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  1. Im not replying to anyone but I read carefully don't worry guys.
  2. Hello everyone, *Quick reminder: The contest will happen weekly at a randomly selected hour and will last for 1 hour and 30 minutes, shiny Pokemon got a points bonnus. I would like to get your feedback about the fishing contest, but first, let me share with you all the currently available rewards: - The Top 3 will receive: 1 instantly consumed 7-day Train Ticket; 1 instantly consumed 24-hour Safari Ticket; an assortment of 2-3 (different) PvP Berries for a total of 15 Berries; 20 Rare Candies; 10 PP Up; a low percentage of winning 1 out of 3 cosmetics (a tradable Bow, Spear, or Water Shuriken cosmetic); a possible change of form for Keldeo; 50 PvE Coins. - The Top 4-10 will receive: 1 instantly consumed 7-day Train Ticket; an assortment of 2-3 (different) PvP Berries for a total of 10 Berries; 20 Rare Candies; 10 PP Up; 35 PvE Coins. - The Top 11-15 will receive: 1 instantly consumed 24-hour Safari Ticket; an assortment of 2-3 (different) PvP Berries for a total of 10 Berries; 20 Rare Candies; 10 PP Up; 20 PvE Coins. - The Top 16-25 will receive: an assortment of 2-3 (different) PvP Berries for a total of 10 Berries; 20 Rare Candies; 10 PP Up; 10 PVE Coins. - The losers will receive 3 PvE coins. I am open to change regarding the following: - The contest spawns - The time of the contest - The contest rewards - The Expert Fisherman's current options WhiteBaron
  3. Hello Uhmpoky98, Barry should be waiting for you in the Route 201, take us aware if you still encounter any problem. WhiteBaron
  4. Hello FeRnIpS, You can ignore this error and continue to progress this wont affect your gameplay. WhiteBaron
  5. Hello delos29, Something was wrong with your username inside the script, it's now fixed. Sorry for the inconvenience. WhiteBaron
  6. Hello Draylio, Paul will only teleport you 1 time and disappear you have to go back manually in Route 103 if you disconnected. Charon (Pluton in your case) is waiting for you. WhiteBaron
  7. Hello Haakk, You caught your Medicham before get Brawly instructions. So when he check the caught date requiered for the quest it doesn't match. What the quest ask you is to caught a new Medicham when Brawly tell you to "Come back with a new Medicham that is more determined and gleeful and show us your friendship!" and not to come back with one already caught before (since for the story lore you shouldn't be aware of requierements needed before this unless you follow a guide). So this wont work until you caught a new Medicham that meet all other requirements. Have a great day ! WhiteBaron
  8. Welcome back @Valenea, I hope you will enjoy all the content that we released from 2019 until now. WhiteBaron
  9. Hello, @Ta7esh Asking a senior developper (the hightest dev rank irl) wouldn't change anything regarding our servers issues, why? Because before touching anything in PRO he would need to check the whole PRO code and this would take more than 1 month and half for sure, since you have to check every edge case where all different parts of the code are interacting and also understand these ones, this would take many, many months. Also it look like you think that our dev's are currently sleeping.. Thing that is totally false keep in mind that it's not because you don't see the work provided that people aren't working our dev's still spend nights on it (and keep adding fixs even if you don't see them). Do you think that any developper would be happy to see his game crashing and to provide a bad user experience ? The staff care about the game else we would let it die instead of adding constant updates/events and fixs. I read something related to artists? @Liz Yes they could draw a new interface but do you think that the whole interface is made only with pictures ? When you got the picture drawed of your interface you have to "draw" it via the code too, thing that take imo more time and testing. So even if artists was drawing it this wouldn't be made now since only dev's could code it right and implement it. About new Pokeballs I think everyone get now that it take few second for our dev's to implement them since the animation is already created and that only pictures file (made by artists) would be missing so it's not needed to argument about this on my side. @Ta7esh About our events and servers performance you are totally false, yes a code made by a CS can crash a server (if it's not made properly) but this get also fixed in some minutes since we get a notifications about npc's error's so we can desactivate and fix them. Adding a event/npc/map won't make our servers performance going down drastically. I would also appreciate to see a battle reconnection but we aren't in a Pokemon simulator on a website. Basically a website would keep your token when you get disconnected (unintentionaly) so your user session can be restored it do not work on the same way regarding a online game that use his own client interface (so it's not that easy). Thanks for your bug report (even if this not the right section) we will take a look with testers! Keep in mind that we aren't happy to see our game crashing, the whole staff do his best to help as possible the project we are sorry to make all of you experiencing these crash but trust our dev team they will get rid of these bugs. WhiteBaron
  10. We also gift 3 full cosmetics set, a reroll ticket after 20 wins vs Elmer + Keldeo and you guys are still able to do side quest from 2019 to earn xmasCurrencie to buys some cosmetics.
  11. Corsica Island will be a permanent addition.
  12. Hello Klarer, Script fixed enjoy! WhiteBaron
  13. Hello Raazer1, First of all you can't battle this npc you have to bid with it. Second thing, I guess you just confused yourself with the 24hours cooldown. You have to win 1 time every 24hours, It mean that if you win on Isroc before this 24 hours cooldown and even if it's another day you wont incrase your win variable on this NPC. Example : First win Monday at 12 am = the variable is incrase by 1 + 24 hours cooldown. First win Tuesday at 11 am = the variable isn't incrase and you still have around 1 hours cooldown remaining. Win Tuesday at 12:01 am = the variable is incrase by 1 + 24 hours cooldown. You probably made a mistake here. The cooldown of the NPC is fine and automatizate also the incrementation of the variable work fine on the script. WhiteBaron
  14. Hello Coono, This bug exist for years the issue come from the battle turns code and it wont be fixed for now. We also don't refund rating if this bug happen (In case if you was wondering). Take care in your future battle now and try to not die from a life orb in the last battle turn if you don't have another pokemon alive in your team. This bug also happen in case where you are using explosion with your last pokemon. Also thanks for your report it will be fixed in the future. WhiteBaron
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