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  1. I think most of you know that infamous 6 Poke vs 48 Ultimate Boss Team by FatManCLT and some people used it probably too. I used it for about a couple of months and had a pretty solid winrate but I wasn't quite satisfied with the outcome after some bosses got reworked. So one day I was farming hidden ability Gligars and got an epic "Sync fail" adamant Gligar and thought, man this pokemon could be a nice Sweeper. So I hopped on Pokewiki and checked some possibilitys to set up a Team around Gliscor to make a faster more reliable boss team. First of all I want to thank FatManCLT for his idea I really like it and the basic framework of the team still overlaps with his team. Some things that bugs me as I was using this team was the long Setup (32-33 turns), because of the long set up's crit or status hax chance was pretty high and if you debuffed your enemies Pokemon and it holds a lifeorb it faints itself and you are facing a much stronger pokemon, Ghost Pokemon were a big problem too as Shadow Ball drops your spdef sometimes, Pokemon with Sturdy or a Focus Sash could land a hit or make some status move. Some bosses were pretty shaky only one crit could take you out like the Wash Rotom of lt. Surge. I wanted to boost faster against certain attacks while Stockpile boosts each defensive stat I personally prefer to boost two stages in one turn against the pokemon I'm facing. Mew has way better defensive stats so even if you get freezed it can easily tank many hits. I made a little PDF for y'all explaining my Team idea and doing some comparisons, you'll find the the PDF in the attached files. The PDF contains every information you need but I will drop some important things here in the Post so you don't have to open the PDF everytime. [spoiler=Team] Gengar and the two Whimsicott's are pretty easy to farm so it won't take long. If you don't know how to get Mew here is the Guide (Guide) As you can see my Mew is really terrible so it doesn't matter how good your mew is just ev train it and it hase enough bulk. Remember the requirements for Mew are lowered I think you only need about 100 or 125h to get it. If you want to use Mew as BCC False Swiper you can drop for example Amnesia it only costs 2k at move relearner you only need this every 12 days anyways. Like a said above I was farming careful Gligars which is a quite useful pokemon pvp and pve. If you decide to farm some careful one you can use one of the medicore ones as Buffer pretty easily. For the Sweeper i'm pretty sure you don't need an epic one, any decent Gliscor will be enough. Speed doesn't matter, you buff your speed 6 stages so even one speed is good enough. I investet some EV's in spdef only for some ice attacks like Blizzard and Ice Beam. I personally prefer Brick Break over Poison Jab because it kills chansey's one hit and if I face a Skarmory or a Aerodactyl I only have not effective moves with Facade and Aerial Ace, Earthquake and Poison Jab has no effect, Brick Break hits at least neutral and Poison Jab only hit's slightly harder than a STAB EQ if you use it against Fairys. You could run Ice Fang for a bit more coverage but it has a 5% chance to miss so I decided to use Brick Break. [spoiler=which lead, what buff and attacks Google Spreadsheet] I made a small Spreadsheet for people using the Team the first time, explaining which lead I recommend and what to buff first with Mew, almost every buff is clear but there are some mixed Attacker like Lucario and Groudon so this could be helpful for you. I included the attacks I'm using with Gliscor to have the best and fastest outcome. Spreadsheet [spoiler=Sample Video against Lance] I made a short Video to show you how to use the Team. You need about 3 minutes for every Boss except two or three Bosses, Letrix and Naero finch hax you sometimes and Brock's Aerodactyl will taunt you sometimes. I use this team since November and have really fast and consistent rounds I'm really happy with the outcome. If you have any questions feel free to ask. Greetings Koreandoo Bosseteam 2.0_english.pdf
  2. Welcome to the mini-guide on how to create your private room for you and your friends! This small guide will try to teach you how to make a small chat room for you and your friends to talk privately ingame without needing to message them individually in private and having to close and open your conversations twenty times a minute. What many PRO players don’t know is that there are custom secret chats like the French channel where you can join them and find people from different nationalities, or you can make a private chat with you and your friends to talk ingame! Have you ever wanted to talk to your friends about how your hunting luck sucks and show them your pokemon without having random people in chat rating them as garbage? Have you ever wanted to speak your emotions open to your friends and tell them how much did you love the pizza or kebab you just ate but you don’t like All chat’s opinions on pizza because they like pineapple pizza which tastes so damn disgustingly bad? Well, fear not then, you’ll be able talk to your friends in private with this guide! I will be teaching you how to fix and modify your ingame chat, how to order it around and how to make private chat groups with your friends. There is an old guide from Seibuza from December of 2015, so I’m making an updated version, as it has no pictures and it’s kinda hard to follow. Basic rules and understanding each chat's function. First of all, we will look at the ingame chat. When we open our chat, we will see the Battle, Other, Help, All, Trade and Local chats. This is if we don’t have a guild or if we have modified it, of course. We first should analyse what each chat does: Battle chat is commonly used to trashtalk your opponents in PvP (which is kinda against the rules, but whatever), to talk about PvP stuff and to ask for rates on your pokemon. Other chat is commonly used to talk in other languages than English (Si si son muy grandes jaja) like Spanish, Philipino, French, or whatever weird language is spoken in your area. Help chat (it’s where I live in Gold Server answering questions basically) is the chat where you can ask for help (but not beg, for the love of god), ask any needed questions, doubts, anything you may ever need. Just ask for help! Help chat is there to help you out. All chat is basically the global chat where everyone can speak about whatever they want (as long as it’s within the rules) and it’s everyone’s room, the place where almost all players speak to each other. Trade chat is the chat where you can sell, buy and trade your stuff and Local chat is a chat that functions like All chat but only works within the same area you are in, it’s not global. Guild chat is the extra chat that will only appear if you’re in a Guild, where you’ll be able to speak to your guildmates. First of all, you should read the rules on the ingame chats before you try to use them or create a custom chat for you and your friends. Remember that making a private chat DOES NOT EXEMPT YOU FROM FOLLOWING THE RULES. If you break rules in a private chat and there’s a moderator there, you’ll get slapped in the wrist for it (by slapped I mean muted). Don’t be stupid and try to be funny hiding and saying really messed stuff in private chats. https://pokemonrevolution.net/forum/forum/161-pro-rules/ https://pokemonrevolution.net/forum/topic/62159-in-game-chat-rules/ https://pokemonrevolution.net/forum/topic/119859-how-to-use-our-in-game-chats-according-to-our-chat-rules/ Here are all the In-game chat rules. Private chat rules are the same as Other Chat: Thus, General Chat rules apply. No deplorable behaviour, you can speak in other languages than English, don’t discuss Report related things in private chats, don’t spam your 5 subscriber youtube channels (whose subscribers are your parents’ gmail accounts and your multiaccounts because your content is so bad that no one wants to subscribe), don’t spam, don’t talk about sensitive topics, no mini-modding. Everything else is allowed. Not mocking my hair loss or me being fat, though. That’s bad Creating our custom chat! First, we’ll take a look at the chat below. You will see there are six chats below. If you haven’t modified any chats, you can press the wrench on the bottom right. Here, we can modify which chats we want to see and which chats we want to remove. Remember we can have as many open chats as we want, but we can only see up to six different chats at the same time. If we have any more, we won’t be able to see the messages being sent in them. We will now remove any chats we’re not interested in to make space for our custom chat. Since I am not interested in PvP Talks nor am I interested in trashtalking other players for playing stall and Togekiss all day, I will remove Battle Chat. Since I don’t speak Philipino or other languages than English (I do, but it’s an example), I’ll also remove Other chat. Now I have 4 chats: Help, All, Local and Trade Now, we’ll start creating our custom chat! We will enter the command /cgcreate channelname, password. We will substitute channelname for the channelname we want to make, and the password for any password. As an example, I’ll create a channel named potato and the password will be noob. Thus, I’ll enter: /cgcreate potato, noob Now, the chat will have appeared in your screen. You can now message in it. You’re a moderator too! (Only in that chat, and only to kick and remove players, not to do anything else lol). Remember you have to press the ENTER key after each command so you can activate these commands. If you’re a normal user and you want to join a channel, you can do so by using the command /cgjoin channelname, password. For example: /cgjoin potato, noob If you want to leave, you can do it by using the command /cgjoin channelname. For example: /cgleave potato If you want to make someone else a moderator so that they can invite and kick people, you will have to enter the command /cgmod channelname, username. For example, I’ll give my other account privileges. /cgmod potato, Bhimaso If I ever want to remove his powers, I just have to reenter the same command and it will remove them. You can also kick them from the channel to remove them. If you want to change the channel name, you can do so by using the command /cgname channelname, newname. For example: /cgname potato, noobs The chat will become noobs. If you want to change the password from the channel, you can use /cgpassword channelname, newpassword, newpassword You have to repeat the new password to change the channel’s password. For example: /cgpassword potato, noobmaster, noobmaster Now, if you’re a moderator, you can also kick someone from the channel and invite new people. You can invite with the command /cginvite channelname, username. For example: /cginvite bhim, Bhimaso You can also kick people with the command /cgkick channelname, username. For example: /cgkick potato, Bhimaso I hope this guide has helped you guys and you can now create a custom channel with your friends to enjoy your stay!
