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  1. end auction. @Worksdiaaa online, we can trade and i'll screenshot this trade
  2. Ingame: Ling00 Server: Silver Start auction pokemon in 24h Garchomp: c.o 500k by Worksdiaaa - insta 2m - min bid 100k -- Receive bid ingame and forum -- Accept cc = 380k / rare candy = 6k / reroll ivs = 700k / nature reroll = 350k
  3. 300k .300k 300k250k1m Ingame: Ling00 Server: Silver
  4. den1477 won this auction : 5m from server Gold sir, i received on discord, if u need proof, i will show you
  5. yeah ty, here you are <3, sorry, i forgot screenshot conversation between you and i
  6. yeah, u can ask staff for checking conversation between shadowpirate and me and i acccpet that, I forgot to screenshot, that bid, that's my bad
  7. I remember, i'll do auction for u when auction Garchomp imp / h.a done <3 ty
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