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  1. hey i wanted to ask if there is any chance the indigo exclusive cap that ash wears in gen1 (from mankey quest ) wil be tradeable one day ? so sad i cant use it in all these years it was the best in gameboy and anime :((
  2. bump !!! what do i buy this pass for if not for free traveling
  3. i think the pvp community will grow because of it and if u dont find any game in 1 queue u can always join the other queue its not like it would be gone.. and what do we lose ? maybe another empty queue like unranked it wouldnt hurt trying i think
  4. there will be more pvpers i think new players dont touch pvp again after losing 1vs6 to chansey since it has nothing to do with a real pokémon fight but that was before mega release which changes everything and before mega loopunny release who can easily 1vs6 any funny offensiveteam and also they didnt give any explanation if it drops pvp coins everyone will play it because who likes to play vs clefable chansey azumarill togekiss ferro etc. ? no one. there will be a lot more possiblities and everyone can be themselves not only hypnotiz
  5. With all the megas coming it becomes even harder to play PvP with the pokes u actually like and not the ones with highest stats... the list of pokes to use to win gets even smaller with every mega so please once again i want to request an additional ranked pVP queue with all OU pokes and above banned pls new pvpers will not get scared away by all the legendaries and staller teams and more ppl wil start PvPing wow everything will be amazing without chansey so pls
  6. -1 better make this post for chansey who 1vs1s 100x more pokes than some greninja which only evolves after a kill.. finally people use attacks and not just desperatly spam recover for 30 minutes just to get 1 single pvpcoin
  7. please add a clauncher spawn that isnt fishing rod only.. or bring him back to exca its impossible to farm :'((
  8. psychic ramona gives pvp rewards only if u talk to her and then do the challenge pls change it so u dont have to talk to her every single time before the week starts i always forget pls make autotrigger task if possible because i dont like to pvp very often and am very forgetful ://
  9. pls free for travelpass havers i am poor and need mudkip
  10. pls giratina origin pvp mount xD
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