  3. I actually made myself the bet to actually do this guide for newbies and get it done before tomorrow. I wanted to cover this topic because it feels dumb, but there's actually a lot of ways to make the process easier. I'm going to post most of the information borrowed from my other guide: Welcome to hunting abilities and how to make your life easier avoiding capturing any unnecessary pokemon! There are hundreds of abilities in Pokemon, almost thousands. A lot of pokemon share abilities: Metagross, Registeel and Tentacruel share Clear Body. This ability prevents them from having their stats lowered by an opponent move or ability. Sentret and Rattata share Run Away which allows them to always run away from battles, Nidoking and Feraligatr share Sheer Force... you get the point. There's a lot of abilities in pokemon, all pokemon come with atleast one ability, some with two, some with three. But, what is an ability? An Ability is an inherent power all pokemon have. All pokemon have an ability. Some of them only have one (Gastly with Levitate), others only have two (Bulbasaur with Overgrow and Chlorophyll) and sometimes they have three (Bronzong with Heatproof, Levitate and Heavy Metal). All pokemon come with an ability when captured. If a pokemon only has one ability, it will always have that one. There's no going around it. If a pokemon has two abilities, it will have these two, and if a pokemon has three, then three. Some abilities are more useful than others. The ability Levitate, for example, makes a pokemon immune to Ground Type attacks. Lightningrod does the same to Electric moves, but also increases your Spatk by one stage after being hit by one. Flash Fire does the same but for Fire Types. Volt Absorb and Water Absorb make a pokemon immune to Electric, Motor Drive does the same... you see the point. Some abilities are insanely good because they help out a lot of pokemon to defend against their weakness. Some abilities make them immune to certain status (Limber, Immunity, Own Tempo, Insomnia). However, there are also some abilities that are completely useless. Truant is an ability that makes you only be able to attack once every two turns (you attack, you do nothing, you attack, you do nothing, you attack, you do nothing), Illuminate literally does NOTHING in battle, and so on. There are really broken abilities like Sturdy or Mold Breaker, and there are stupid abilities that you wonder how they even exist. So, how are we going to hunt for the right ability for our pokemon? Well, we need to study which of the abilities can our pokemon have, and which one helps it better. For example, Guts in Rattata is way better than Run Away, Levitate is way better in Bronzong than Heatproof, Lightningrod is way better than Static in Pikachu. Search and look at what each ability in your pokemon can do and choose which one you want to use. So, how do we hunt for abilities? The first thing we have to do is investigate what abilities the pokemon has. It can be either simple and perfectly easy (Gastly, for example, only has one ability. Thus, we don't need to worry. It will always have the same ability), a bit hard (one ability and one ha) and a nightmare (two abilities + ha). If a pokemon only has one ability, it will always have it (it can change when it evolves though, Gastly's Levitate becomes Cursed Body on Gengar.) However, if we're trying to hunt anything else, we will have to check if it's a normal ability or a hidden ability. If it's a normal ability, we have to check if the pokemon has two, or just one. One single ability. 100% chance! One ability and a hidden ability. 95% chance and 5% chance! Two abilities and a hidden ability. 47.5% chance for both and 5% chance for the last one. Then, we factor in the chances. The normal chances of finding a Hidden Ability pokemon are just a measly 5% of the times you'll encounter the pokemon. Thus, if the pokemon has just one more normal ability, it will have a 95 % of having the normal ability and a 5% of having its hidden one. If it has two normal abilities and a hidden one, each normal ability will have a 47.5% chance, and the hidden one will still have a 5% chance of appearing. You can check the abilities of each pokemon in the pokedex. The normal abilities will be found in the first two slots in a blue font, while their hidden ability is found on an orange font. Then, how do we increase our chances? Well, we can purchase a Black Medallion (or BMS) from the Coin Shop for just 40 Coins so that for the next 72 hours we use the item, we will have a 25% chance of finding a hidden ability on any wild pokemon we find. However, this is bad if we actually want to hunt the normal ability of a pokemon, since we will decrease the normal abilities' chance to get a higher chance of hunting a hidden ability. We can buy a Coin Capsule from other players to purchase a Black Medallion or we can also donate to the game to keep it going Premium Coin Shop. Black Medallion: consumable item, lasts 72 hours. Icon to show Black Medallion's effects are active. It's time to hunt pokemon! So, where do we start? We first check what pokemon we want to hunt. I'm going to check for Spearow, for example. I want to hunt a Sniper Spearow. Since Spearow only has two abilities (a normal one and his hidden ability), we have a 95% chance of finding a Keen Eye Spearow and a 5% chance of finding a Sniper Spearow. That's a bit low! If we had a Black Medallion active, we could use it to have a better chance of finding one. We can find out if a pokemon has a certain ability using the Role Play move. Role Play is a move learned by Kadabra upon level-up that, when used, will show what ability the opposing pokemon has. We can use this move to know what ability the pokemon has. If the wild pokemon does not have the ability we want, we can simply flee and find another one. Kadabra with the move Role Play. After using Role Play, we find out that Rattata's ability was Guts. The other easy option to use is to get a pokemon with the Trace ability. Ralts and his evolutionary line have this ability. Once a Trace pokemon is switched into battle, he will copy the opponent's ability. Ralts is really hard to find and this ability is his HA. Thus, I suggest you just get any Abra, evolve it into Kadabra and learn this move. (Thanks to Atdhe, Trickypork, 700ruoham and Dorota for showing their Trace pokemon since my client was bugged) What if we're so poor we can't even capture these? We'll use our brain with no resources! How do we know if Spearow has the Keen Eye ability? If we study both abilities, we only have one way to discern one from the other: if he has Keen Eye, he will not have his precision lowered when we use Flash or a precision lowering move against him. Thus, we just have to use Flash against him to know he has Keen Eye. This Spearow has Keen Eye, as you can see in the picture. Thus, we can't lower its accuracy with Flash. We instantly know that he does not have the ability Sniper. Mmm... I feel like capturing a Diglett with Arena Trap. How can I find out what ability it has? Well, we know that Arena Trap will prevent us from fleeing. Thus, we just need to know that if we try to escape, he won't let us. Thus, it will be Arena Trap! We can flee from this one. Thus, it doesn't have Arena Trap. We can't* run away from this one. Thus, this Diglett has Arena Trap. Man... I really want a Sturdy Geodude. I guess I should try and get one. We know Sturdy protects him from being KO'd in a single move. Thus, we know that, if we are able to KO it with a single move, it didn't have Sturdy. Thus, we didn't want it anyway. I hit him extremely hard and he did not faint. We also get the pop up message. Mmm... I feel like getting a Clear Body Tentacool. That ability prevents stat lowering by the opponent. Thus, I'll use an Intimidate pokemon to know if it has Clear Body! Clear Body will prevent Intimidate from working. This one doesn't have it. No pop up message appears after this. This means Tentacool DOES have Clear Body. Same happens with Krabby Hyper Cutter. I hope with this guide you've understood how to calculate the probabilities of each ability, how to check a pokemon's abilities (or use bulbapedia for it), how to find out what ability they have, what tools can you use, and how to find them out without any tools: just using intelligence. I hope it helps you newbies too! (Ignore the part below, it's bugged and I can't fix it) Potato.
