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  1. Hi @vikoch Thanks for applying to New Leaf. I'll send you a message soon.
  2. Username: Raika Server: Silver Country/Timezone: U.S / GMT -5
  3. Gen 7 Teleport has no competitive use. Only gen 8 Teleport switches your Pokemon.
  4. That's RNG for you. Sometimes it can be rough, other times it can be forgiving. It could take any hunter, having an equal chance, 10 to 1,000 encounters or even more of that specific Pokemon before finding an event form. What Pokemon were you even trying to hunt, and where were you hunting? I wouldn't say that the rates are impossible, they're definitely possible, especially if you hunt at the event maps, as most of the Pokemon that spawn there all have special forms. Spawning an high tier event Pokemon however is of course going to be much more difficult, and I don't understand your reasoning for thinking hunting these should be more friendly. I don't think the Spawn Editors had this in mind when they were putting in the spawns, but alright, let's say they did. You don't have to hunt as if you're a robot. Take a break, go outside. If you spend hours simply hunting, it's obvious you'll burn out quickly. Botting is a different issue, I believe everyone has their own reasons for botting, either because they don't have time to hunt, are lazy, or something entirely different, but that's not the point of this post. The spawn rate isn't crazy impossible, I need to hunt for 2+ hours straight for high tier Pokemon. Please do show me a screenshot of someone hunting for 2+ hours and not encountering the target Pokemon. I would love to see that and i'm sorry, but the argument ,"They catch 500+ bagon and 0 epic, let alone event form" does not make sense. You're blaming RNG, something that cannot be controlled, for not catching an epic Pokemon or event form. How were they before Hoenn reworked them? Show me an example. Also, you said, "Tier 8 are going to take 500 encounters to find 1 and tier 9 will take 1000 to find one." Are you implying that they're going to take that many encounters in the future, cause tier 8's definitely don't need that many encounters to spawn one atm, and we don't need to talk about needing to encounter 1000 Pokemon before finding a tier 9. Again, that's RNG. You can't expect to spend hours in an activity that relies heavily on RNG to get epic IVs or even decent Pokemon. It could take anyone as little as 1 hour, or even 10 hours or more to find something good. High tier Pokemon should stay high tier, there's no issue with it right now. The point of high tier mons is that they are supposed to be rare. Making them easier to hunt is a big no from me. You can suggest a spawn change here, but personally I don't like for high tiers to generally be easier to hunt. Check this thread out, made by PreHax, before you suggest anything: How to identify a good or bad spawn & how to give proper feedback. There's also quite a bit of information you can use in that thread that will help in your post. I can see spawn reworks happening, as long as they make sense and are balanced. Also, I don't understand why you keep using the term human friendly here in your post. I think the word that's supposed to be used here is easy, because that's what you want right? Your analogy, "Carrot-On-A-Stick Online" does not make sense. If the carrot is the epic Pokemon/event form Pokemon, then what's the stick? You're in no way forced to hunt and get an epic Pokemon, you can take your time and hunt at your own pace. There's no punishment if you don't find an epic Pokemon, so please don't say that. I could go on and on about how RNG is heavily the deciding factor for encountering a rare epic Pokemon, but i've already said that numerous times, so i'm sure at this point you'll understand my points. Sorry you had to feel this way, I'm here to try and help and explain everything to you, but to say PRO is P2W? That's unnecessary. I'll give you some examples of P2W games, so you can compare this with PRO. This is sort of going off-topic with the main idea of the thread, so I'll put it in a spoiler. After reading the above spoiler, you can really tell the difference between spending money to buy CC's or any other money-making item from the coin shop in PRO to sell and make money if you compare them with other P2W games. PRO is not a P2W game. I'll be glad to say that your opinion that certain players are locked out from ever finding a certain target pokemon above a certain threshold of ivs with right nature and ability is false. RNG isn't nice, and I can tell you don't like how RNG works. It's not impossible to find, they are simply very rare to find. Saying 8 hours a day for a year is quite vague. You could, just as an example, get 50 encounters throughout the whole 8 hours one day, and get 100 encounters the other 8 hours the next day. My point is that you can't properly measure how rare a Pokemon is just by telling us how long you've hunted it for. For all we know, that 8 hour hunting time could have been cut a lot by taking a break, chatting in the in-game chat/Discord, checking other tabs, etc. Tell us how many encounters you've had in total. This is a much more reliable way to compare spawn rates. With all due respect, numbers do mean everything, but if you blurt out random numbers with no proof or evidence of getting those numbers like how you did multiple times in your post, then those numbers simply don't mean anything and have no value to them. I'm not here to assume things, but judging from the way you're saying 8 hours a day every day for a year, it seems like you were the one who experienced this robot-hunter-like behavior. If you did have to go through that, what Pokemon were you trying to hunt, and where, again, just curious if you were the one who experience that. Why is it impossible to find? You can't say the system is busted and that it's impossible for the player to get that Pokemon without buying it from someone else just because RNG is not being nice to you. When you say hunters, you mean hunter, as in you, correct? Because when you say hunters, in its plural form, I'm lead to believe that multiple hunters have this issue, which I do not see happening at all. I hunt myself, and I have never thought of this at all. You're saying players with the most hours in the game still haven't found anything good that they have been trying to find for 5 years? Is that an exaggeration? You're joking when you say this, right? With 3511 hours poured into the game, surely you're not serious. Negativity bias is real. People tend to overlook their high tier decent/epic Pokemon catches, completely ignoring them, and only looking at the fails they get, this applies to hunting in PRO. Well, that's all from me. A tl;dr isn't needed cause I recommend you to read the whole thing. Looking forward to your reply if you do choose to do so, or at least hopefully this post gave you some insight and knowledge on how spawns work.
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