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  1. Death Note Black Clover Demon Slayer The Promised Neverland Attack on Titans Assassination Classroom Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood Boku No Hero Academia Hunter x Hunter Akame ga kill Seven Deadly sins Code geass Guilty Crown
  2. I am in Sinnoh pokemon league and leveling up. Whenever I level up Gible this is shown in evolve display. Any solution what to do? Thank you
  3. No sir. As I said I logged off at night and next morning when I logged in almost 60k was missing. i didnt encounter any NPC as i started sinnoh region at night itself and logged off.
  4. Hello Yesterday I started Sinnoh region and left the game at night. Today at morning I noticed I have 60k pokedollars missing. Is there any fees to go to sinnoh region I dont know about? Because I havent made any trade with anyone so there is no question of scamming. Please consider looking in this problem and help me out.
  5. 1. What is your nickname in PRO? KPgary 2. Which one is your favorite Pokemon and why? Entei because red always has been my favourite colour and fire type is my favourite. 3. What is your final objective in PRO? Completing pokedex and try to make pvp team 4. How many hours did you play on Red? 567 hrs 5. Age: 22 6. Do you have a PVP Team? (its ok if you don't have one) currently no but its work in progress Just in case if u guyzz dont remember I was in your guild 3 years back. Left the game for studies. So now I am back and I hope u guyzz consider tking me in your guild again.
  6. 1. What's your Player name (IGN)? KPgary 2. Number of hours played? 564 hrs 3. What's your favorite Pokemon? Entei 4. What country are you from? India 5. How old are you? 23 6. When's your Birthday? 10 Jan
  7. Thanks a lot fellow trainer.
  8. Heyy Everyone Its KPgary here returning after long time. I am glad this game which has been so close to my heart is still gaining attention and success and I can finally enjoy playing it again. Looking forward playing with you guyzz again. So the aim of this thread was I want to know any new quests or events or region I should know about? It will be really helpful if u guyzz help me out. before leaving I completed till HOENN region. Looking forward to your responses.
  9. Heyy Guyzzz How are you all doing?? I have been inactive for almost 1 and half year and finally i am gonna have a long and proper vacation. And I am sure i missed a lot in this time and I hope to catch up soon. I am excited to see my ingame friends and of course make new friends. Please help me out by posting any new events NPC Boss Region or any new items TMs etc. A guide will be appreciated. Sorry for boring you with this post. Thank u for your time. Hope to see you guyzz ingame
  11. Welcome to PRO. Hope u enjoyy ur stay
  12. Welcome to PRO.. hope u enjoy ur stay
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