  4. Welcome, everyone! I was asked a few times on how to exactly train a Pokemon and fix their EVs, how does EV training work and how much do EVs work to improve a pokemon. Everyone always wants to have their pokemon as strong as possible. EV training will max the capabilities of a pokemon: whether it's a tank, a fast pokemon, a sweeper, or just a garbage pokemon you want to train for fun (why, though?), EV training is a requirement for the PRO lategame. However, EV training can be done anywhere, as soon as you start the game, from any point. Even if you're a newbie and you're in the third badge, you can still EV train that Gastly you always wanted to use for the story because that random dude in help chat told you to do so. Why should we EV train? We EV train to improve our pokemon to their full capabilities. Pokemon's stats severely increase when they're EV trained, to points where fights go from being impossible (Giovanni's Mewtwo) to being an easy oneshot from Gastly. For example, imagine we have a Gastly at level 90, with a Modest Nature, that has 200 Speed and 200 Special Attack. It's slower than the Mewtwo and, even if he manages to Shadow Ball it somehow, Mewtwo still survives. However, if we EV train that Gastly, it will gain atleast 50 Speed and 50 Special Attack. Now, it will outspeed Mewtwo and oneshot it before he can react. A legendary pokemon powered by a machine fainted in a single hit by a ghostly poisonous fart. Imagine! What are EVs and how do they work? How do we train them? What can we do with them? How do we modify them? What can I do if I trained EVs wrong? How can I fix this mess of a pokemon? To understand how EVs work, we can read the other forum guide I did covering this topic, or we can copy paste it here. However, I'll do both: https://pokemonrevolution.net/forum/topic/152671-natures-abilities-ev-iv-and-stats-for-newbies-the-guide/?tab=comments#comment-840375 In this guide, we cover the topic of EVs and how do they work and how do we train them. However, I didn't go in depth into it, since I wanted to make a guide on how to train them as I train one of my pokemon so you can see the progress and the ways we can use it. You can check the theory there, but I will copy the basic definitions we need to understand here. EVs or Effort Values are the blue numbers in any pokemon you see. These values can be modified, increased, reset, reduced, fixed, changed... they're amazing. They work as a modifier for all of your pokemon in order to improve them as much as you want. You gain EVs for defeating wild pokemon, trainer pokemon, using proteins or vitamins in your pokemons. Every 4 EV in one stat, your stat will get increased by 1 at level 100. You can have a max of 510 EV between all stats of your pokemon. In a single stat, the maximum amount of EV you can allocate is 252. Thus, at level 100, if you allocate 252 EV in that stat, it will increase by 63. (252 divided by 4). You can decide how to change these whenever you want. You can modify them as you wish by using EV Reducing berries. These can be found in any route, in Viridian Maze and in the Safari EV Zone. These are: Pomeg Berry, which will reduce your HP EV by 10. Qualot Berry, which will reduce your Defense EV by 10. Kelpsy Berry, which will reduce your Atk EV by 10. Grepa Berry, which will reduce your Spdef EV by 10. Hondew Berry, which will reduce your Spatk EV by 10. Tamato Berry, which will reduce your Speed EV by 10. All wild Pokemon, once defeated, will grant you 1, 2 or 3 EV in one stat. Some grant 1 EV in 1 stat and another one in another. There are really weird combinations. They always give an EV of their highest overall Base Stat. For example, Snorlax gives HP EVs, while Gengar gives Spatk EVs. Evolved forms usually give more EVs than unevolved forms. As I said, these 2 give 3 HP EVs and 3 Spatk EVs, respectively. If you hold a Macho Brace, the EVs you gain will be doubled. If the EV in one stat is 99 or below, you can use a vitamin to increase that stat's EVs by 10. However, if you try to use a vitamin once that stat's EV are atleast 100, or the Pokemon already has the maximum amount of EVs (510), you will not be able to. They can be purchased in department stores. These vitamins are: HP UP, which will increase your HP EV by 10. Protein, which will increase your Atk EV by 10. Iron, which will increase your Def EV by 10. Zinc, which will increase your Spdef EV by 10. Calcium, which will increase your Spatk EV by 10. Carbos, which will increase your Speed EV by 10. First of all, we have to find a suitable pokemon to EV train. My personal recommendation is that you do not EV train anything that cannot be used in Bosses, low rating PVP (friendly pvp with friends, basically), or serious ranked PVP. Do not waste time, resources or money into training something that you will literally never use again, because it will mentally burn you out. For this guide, I'll train a pokemon that I believe is useless unless you equip it with a certain item. Pikachu with the Light Ball. This is one of the Pikachus I hunted for a newbie who lost his, so I decided to use it as an example. As you can see, this Pikachu has some decent Spatk, Speed and a good nature. Its ability might not be the best, but I wanted to train this little guy for fun and he has good enough stats to be trained. We want to level our pokemon first from a low level to atleast 40-50 to do the EV training properly. So, since we see he has EVs under 100, we will try and using some leftover vitamins we have in our bag. It does not increase its base Speed stat, but its Speed EVs. Pokemon's base stats cannot be changed, ever. Just to clear misunderstandings We want to train this Pikachu with 252 Spatk EVs, and 252 Speed EVs. I will first check for vitamins in my bag. I see I have some, and the Speed EV of this pokemon is 0 (check the blue number next to Speed). Thus, I can use all of the 10 Carbos to increase it to 102. We can train it however we want: we could train 102 EV into each stat, but that's stupid. Pikachu does not need defenses, only offensive stats. Pokemon like Bronzong can be trained by splitting EVs into each defensive stat. Now that we increased its Speed, we will use some Calcium to increase its Spatk stat. Since I have a lot of them, I'll use 10 of them to increase his Spatk EVs to 100. Voilá! Now our pokemon has 100 EV in Spatk and Speed. However, we can't increase it with vitamins anymore, so we have to manually train them both. Now, we have to fight wild pokemon to gain EVs. Each pokemon gives a specific EV. We can check each pokemon in a website like bulbapedia to know what EV it gives once we defeat them. For example, I will train this Pikachu in Cerulean Cave. I will only fight Golbat because it gives 2 Speed EV and I will fight Golduck because it gives 2 Spatk EV. I will avoid everything else because Gravelers give Defense EVs, which I do not want (Because Pikachu is a sweeper that does not care about being tanky). As you can see here, each Golduck will give us 2 Spatk EV once we defeat them. Let's get some! We found a Golbat. Let's get some nice Speed EVs! As expected, we got 2 EVs into Speed. Nice! We can keep fainting pokemon until we get some more levels. We will now fix the Def and HP EVs, since we do not want them. We can obtain these berries in the EV Wald in Fuchsia Safari or inside the gigantic Viridian Maze. These respawn from every 24 to every 96 hours. Pick them up every single time you find them! We will now use a Pomeg Berry and a Qualot Berry to remove the Defense and HP EVs Pikachu has. Berries in Viridian Maze. Now it is cleared of all unwanted EVs. Since we want to train it 252 in Speed, 252 in Spatk and 6 in Atk, we are ready to now fully train it. We will avoid fighting any wild pokemon that gives undesired EVs so as to avoid training him in the wrong way. We can look up in the website mentioned above which pokemon gives each EV. If you do not have money to use the Safari EV Wald, you can use the EV Zones spread around the regions. These are placed in specific routes and are amazing zones to EV train your pokemon for free. You'd only have to pay 5k to travel to each region or just use your legs and walk there! Since I want to make the process faster and I can afford it, I will go and train him in the EV Wald in Fuchsia. Remember you can train EV anywhere, doesn't matter when, how or where. All pokemon you fight (including trainers) will give you EVs. Just remember to avoid fighting unneeded or unwanted pokemon or you'll have to fix the wrong EVs later using berries. Safari EV Wald inside. You can obtain a Macho Brace by trading a Drowzee for a Machop holding this item in Goldenrod. The NPC is in front of the Pokecenter. It's the Motorbiker dude. This Macho Brace will double all EV gains, but will make you slower in battle. However, this will make us gain EVs incredibly fast. This dude will give us Macho Brace. I will now choose EV Training Area. I will use the next 20 minutes before I'm forced to leave wisely and I will EV train it to its fullest potential. You can pick up a Kelpsy Berry which reduces ATK EVs by 10 each time you use it. They're all in the Wald, in both zones. Here we'll find fully evolved forms at very low levels. In this exact part, I fight wild Pidgeots which give me 3 Speed EVs per pokemon. Since I've equipped Macho Brace, I will gain 6 Speed EVs per pokemon. Speed is now done. Now we're going for Spatk! Here we find the Spatk berries in the Spatk training zone. Vileplumes give each 3 Spatk EV, so we get 6 Spatk EV with Macho Brace equipped. Our Pikachu is now fully trained and ready to be leveled up to 100. We've successfully EV trained our pokemon and now we only have to level it to 100. Yey! If you want to make your training process faster, you should disable battle animations and increase Text Speed to the fastest so that you gain a few seconds each fight, which will add up quickly and allow you to fully train a pokemon in exactly 18 to 19 minutes, just shy of the 20 limit from Safari. As you can see, I have animations toggled off and Dialogue Speed at the max. I hope you have all enjoyed this quick guide on how to train any pokemon. I hope all doubts are cleared and you can check my other guide linked above to understand the theory better!
