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  1. Once my nincada is at lvl 20+ it should be able to evolve into Ninjask, but instead im only getting an option for Shedninja. Also, every time nincada lvl's i was getting an shedninja evolution popup even before lvl 20. Is there some other requirement to get ninjask or is this bugged right now?
  2. If you like Attack on Titan i highly recommend Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress. It hits all the same themes as Attack on Titan and even made by the same studio.
  3. Sounds cool, are you just doing map or are you also going to include pixelmon npcs and wild pokemon?
  4. As someone previously asked, do you guys have a discord? 1. Tell us about yourself: Been playing pokemon for as long as i can remember. Started way back with Red and have played every game up to X/Y. Probably have some of the worst luck when it comes to hunting shinies because of the 1000's of hours i have put into pokemon, i have only seen 4, 3 in the actual games and 1 in PRO. Also currently a college student about to start junior year this fall. 2. How old are you: 20, about to turn 21 in August. 3. What languages do you speak: English and a little spanish 4. How many hours total do
  5. Would it be possible for the PRO team to get in contact with creators of other popular rom hacks to include their custom regions in PRO. I think it would greatly help with the longevity of PRO and keep people interested if custom regions were imported (with permission of the original creator's permission of course). One of the first regions that comes to mind would be the Zhery Region from pokemon light platinum. I understand that the whole process for mapping, quest lines, and bug fixing can take a very long time, but as a fan of both pokemon and pro, i and many other pro players wou
  6. I don't believe the problem was just with samsung devices. I have a nexus 6 on Android N preview and was also getting stuck on loading hats. Though after updating the latest version of PRO that problem is no more. actually it loads up really fast now, used to take a good min or 2 now loads up in less than 10 seconds.
  7. Are the prices negotiable. say 75k + 6 Rare Candies + kings rock/prism scale for medalion?
  8. I currently have 6 Rare Candies. Leave offer below or pm me in game - Aaronspark777. Will trade for Currency/Membership/Cash Shop Items
  9. catch gastly at pokemon tower lvl to 25 to evolve to haunter trade with friend to evolve gengar (doesn't matter what lvl) ??? profit
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