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  1. Username : Leninzgt Server: Silver Timezone GMT -5
  2. I buy a good gliscord o gligar H.A. jolly o carefull +20, i pay very well. Ingame: leninzgt Discord: Leninzgt#7074
  3. I want buy a Arcanine adamant intimidate and Scrafty careful shed skin, I pay well for these pokemons. Ingame: Leninzgt Discord: Leninzgt#7074
  4. Wtb charmander o charizard adamant, epic or goodly too.
  5. I buy darmanitan epic adamant, sheer force.
  6. I buy tyranitar sassy with good ivs, my discord is Leninzgt#7074
  7. I buy evolutive line of blaziken, preferably adamant.
  8. Buy breloom 31 or 30 spd, jolly technician budget 600k
  9. Buy clefairy, clefa o clefable +20 bold magic guard for 400k.
  10. Buy garchomp or gibble jolly +20, not is necessary h.a., budget 500k.
  11. I want buy gastly with 31 spd and 25 spatk, i have 300k on budget, serious please.
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