  5. Hello! Today im here to show you the team that i use to defeat bosses on the hard dificulty, the reason im making this post is that i hope to find more help for my team to get higher success as, even with a pretty good win ratio, there are still some imperfections in it that i believe some people, who have more experience than me in boss fights, can potentially help me out. Since i started fighting against bosses i realized that with all the buffs they give to them so the AI can someone even out the for the lack of cognition, i knew it couldnt be beaten in a fair fight, odds are if youre bringing your pvp HO team, youll get overwhelmed by the insane amount of bulk and power these pokemon can dish out. Even your tankiest walls from the fatter stalls will struggle taking hits from these freaks, making stall while more possible to beat bosses than any offense could, its still an unreliable way to beat them, not to mention its slow as well. While im sure most players have already realized this, the question now comes, how can we circunvent this? Well one thing the AI will never do that is definitely exploitable is the fact it never switches, no matter how bad the situation is for the pokemon in front of them, they just keep using moves with it, and thats why i believe memento with stat passing is the most efficient way to beat bosses. Knowing what i wanted to use, all i missed now was the pokemon themselves. Just a heads up, im a bit of a slacker when it comes to geting good pokemon, so mostly what you see here is by no means the optimal choice of either ability/nature or ev spreads, however ill be posting down whats i believe to be the best options for each member, in regards to my experience using this team. Starting with the memento users, its pretty obvious why they are so essencial to any boss team, as a big part of setting up against them is all possible due to the fact we incapacitate them, and no better move does that than memento, yes your pokemon dies but the trade off is way worth it. Duggy is used, as he is one of the few pokemon that provides rocks while learning memento as well, not to mention its really good speed stat allows it to outspeed most boss leads on hard dificulty, which means there is no need to use a focus sash, i cant exactly pinpoint the stat but what i can say is that its fast enough to outspeed neroli's celebi (100 speed) while being slower than pewdie's starmie (115 speed). You only want to use focus sash if you either get outsped or you want rocks, which should only come necessary to pokemon who get avoided of getting ohko'd like with link's sturdy donphan/skarmory and chuck's or koichi's (dont recall which one is it lol) sashed hitmons and other instances like sash zard with oak, tho it has defog on his lead rotom-w so it might not be worth there. Attacking isnt even gonna be a thing with this guy so you might as well slap as many hms you can so you can access some of the bosses. All you basically want is speed, and speed nature, which it shouldnt be hard to get by since diglett are one of the easiest mons to grind. Luckily for me i got the best possible amount where i was only going for 25+. Whimsicott is hands down the best memento user for this, as with prankster it pretty much guarantees it, you only need to give it memento and lvl him up to 100 so it can be used in bosses, no ev train or nature is required. Cottonee is used to for the third memento and drop the pokemon stats one final time, to its lowest, no reason to use cottonee over whimsicott, its just cooler over having 2 whimsicotts, plus who knows if they might implement a species clause for this boss fights. Baton pass chain With the bosses offensive stats reduce to its maximum, it comes to these three last slots to overtake and open the doors for one of the pokemon to sweep with all of the stats buffed. With that said there is one move i wanted to abuse in particular, stored power. With its recent addition (move didnt work properly before) this gives an insane buff to stat passing raising its viability against bosses even higher. The idea was to raise as many stats as possible with two of the members and give all the buffs to the pokemon dedicated to sweep, the one who carries stored power. With some thinking and looking at the resources at hand i came up with the core that i believe does this job pretty effectively, all limitations considered. Venomoth is without a doubt one of the best stat passers in the game, as not only it covers 3 stats buffs with just one move, it also gets reliable recovery making it much more consistent to setup against various pokemon and to cap it all off, its ability shield dust protects it from any secondary effect, so no freezes, no paras, no confusions, no flinches etc. unfortunately mine is tinted lens which is definitely not the ability that you want but i didnt want to grind for a shield dust venomoth so i just go with this one. That isn't say they are hard to get, because they certainly arent, having plenty of routes where its tier 1. QD, roost and bp are obivious for its moves, bug buzz isnt bad if you dont wanna put all the pressure to one pokemon to do the sweeping, tho sleep powder or stun spore might be smarter just so it guarantees a potential turn where the mon doesnt get an oportunity to hax you once you bp out. Evs are a bit up to you, max speed is certainly not the most optimal choice but it does mean you outspeed most pokemon just after one qd up, which might've not been the case if you didnt invest in speed and its always nice to be faster than your opponent and take control ASAP. Tho defense investment is wise, as it is the one stat venomoth doesnt coverwithh boosts, i dont really have an exact value or optimal spread for this so just try to go for what you think its better. Leftovers/black sludge is the best item, tho a super effective berry might be worth considering or a sitrus, tho lefties is just consistent hp so its the best item overall. Since there is only one usefull stat that venomoth cant buff, this leaves the job for vaporeon who is curiously, the only pokemon that learns the combination of acid armor and baton pass outside the accelgor line, which doesnt leave us with a lot of options and vaporeon is clearly the better one as its much bulkier and has a much better defensing typing on top of that. I usually like to bring this pokemon to start the stat buffs as it gives more bulk to venomoth if necessary. Moveset seems pretty self explanatory and evs just make it that much better at setting the stat it needs, lefties is used for the same reasons as venomoth however since that vaporeon isnt protected by shield dust another to take in consideration is lum berry, as it would suck really bad to potentially lose to a para/freeze/confusion. Clef seems to me like the best choice to abuse stored power as it covers whatever doesnt get affected by it pretty well with moonblast and further coverage with fire that hits steels who resist both typings, but as you might realize, with stored power being as strong as it is, its almost unnecessary to use it beside some very specific scenarios like metagross, bronzong, jirachi or shedinja. If you successfully setup all stats to max you've got in your hands a stored power with a grand total 500 base power, which means there is also no chance to get walled by things like unaware as for example neroli's unaware clef gets easily 2hko'd and toothless' quag simply gets ohko'd. Life orb further boosts the power of your attacks should give it a last push to pretty much one shot everything that comes in on you, links heatran for example gets one shotted by stored power. I would say nature wouldnt matter in this case but it actually does, dont be like me and use -speed on your clefs because it actually means your slower than pewdie's scarf jirachi even at +6 which is super annoying as you can probably guess. Exceptional scenarios: There are some bosses who like to make my life a bit more dificult with their leads, examples of these are misty and its mirror shot milotic, lorelei with its blizzard ninetales-a, letrix with togekiss, sage's glaceon with blizzard as well and terminator's phazing moltres. To which i have the following answers: Magnezone beats everything but terminator's moltres. Heatran is used to beat moltres. Obviously there are easier ways to deal with these things other than having the need to use pvp ready pokemon, its up to you on how you and what you have to deal with it. Threats: While the team has mostly a favourable position compared to other bosses, there are still ways that they can slip through the cracks, things like setupfrom the opponent, phazing or venomoth being at the mercy of a crit or simply getting overwhelmed like in some cases with saphirr's primal groudon. There might be some other flaws some of you may have caught on and if so i would appreciate a lot if you mentioned what those were. Conclusion: Thank you for taking the time to read this whole mess, i understand this isnt the most organized post (sorry about that lol) but i hope you enjoyed and could help me out pointing either things i could do to make my team better or things that threaten it in general and if you have learnt something from this threat, im glad i couldve been helpful in any way and wish you the best of luck for the bosses.
