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  1. plz guys need more special balls urgently
  2. anything planned guys ?xd
  3. bump plz i want many many more special pokeballs
  4. username: crucifixuz gold germany gmt+2
  5. are there even any staffs in this forum ? any post i make never answer.....i am aklso still waiting for my choice specs which was removed in FEBRUARY together with my test XD001 even after 100 bumps nothing wil ever happen this will be forever bugged like this dragonkiller sword scam where i also didnt get a pve coin refund or fix after 100 posts -.-
  6. same with this weird dragonkiller sword from lately i see in preview look cool buy it looks completely different bug report nothing happen plz provide previews guys to avoid moneywasting like this plssss
  7. ??? do u guys even realize the price of that thing ? took all my sumemr coins
  8. so many cool balls are in the game but not enough ways to get many xD maybe add daily task or something to azalea town kurt or let him turn berrys into all kinds of amazing pokeballs like in gold xD
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