuzen, toothless, raikou, surge, birch, spectify, link, rowan, medusa, maribela, letrix, saphir, logan, ash(20) List is based on personal preferences such as rewards, time, convenience. You can switch in some bosses like Cie, Lorelei, Suicune guardian if you want stuff like specs, lapras mounts. The above ones are selected so that most of them give rare candies
  6. Zekroms ability is Teravolt which works the same way as Mold Breaker. Sturdy was bypassed to ohko.
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