  6. Fast and Efficient Boss Run Route Good day and welcome to the Fast and Efficient Boss Run Route! This guide will give you a Fast and Efficient route to do Boss Run! Additionally, this is tailored for non transit pass holders to maximize time and reduce spending on travel. Disclaimer: This is not a boss guide but i will give suggestion as to what i use. Required Pokemons ➺ Your Boss Team ➺ Pikachu ➺ 1 x Fire type ➺ 1 x Ghost type ➺ 2 x Steel type ➺ Iron Defense Note: Boss requirements may change over time. Suggested Team This suggested team will satisfy all the requirements previously mentioned with additional purposes. Reserves Klefki ➺ Steel + Switcheroo || Empoleon ➺ Steel + Stealth Rock + Feather Dance + Iron Defense || Ampharos ➺ Eerie Impulse Gengar ➺ Ghost + Destiny Bond || Gyarados ➺ Sweeper || Haxorus ➺ Sweeper Pikachu ➺ Everyone loves Pikachu || Delphox ➺ Fire type + Skill Swap + Switcheroo Kanto Route [spoiler=Start: Cinnabar Island ➺ End: Vermilion City] ➺ Cinnabar Island Professor Oak ➺ Cinnabar Island Lab Room 2 ➺ Mt Silver Terminator ➺ Mt Silver Moltres Chamber ➺ Viridian Forest Erika ➺ Viridian Maze ➺ Pewter City Officer Shamac ➺ Pewter Jail George ➺ Pewter Jail ➺ Cerulean City Naero ➺ Cerulean Cave B1F ➺ Route 25 Entei Guardian ➺ Route 25 Cave ➺ Saffron City Chuck ➺ Saffron Gold's Gym Koichi ➺ Saffron Dojo Nikola ➺ Unknown Place ➺ Lavender City Urahara ➺ Pokemon Tower 3F ➺ Celadon City Jessie & James ➺ Celadon City ➺ Vermilion City The Pumpkin King ➺ Vermilion City Graveyard Xylos ➺ Vermilion Pokemon Club Brock ➺ Diglett's Cave ➺ Vermilion Docks Officer Jenny ➺ Pinkan Lighthouse 2F Klohver ➺ Pinkan Island Meadow Prehax ➺ Munchlax Resort Shary & Shaui ➺ Love Island House 1 Jhoto Route [spoiler=Start: Olivine City ➺ End: Ilex Forest] ➺ Olivine Docks Suspicious Bot ➺ Dock Island House 1 Battle Bot ➺ Dock Island House 2 Bugsy ➺ Amazon Forest ➺ Route 41 Misty ➺ Route 41 Thor ➺ Whirl Island B4F ➺ Route 42 Bruno ➺ Mt. Mortar Lower Cave ➺ Lake of Rage Suicune Guardian ➺ Secluded Lake ➺ Ice Path Lorelei ➺ Ice Path B2F ➺ Blackthorn City Lance ➺ Dragons Shrine ➺ Violet City Sage ➺ Sprout Tower 3F ➺ Ruins of Alph Proffesor Elm ➺ Research Center ➺ Goldenrod City Pewdie & Diepy ➺ Goldenrod Gaming Corner ➺ Ilex Forest Neroli ➺ Ilex Forest Hoenn Route [spoiler=Start: Lilycove City ➺ End: Valley of Steel] ➺ Eumi Island Tigerous ➺ Eumi Island Theme Park 2 ➺ Route 122 Morty ➺ Mt Pyre 4F ➺ Slateport City / Route 108 Toothless ➺ Abandoned Ship B1F Room 1 ➺ Route 110 Raikou Guardian ➺ Secret Base Alpha Lt Surge ➺ New Mauville ➺ Verdanturf Town Professor Brich ➺ Verdanturf Town House 2 ➺ Route 111 Naruto Fanboy ➺ Desert Ruins ➺ Route 112 Gingery Jones ➺ Feral Site ➺ Lavaridge Town Steven ➺ Valley Of Steel Sinnoh Route [spoiler=Start: Canalave City ➺ End: Cave of Justice] ➺ Survival Area / Route 227 Saphirr ➺ Route 227 ➺ Jubilife City Professor Rowan ➺ Jubilife City School ➺ Sandgem Town Spectify ➺ Sandgem Town House ➺ Twinleaf Town Link ➺ Twinleaf Town ➺ Route 203 Medusa & Eldir ➺ Legends Cave ➺ Valley Windworks Letrix ➺ Valley Windworks ➺ Floraroma Meadow Maribela ➺ Floraroma Meadow ➺ Mt Coronet Ash Westbrook ➺ Ash Westbrook ➺ Route 210 North Logan ➺ Cave Of Justice [spoiler=Total Spending] Trainers Valley ➺ 10k Pinkan Island ➺ 5k Love Island ➺ 5k Kanto - Jhoto ➺ 5k Jhoto - Hoenn ➺ 5k Lilycove City - Slateport City ➺ 2.5k Valley of Steel ➺ 5k Lavaridge Town - Lilycove City ➺ 2.5k Hoenn - Sinnoh ➺ 5k Canalave City - Survival Area ➺ 2.5k Survival Area - Jubilife City ➺ 2.5k ------------------------------------------------------- Total Spending = $50,000
  7. So as you've probably noticed your Android experience has changed, hopefully this thread will explain the new input mechanism and how it differs from the old one. New dpad Old
  8. Since I've seen some confused people, this could help. Good luck
  9. Welcome to: How to make money, the guide! Before we start with the guide, I'd like to clarify certain things: This guide is mainly aimed to those newbies, semi advanced and somewhat experienced players that are in desperate need of money to survive on PRO's economy. This guide is not really aimed at expert multimillionaire players. However, some of these players might appreciate some of the advice and make use of some of the guide I'll be writing down here. I'll be mentioning a LOT of options and brainstorming a lot of ideas for any player to use. (Also, I'll add a lot of humour into it :v) These are also REALISTIC things you can do, not impossible or overcomplicated stuff. They're basic and easy. Are you stuck in Kanto trying to get a bike but these pokeballs keep making you poor? Are you hardstuck on Sabrina and have completely lost faith on moving on? Are you trying to defeat Mewtwo but he keeps oneshotting your team and you have no idea how to farm money to buy potions because you didn't bother to spend 5 minutes to google that the ability Sturdy would've helped you? If so, this is your guide! Welcome to how to make money in PRO 101! or "how did Bhimoso lose his sanity to this level to make guides instead of playing the game"! This guide will first be aimed at you newbies who are still in Kanto trying to buy a bike, a good rod, a parcel, and a house on route 19 (Spoilers: you can't, sadly). Then, we'll go over your monetary options in Johto, in Hoenn (spoiler alert: Hoenn sucks when it comes to making money. Seriously. IT SUCKS.) and finally, Sinnoh. I will try to condense as much info and options as I can for you all. I will also read comments on this guide and link other guides that may help you out or have relevant info. You can bring in suggestions too, although I have a big selection of stuff to post. Choose the region you've reached to or the ones you're interested in the most. As an extra and very useful decision: Remember you can have up to 4 accounds and play in all of them, complete the story 4 times, trade with yourself and help yourself a bit. If you have 4 accounts, you can do all of these methods four times and gain four times the normal amount of money. That will make you rich beyond absurd levels and will skyrocket your money gain. You can gain millions in a day just by doing all of this stuff in your accounts. I repeat: MILLIONS. Keep in mind it is no longer allowed to do Dig Spots and Bosses in both servers as it's against PRO's Rules because of economy reasons (according to developers). Remember to do Dig Spots every three days, Pokestops every day and a half, Mushrooms every 2 weeks, Bosses every 2 weeks, daily excavations and fight trainers every week for maximized money gains. You'll earn absurd amounts of money this way. Let's get into it! Kanto If you're a newbie, I will be assuming you are just starting, have reached the middle point of Kanto and noticed you REALLY need money for that bike or you're ultra desperate in the Elite Four. If not, you can still do all of these, and include Bosses, Love Island extras and more stuff! Missions Let's start with the simplest and first option, before we move onto the others: Missions. If you remember from your visits in Viridian City, you'll have noticed the officer there has missions for you. These missions can be done in almost all Kanto cities which have gyms: Viridian, Pewter, Cerulean, Celadon and Cinnabar. All these cities have 2+ missions each, some of which are easy and appropriate for the current situation you're in, but some are a bit too hard to do them economically. I'll list all of these which are easily manageable for newbies and the ones not so manageable. Remember you can only do missions once! Viridian City: Take the Rattata Hair quest. Teach TM Thief to a pokemon that is a physical attacker and is a good hm slave (Sentret/Nidoran when they evolve will be), ensure he has no items equipped and spam Thief against Rattatas in route 1. Once he steals a Rattata hair, be sure to remove it from him and get 2 more Rattata hair (3 in total). Go and get the reward for the quest, this is an easy money making one. You will also be able to steal items from other pokemon if you feel so. (This is of great use later on!) Beat Bug Catcher Gerald in Viridian Forest. This is just free money, just beat him lol. Same goes with catching a sentret. However, they only appear at morning and day time in route 1 (if you do not know when does a pokemon spawn, use the Reborn Bot in the official PRO discord. -> https://discord.gg/98pMNxq ). Do all quests in Viridian, basically. Total gain: 15.5k pokedollars. (that's a LOT at the beggining of PRO) Pewter City: Beat Brock (yes, it's a quest reward lol). Then talk to Jenny to get a bit of money. Afterwards, catch a Pikachu in Viridian Forest. They're not very common but they're easy to find. For the Headbutt quest: teach Headbutt in the entrance of Viridian Maze (the tree in Viridian Forest which has a hole, north from the entrance from the south) to a HM Slave. Show it to Jenny and she'll give you a lot of money (it will pay more than the 2k you need to teach headbutt to a pokemon.) Try to headbutt trees in the first routes and cities and get a Silcoon. Show it to her and you'll get extra money. You'll get 7750 pokedollars if you did not give the Silcoon, you'll get an extra 9k if you do. Cerulean City: Here, one of the quests is not really manageable, which sucks a bit. Do the teaching dig to a pokemon quest: either train a Sandshrew or Diglett until they learn dig via level-up and then show it to Jenny, or teach the TM to a Pokemon that can learn it (preferably a HM slave). When you've done this, you'll get a Soft Sand (increases ground type moves power). If you then go to route 3 and Mt Moon and dig up dig spots (or in other places) and bring atleast two different gems to Jenny, you'll get a Big Pearl. Sell it to the item maniac in route 25 for 9k pokedollars! Afterwards, you can try your luck with the Clefairy one: to know if it has Cute Charm, poison it. If it loses HP, it either has Cute Charm or its hidden ability. If it doesn't, it has Magic Guard. However, be ready for the pain, because he's not common and he only appears in night time in MT Moon. Then, bring it to Jenny for a reward. Then, give it to the girl in the library in Vermillion to get two rare candies. Afterwards, go back to Jenny and get a lot of money for it. The other quest is to EV