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  1. hello i want a epic dratini h.a adamant my budget is 3m+
  2. 1. What's your Player name (IGN)? fetxize 2. Number of hours played? 1430hours 3. What's your favorite Pokemon? charizard 4. What do you enjoy doing the most in PRO? (Hunting, PvP, trading, etc) Hunting 5. How old are you? (Optional) 19 years
  3. 1. What is your IGN (in-game name)? fetxize 2.What is your number of hours played? 1430hours 3. How many regions you have finished? 4 4. What is your best rating and average rating? 200 and my average rating is 100 5. Put screen shot of trainer card if possible.
  4. What's your Player name (IGN)? fetxize Number of hours played? 1430hours What's your favourite Pokemon? charizard What country are you from? french How old are you? 19years Which server do you play on? Silver server
  5. What's your Name/IGN? fetxize ● How old are you? 19years ● Are you active in Discord? Yes ● Where are you from? French ● What's your playtime?/How often do you play PRO? i have 1438hours ● What's your goal in PRO? Get epic pokémon for pvp ● Why do you want to be part of Chaos? Learn to PvP ● What's your favorite Pokemon and why? Charizard i love his design ● What's your favorite animal and why? Cats because it's cute
  6. tauros 252 atk / 252 speed / 6hp honedge 252 atk / 252 speed /6def fennekin 252 sp atk / 252 speed / 6hp drillbur 252 hp / 52 speed / 206 spe def Hippo : 252 hp /188 sp def / 70 def
  7. now I will only take requests on weekends, I have no time during the week
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