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  1. it happens when the move missed while u did protect i think whjatever its so damn annoying xD
  2. still bugged and keeps failing on moves which dont have 100% accuracy...
  3. if maybe could add a mute to game when minimized in future updates would be cool then u wouldnt have to mute in game sound fully anymore and enjoy the music xD and nice job with the alto mare music btw beach cave mystery dungeon i recorgnize instantly haha whole event amazing guys thx XD<3
  4. +1 bro this button would be good for game bros
  5. oh then maybe the others trolled me haha sory guys nvm xD thnx
  6. please remove the money loss on trainer logout omg idk how much i lost now i used it all the time instead of escpae rope and didnt pay attention if i lose anything maybe i lost 500k + now omg .... please or a warning window like surender
  7. Bring back the log out teleport to center plsss or reduce price of escape ropes... 550 per piece is wayyyyyyyy to much since u will maybe need 30+ per day now... or bring back the old log out pls it was the best
  8. true this quest needs to be revived it was great income +1
  9. you can only link 3 pokes at once now in chat the others just disappear
  10. Crucifixuz

    nvm xD

    nvm it alrdy is in game xD
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