train a pokemon partially. I'll explain: You need to EV train a pokemon so that one of its stats has more than 50 EVS in comparison to another stat. These are the blue numbers in your pokemon's description. You can google what EVs (or Effort Values) mean and how they work. I'll do a guide on it soon! -> https://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Effort_values The pokemon you train must have 50 or more EVS over another stat's EVS. For example, its attack EVs have to be 51 if its HP EVs are 0. As long as this condition applies to two stats, you can show the pokemon to Jenny and she'll reward you. In total, you will get 29k pokedollars. Celadon City: There are two bounties here for two missions. However, the Fight Michael one should be avoided for now: it requires you to get the bike (thus, you'd need to spend 60k money for it). However, if you managed to get the bike, go and fight Michael in route 17 and beat him. Talk to Jenny and you'll get some nice 10k! Afterwards, do the HP up one, this gives a LOT of money: 14k! Here's the catch though: you need to either buy an HP up for around 8k in the department store and give it to Jenny, so you'll receive 6k in benefits. However, you can also obtain it via digging or in pokeballs in certain routes! If you manage to find one, bring it to her, or simply but it for the 6k. Your choice.! You'll gain 16k, 24k if you dug up the HP UP or obtained it somewhere else. Cinnabar Island: There are three quests you can do here. The easiest and most rewarding one is to fightArticuno and get its seen data. To get it, you only need to fight it, the result of the fight does not matter. He's in the depths of Seafoam Islands, in B4F. You can look up the map in the PRO Wiki (https://prowiki.info/index.php?title=Seafoam_Islands) and try to get to him. He's around level 60-70. You can choose to destroy him with rock, steel, electric or fire moves or just relog while fighting him and be teleported back to Cinnabar with its seen data. You'll get 12k for this. Revive a Fossil in the Cinnabar Island (any fossil you dug up or the one obtained in Mt Moon). Show it to Jenny and you'll get 6k and a Hard stone. You'll have earned 18k in total. Ignore the Corsola quest completely: it only rewards 10 Lure Balls. Pokestops Our next resource is: Pokestops! Have you seen these clowns around Kanto, which walk around certain areas? If you talk to them after having beaten 4 Kanto Badges, you will be able to obtain items from them! These items may vary from simple Potions or Repels to PP Ups and Rare Candies. We are looking for these 2, which are the rarest items to get from them (it's around a 10% chance to get them each time you talk to a clown). These are INCREDIBLE items for the lategame, and so, you can sell PP Ups for around 3k and Rare Candies for 7k in Trade Chat. If you get lucky and get a few Rare Candies in Kanto, you'll be able to get a lot of money pretty quickly if you sell them. The full list of locations are: Viridian City: Under the gym. Viridian Forest: In front of the Viridian Maze Tree, go to the east. Pewter City: East from the museum, top right of Pewter. Route 3 Pokecenter: In front of the Mt Moon entrance, outside of the Pokecenter, to its left, in front of the tunnel entrance. Route 4: In front of the Cerulean Cave Entrance (requires surf). Route 25: In front of Bill's House. Route 5: In front of the Daycare. Vermillion City (Harbor): Just walking around there. Diglett Cave: Entrance from Vermillion, just go inside. Route 10: There's one next to the Pokecenter and another one in the Power Plant Entrance. As an extra: some of the pokestops VERY rarely give useful TMs you can use while in Kanto Story. The powerplant one can give you TM Thunderbolt and the one in Viridian gives you TM Earthquake. You can also buy them in Gym 3 and Gym 8 in Kanto, respectively. Pokestops have a cooldown of only 36 hours. After a day and a half of having talked to them all, go and talk to them again, and pray to the RNGesus gods to bless some Rare Candies upon you. You'll normally always get atleast 15k+ worth of items every time you do it. Dig Spots Here comes the real money maker of our guide: Dig spots will basically either skyrocket your savings or troll you extremely hard and give you a lot of basic stuff such as pokeballs and evolution stones that might help a bit, but not as much as getting rich, which is our aim right now. Dig spots require you to either own a Shovel or a Pokemon in your team who knows the move Dig (can be taught with the TM number 28 which can be bought in Celadon Department store and other places, can also be learned upon level up by Diglett and Sandshrew). The pokemon must also have more than 150 happiness. Dig spots are spread across the world and you can look for them and their locations in the wiki (http://prowiki.info/index.php?title=Diggable_Patches). Digging these spots will either spawn a wild pokemon (some of which are really rare and useful for Kanto Story!) or a lot of rare and useful items you will make use of by selling or using them a lot. We will go over the route you should follow, what places you should really visit and which dig spots you can skip if you don't want to waste too much time while running on four accounts. Along this route we will also grab some hidden items and overworld items we can sell later on. The locations for dig spots in kanto are: Route 3, Mt Moon, Rock Tunnel, Route 14, Route 15, Diglett Cave, and if you have access to Sevii Islands (which requires having beaten Kanto E4 and having a Membership active (donate to the game, it helps improve it!) there are also in Water Path and Tanoby Ruins. Hidden and Overworld items. All along PRO there are hidden items spread everywhere which are very hard to find: some block your road and you'll accidentally bump into them, and you'll interact with them and grab them by accident thinking: "owo watz diz? *touches interact button and grabs item* basically. Other useful items are overworld ones which you'll see in the form of pokeballs in the overworld. There's way too many items in the game to name them all, but since I wanted to make this guide and allow anyone to become rich as soon as Kanto goes, I listed ALL of the monetary items findable in pro in a guide. In this guide, we'll make routes so that you can pick up as many of these as you can along your adventure, routing along certain specific spots and grabbing and picking up certain items. It will be a long process, but the amount of money you'll earn is insane. I will also detail what tools you will need to get to all required places. For now, look up all the places available in Kanto, since it's what matters for now, and it's (right now) directed towards newbies. Services and Trading This is basically the least profitable method in the early game. You don't have a macho brace (diggable if you have absurd luck, obtainable in an easy trade in Goldenrod) to give EV services (however, you can always buy it from someone else!), it would cost money and EV Safari wald costs 10k per visit, no access to mega high level areas to level up such as Cerulean Cave (however, you do have access to Smoke Balls in wild Weezings and Koffings in Cinnabar Mansion and False swipers in Cubone, since it learns it at level 27 in Rock Tunnel), no access to reliable Sync hunting methods (you'd have to hunt Abras forever... you'd be required to have a Diglett with Arena trap, which is not hard to get, but they're tier 6 and they take forever to hunt in the early game), basically nothing that is profitable right now. What you have to do is to trade. Sell the Rare Candies you obtained along the way during pokestops, dig spots and hidden items for around 7k each in trade chat. Never go for a lower place. Try to buy Kanto synchs (natus obtained in route 28 by more advanced players) that can be useful for your story and that you can invest in hunting pvpable pokemon that are immediately sellable untrained such as Gastly, which requires no black medallion, is tier 1 in Vermillion Graveyard (as early as pre 3rd badge) and is extremely easy to hunt and sell. However, I heavily do not suggest you to do this now. I suggest that you invest from 5 to 10k per natu synch nature to hunt useful pokemon with good natures for your story. The Kanto later gyms are pretty hard, and the E4 is a mindless grind without using decent pokemon. Bosses For now, your option to do Bosses is near impossible and almost non-existant. You can't obtain a macho brace unless you trade, can't obtain most boss pokemon unless you trade, you would only be able to make a team with insane synchronise luck and only kanto obtainable pokemon (Slowbro, Gyarados, Steelix, etc). You would be extremely restricted when it comes to options, have next to no resources unless you save up with 4 accounts doing all what this guide recommends you and someone helps you out A LOT. Aside from that, you'd have to buy exp services since you don't have access to Cerulean Cave, you don't meet almost any requirements for any boss... yeah, you get the point. Bosses should be skipped ATLEAST until you beat Johto E4. However, if someone lends you an entire Kanto Only Boss Team, then try out your luck! They require a lot of strategy, but if you believe you can do it with these teams, then try it out! Here you can have more info about it. https://prowiki.info/index.php?title=Bosses Trainer/Wild battles If you have a Membership active, one of your options is to fight wild battles as it will double the money gain you earn (and this is basically the last resort once you've done everything else). My recommendation is that you fight every single trainer you find after earning the 4th badge, and that you grind money in Kanto (if you've not beaten the E4 yet) fighting wild pokemon and leveling up at the same time (it will pay off, trust me) in Seafoam Islands B4F, Cinnabar Mansion and Victory Road B3F. It is incredibly worth it to train your pokemon nonstop. Avoid trainer battles before the 4th badge that you believe you don't really need. Trainer battles reset after 7 days, so refight them if you're desperate for money! Reroll Ticket Quest If you donate five Fossils to the Pewter City Museum (Dome Fossil, Helix Fossil, Old Amber, Claw Fossil and Root Fossil), you'll be able to claim