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  1. Username : DeriTmai Server: Silver Country/Timezone: Philippines/ GMT+8
  2. I see. Thanks for the info @Unowned. I thought i just need Mysterious tickets for this.
  3. I reason I tried double reroll is because I dont have reroll tickets. I have 2 mysterious tickets so i tried to use one because i heard that it you can do double reroll with it. Then thats what happened.
  4. I tried the double reroll system for the first time but its not working. Then it got my ticket. 2021-06-18 16-30-43.mkv
  5. It happend to me twice already.
  6. Me and Cordeiroxii was supposed to be on that match then I fought with someone else? What is this?!
  7. Cant change pokes 2021-05-27 15-16-08.mkv
  8. Agree. I hope they'll put reveal glass on pvp/pve/coin shop or atleast make an event like last pokemon day when they put cosmetic in coin shop for a day. It would be great.
  9. Start Price: 5m Min: 300k No insta 3days auction https://www.timeanddate.com/countdown/generic?iso=20210427T1209&p0=3317&msg=Auction+Countdown&font=sanserif
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