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  1. Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress, yea it's really good too. :Shy:
  2. Blaziken is not only fire ! :Smile: A wild Blaziken :Grin:
  3. Forever ! Pokemon is my childhood. :Smile:
  4. 10 only for me xD But 10 best anime :Smile:
  5. Re: [FR] ✧ La guilde Disaster ✧ <r>Bienvenue aux nouveaux. <E>:Smile:</E></r>
  6. @Geedwannabe I think you're talking about Ao no Exorcist ^^ (Blue Exorcist)
  7. Be patient, you will eventually succeed. [glow=red]Good luck[/glow] :Shy:
  8. September is going to be the best month of the year :Heart-eyes: I've played both Final Fantasy XV demo and I was a fan directly . ( After ten years of waiting for this wonder ) :Grin:
  9. Yes, the remake of Final Fantasy VII will be fabulous. And your opinion on the Final Fantasy XV ? (Nice gif Vincent Valentine) :y:
  10. I played every final fantasy too, it is the ultimate final fantasy that you prefer and one that you prefer the least ? The best for me : FFVII / FFXV Not the best : Final Fantasy XIII
  11. 30th september 2016, Final Fantasy XV comming.. :Heart-eyes:
  12. - Fairy Tail - Bleach - Naruto / Shippuden - One Piece - Akame Ga Kill - Attack On Titan - Death Note - Brotherhood Final Fantasy XV (New :P) - High School Of The Dead - Brave Ten :Smile:
  13. Re: [FR] ✧ La guilde Disaster ✧ <r>Oh, bienvenue <GLOW glow="Green"><s>[glow=Green]</s>Vinzzzz<e>[/glow]</e></GLOW> ! <E>:Grin:</E></r>
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