a Reroll Ticket. This can be once per account, up to four accounts (as you're allowed to).. This IV Reroll Ticket can be sold in Trade Chat for over 650 or 700k per ticket and will give you alarming amounts of money while in Kanto. However, there is an issue: To donate these fossils, you need the Caught data in your Pokedex of Kabuto, Omanyte, Aerodactyl, Anorith and Lileep. To revive Anorith and Lileep, you need to first find the fossils in dig spots, revive Dome and Helix fossil, level Omanyte and Kabuto to obtain Omastar and Kabutops evolved data, and THEN go to Ruins of Alph and revive Claw and Root fossil after having dug them up to obtain their seen data. If you want to skip all of this trouble (aside from just reviving Aerodactyl, Omanyte, Kabutops in Cinnabar and the other two fossils in Johto), simply do Dig Spots a few times until you have dug these 5 fossils. Then, ask a friend to trade you the 5 revived pokemon so you can get the Dex Caught data from them and you do not waste your fossils reviving them. Donate them in the museum, obtain the Reroll Ticket and sell it in Trade Chat for 650k or even more. Enjoy your free money! It can be done once per account. Route to Farm: Explanation We will now make a route that is easy to go around, requires just a bit of time and is plausible to do for any newbie. We will choose the two options and explain both of them: with and without hidden items. The difference between grabbing hidden items or not is the time difference, HM slave requirements and the fact that the hidden items do not have the same cooldowns as overworld items, and some items have different cooldowns (for some strange reason). Thus, I'll try to highlight which items do respawn and how often you should do every route. You should do the Pokestop route every 36 hours, the Dig Spots every 72 hours and the Item route every 14 days (yes, I can't multiply 14 x 24 because I failed maths in highschool, don't bully me okay?) Remember: You need to have beaten the 4th badge (and preferably, the 5th and have access to HM Surf) to do all of this. This is very early in the game, and the route is planned to help you as much as it can to fight Sabrina and the next leaders and E4. Missions can be done as early as having no badges, but you need to have beaten the 4th badge to be able to reach ALL Kanto dig spots and that Pokestops will give you items. If you talk to them before you earn the 4th badge, they won't give you anything and disappear for 36 hours! If you want to do Pokestops and Dig Spots, I've designed a route that works for both things at the same time so you do not need to learn different routes. If you also want to take overworld items and hidden items into account, you'll have to do small detours at the beginning of Kanto, and at the end, there will be a bit of exploring Seafoam Islands. I will try to explain the combined route and add the hidden items you can find as extras. Remember I put the link with all the locations above, it's super detailed, check it out! We will start in Viridian City. Here, go to the bottom left part, cross the bridge and grab the pokeball to get a Rare Candy. It respawns every 7 days. Go in front of the gym and talk to the pokestop. Go north until you reach Viridian Forest, reach the Viridian Maze Tree, then grab the hidden rare candy on the left behind the tree (use the link above for hidden items). Talk to the pokestop on the right of that tree. Head to Pewter City and talk to the Pokestop on the top east corner of the city, east from the Museum. Head to route 3 and immediately go down. Check out all stones (there's a Stardust hidden in one of them), grab all dig spots, continue through route 3 and grab the next dig spots. Reach the Mt Moon pokecenter, talk to the pokestop and enter the Pokecenter to have a reset relog point. (This is just to come back after you grab all dig spots in Mt Moon). In Mt Moon, immediately go to the left and south to grab 4 dig spots next to the fat mountain guy. Go to the top right of the same floor and grab these 4 dig spots, go back to almost the entrance and go down the ladder. Grab the pokeballs along the way, since one of these has a Star Piece (the one when you just went down the ladder). Go deep in that ladder path and you'll find a few dig spots. Leave the ladder, go to the top right as you did before to grab those 4 dig spots, but now go to the left, go down that ladder, grab the next dig spots and relog in any wild fight. Afterwards, use the dig shortcut to skip Mt Moon, then head to Cerulean Cave entrance, surf and talk to the Pokestop after having crossed Route 4 (if you do not have surf yet and are doing this at 4 badges, ignore this one, go to Cerulean and continue). Go up to route 24, head to route 25 and talk to the next Pokestop there. Go south to Cerulean, then south to route 5 and talk to the next pokestop. Go to the right of Cerulean and get to Route 9. Reach Route 10, enter the pokecenter, talk to the pokestop, then go north to route 9, surf to the Power Plant, talk to the pokestop and enter a wild battle and relog to teleport to the pokecenter. Enter Rock Tunnel, grab the 6 dig spots, leave in the same exit you entered, use the dig hole skip to reach Lavender's side, enter Rock Tunnel again, head to the left ladder and grab the dig spots by going down and up the multiple stairs (spoilers: there's a lot) Now leave south for Lavender and enter the pokecenter, leave it and head south to route 12. Go south and grab the Rare Candy mentioned in the guide above, then head south nonstop until you reach routes 13 and 14. In route 14, grab the dig spots in the southeastern corner, head west to grab the dig spots in route 15. Now you can choose to take a detour: If you have surf, go to Fuchsia, head south to route 19, then go to the west and enter Seafoam Islands. Use the guide above to get around 20k in value in worth of items, then enter a wild battle, and relog. If you do not have it, relog after grabbing route 15's dig spots. Go to Vermillion, grab the Pokestop in the Harbor, enter Diglett Cave to grab the last missing Kanto pokestop and go through it to grab the remaining 8 dig spots. Congratulations, you just earned an absurd amount of money! If you have surf, beat Kanto e4 and have a membership active: grab the dig spots in Tanoby Ruins and Water Path (Sevii Islands, deep into the quest, it's pretty fast and they're worth it!. The route 27 rare candy, the love island one (if you have access to it, you need 120 Kanto native pokes caught data in dex and 38 evolved. Talk to Oak in Pallet Town to know how much progress you've made!) There's a LOT of hidden items worth a lot in the Sevii Islands. Visit them! Remember: You can do Pokestops every 36 hours, Dig Spots every 72 hours and Items every 2 weeks. Enjoy the money! I hope this helps newbies a lot Johto Here we have the second region of the game which encompasses the second generation, the Johto Region! Similar to Kanto, it has a lot of resources to search from! Pokestops Following Kanto's same procedure, there are nine Pokestops spread across Johto's map. They give the same approximate rewards and they're still profitable too as you can get PP UP or Rare Candies with some luck. However, there's a catch. You can only access Pokestops after you obtain the 8th badge! Thus, I do not recommend you do any route for Johto until you reach the 8th badge (as you can't dig early in the game, either). The pokestops are in: Violet City Union Cave Slowpoke Well Ilex Forest National Park Burned Tower Olivine Lighthouse Lake of Rage Dark Cave (Blackthorn Side) Dig Spots As there were Dig Spots in Kanto, there are also Dig Spots in Johto! Sadly, there's only 3 different locations instead of the massive amounts of locations where dig spots would be located in Kanto. However, there's a LOT of Dig Spots in all Johto locations, specially in Slowpoke Well, where RNG Gods normally bless you with absurd amounts of good monetary items. As mentioned before with the info in the Kanto Dig Spots, you can find them in Dark Cave starting from Violet's side, with some help using Surf and Rock Smash (and Flash, since I am incredibly blind, I cannot get through caves without it), Slowpoke Well (where there are dig spots literally EVERYWHERE, in both the entrance floor and the one below using surf) and Mt Mortar, in which depths resides the Item Recycler, which we might use later. The ones in Mt Mortar are in the 3 entrances available from the route east from Ecruteak. Thus, just go inside one room in all of them, dig the 4 spots in each room, leave and enter from the next entrance (one at the west, one at the east and one at the center while surfing). Hidden and Overworld Items As present in Kanto too, there are some Overworld and Hidden items really useful and thankfully, these are pretty easy to obtain! (Unlike Hoenn, which will be an incredible pain lol.) There's not many obtainable items in Johto, but there's a lot of Nuggets and they are all easy to obtain. Aside from that, only two require some extra stuff (such as the Forest Pit one), unlike Kanto's, a lot of these before required to have beaten Kanto's E4 or have done sidequests or fulfilled a lot of requirements. We will be picking up some nice juicy Rare Candies too while on the way to our routing! Bug Catching Contest The Bug Catching Contest is... unreliable at its best. However, it's still a somewhat good way to make money. I'll go straight to the point: If you get first place, you gain a lot of money. However, that's not even 2 nuggets worth of prizes and it's only every 24 hours. We are not focusing on the Contest itself for that. (Check out more info:) https://prowiki.info/index.php?title=Bug_Catching_Area What we are focusing on is the incredibly rare wild pokemon that exclusively appear here. You have 20 minutes to hunt very rare pokémon and try to sell them later once the contest is done. There's a long list of sellable pokemon here. I don't recommend doing any of this, to be fair, as selling will be complicated unless you get a really good pokemon (Larvesta, for example). Nonetheless, I'll leave you all of this info linked, so that you can give it a try! Services and Trading After having reached Johto, a lot of possibilities open up! You gain access to the Macho Brace in Goldenrod, thus allowing you to give EV Services. You also unlock Dragon's Den and, with a lot of hard work, you can unlock Cerulean Cave. You also gain access to Mt Silver after the E4, and thus, you can start giving EXP and EV Services. You also now are able to trade more stuff from the two regions that you find around and you can try your luck in the Bug Catching Contest and capture really rare pokemon and sell them. Johto Spawns also give you the chance to find a lot more rare pokemon and if you're lucky, sell them for some nice money! You can also sell Synchs you find in Ruins of Alph and Route 28! Get them, they're easy money! Bosses In Johto, you can't really do many bosses as you've just gotten into the second region and you might not yet have a boss team. However, you can actually build one easily: get a macho brace in goldenrod, a smoke ball from wild koffings and weezings, natu synchs from ruins of alph (or route 28) and get a few boss pokemon! To give you an example, you can get two Memento Weezings, a Sturdy Hazard Forretress, a Screen setter Bronzong, a Paralyser Chansey and a sweeper Volcarona. They're all perfectly obtainable in the first two regions and are a near perfect team to fight all bosses in PRO. Good luck! Trainer and Wild Battles So we have some good news here: You can now farm money while fighting pokemon in Dragon's Den! You can get up to 550 pokedollars per fight with ms active, which is quite a lot (20 pokemon = 10k! That's not bad!) and if you unlock Cerulean Cave, the number goes up to 620! Aside from this, you can also do the same process as you did after Kanto: just defeat all trainers after the 4th badge. I heavily suggest grinding in Dragon's Den while surfing to get some easy money. Route to Farming We'll do the same as we did in Kanto: We first need to explain that to obtain the Pokestop prizes from them, you actually need the 8th badge in Johto, in contrast with the 4th badge of Kanto (I have no idea why). Thus, it is more recommendable that you simply skip dig spots until you've beaten 8th badge so you can farm dig spots, pokestops, hidden items, trainers and dragon's den in that order. I will also design a route that takes pokestops and dig spots into account while grabbing hidden items. I will also add the optional hidden ones you can grab or the ones that are harder to obtain but might be worth it (the deep sea tooth one for example). I suggest you bring a lot of hm slaves because you'll really need them. We will begin in Violet City, by grabbing the hidden rare candy behind the gym sign, and talking to the pokestop next to Bellsprout Tower. Afterwards, we will head east to Route 31, dig to the other side and talk to the pokestop. Dig to route 31 again and enter the cave, go into its depths using rock smash and dig the 5 spots inside. Relog in a battle to appear in Violet. We will head south until we reach the Union Cave, talk to the Pokestop and use the dig shortcut. We will talk to the Pokestop in Slowpoke Well and instead of heading inside, we will go to Ilex Forest and talk to the next pokestop. Now go inside of Slowpoke Well and pray to the RNG Gods while you dig all of the first floor and second floor, which will (if you have a bit of luck) make you rich like Jeff Bezos. Relog in a wild battle after you've dug up everything. We will now head west from Violet to the National Park, grab the pokestop there and go south to route 35. Surf and grab the hidden Nugget under the Berry Tree and relog in a wild battle. Head to Ecruteak and enter the Pokecenter, we will use it to teleport two or three times. Talk to the Pokestop in the Burned Tower and grab the Nugget in the second floor inside, relog in a wild battle. We will ignore the Bell Tower Rare Candy since it's a bit hard to obtain. Take it if you want, but it takes ages to grab it. Now, we will assume you have not reached Hoenn yet, and thus, we will not take the route to Olivine yet. We will now go to the east route from Ecruteak, enter Mt Mortar from the left entrance, grab the dig spots, use the dig shortcut outside, enter from there and grab the dig spots, leave, surf to the left and enter Mt Mortar again. dig the spots, go down the ladder and grab the Rare Candy in the north. If you've beaten Johto E4, go deep into Mt Mortar and grab the other hidden item in Forest Pit (check the guide I linked before). Relog in a wild battle, and if you're willing to, travel to Lake of Fury, grab the pokestop there and relog. It's positioned in a really awkward place to reach, so there's basically no other choice than just going there and relogging in a fight. We will then go to Olivine City, but before reaching it, grab the Nugget in the Lampost in the northern exit (check the guide), grab the Pearl in Olivine City near the gym in the small fence, grab the Rare Candy in front of the Lighthouse and talk to the Pokestop. Everything in Johto is done now, but if you want an extra: Surf south from Route 41, grab the hidden items along the way, Pearls and Deep Sea items, and reach Hoenn (if you completed the requirements!) Hoenn Here we access PRO's third region, based on the third generation (wow, who wondered). Spoiler alert: Hoenn SUCKS at making money. The main issue with the region is the absence of dig spots, pokestops and other resources we had in previous regions. Furthermore, the distance between hidden items is absurd, to absurd extents. Yea, it sucks. Hidden and Overworld Money Items We'll start with a few good news: Hoenn is FILLED WITH AN ABSURD AMOUNT OF VALUABLES. By absurd, and by writing it in caps, I mean there's a LOT of GOOD money to gain in Hoenn. There's items practically everywhere in the map. You'll become a multimillonaire quicker than I can pronounce potato. See? You already own a company. You're rich! They're mainly placed in water zones so you'll need surf, and you'll also be able to obtain the Deep Sea items after the Hoenn E4 to get to Sinnoh. Services and Trading In Hoenn, you'll be able to find highly valuable pokemon such as Timburr, Ferroseed, and other really, REALLY good PVP/Bossable pokemon that can easily be sold for absurdly high amounts of money (also one of my favs like Deino). I really recommend you take the time and visit Valley of Steel, a zone where you can catch really rare stuff, and that you travel around Hoenn and find incredibly rare pokemon. Do it, boy, DO IT! You also gain access to Hoenn pokemon, so I guess that's good lol. You'll be able to sell and buy more stuff. Also, hunt Gibles on the Moon! Excavations While I do not generally recommend excavations to make money, it's still worth it in the VERY long run, or in the very lategame of PRO. You need 100k pokedollars to unlock them. You also need to pay 2.5k pokedollars to enter an excavation (guess why I didn't recommend them to make money in the first place lol). You can farm certain rare pokemons there by bringing your sync pokemon with you and capturing rare pokemon with correct natures to resell them. You can also farm artifact pieces to purchase rare items and fossils to resell whatever stuff you obtain. If you also happen to find rare bones, you'll be able to sell them to an item maniac. I don't recommend it, but well, it's really fun to try it daily. Mushrooms If you go to Petalburg Forest, you'll find a lot of shrooms there. If you talk to them, you can harvest shrooms to later sell them in the pokemon maniac. If you bring a Paras/Parasect with you, the next time you gather the shrooms, they'll have multiplied. I really recommend doing this since it grants a lot of extra money. Do this every 2 weeks, with Paras and Parasect in your team. It's free real shrooms! Bosses Hoenn has a nice amount of extra bosses to fight against, and I recommend doing the optional fights vs the overworld pokemon minibosses too. Farm them every 2 weeks fo some nice money, if you get lucky, you might get PVP items to resell! Trainer and Wild Battles My suggestion here is to fight EVERY TRAINER that is placed after the 5th badge in Petalburg. Thus, after surfing from Mauville (or surfing southwest from Petalburg or south from Slateport), fight ALL THE TRAINERS YOU FIND. They give a decent amount and there's a massive amount of trainers in Hoenn. (That's why it's really painful, mainly). Also, be aware that almost all of them will be swimmers, so bring a surfer with you. Route to Farming The route in Hoenn is easier to follow than before. if you start in Lilycove, we'll start a clockwise route by defeating everything in our way, picking up hidden items and reaching Slateport. From there, we'll go south until we get to Dewford, destroying everything and picking up hidden items, We'll go north to Rustboro, grab the pokecenter there, grab everything in Oldale and Route 103 and Route 110 and teleport back. We'll go north to Meteor Falls to pick some hidden stuff (Stardust) and we'll go south afterwards and reach Mauville, from there, it's just going back to Lilycove. I suggest starting in Lilycove. We'll go east to route 124, beat everything and pick whatever items we find. Reach Mossdeep, go to the north and defeat everything, enter route 135 if you have beaten the E4 and pick the Deep Sea Items. Go south again, and from Mossdeep head south. Continue picking up items as you visit all water routes and keep defeating everything for money. Continue south and then reach the water town to the west. Continue your journey until Slateport and grab the pokecenter there. Go north to route 110, pick up the stuff there (including New Mauville), pick up the stuff in route 103 too and the Rare Candy in the town, get an encounter and log out to teleport back. We'll now go South from Slateport, go through the water routes fighting everything and grabbing multiple items until we reach Dewford. Repeat the same process north and reach Rustboro. Grab the pokecenter here because we'll visit Meteor Falls just to grab the stardust and teleport back. Grab the shrooms in the forest and then we'll proceed to go to Mauville through the route 116 tunnel, and then go east. We'll go north until we reach Fortree while fighting everything and then go down fighting all trainers until we reach Lilycove. Sinnoh We will now dwelve into PRO's fourth and (currently) final region. Sinnoh has (Thankfully) some stuff to do and grind, such as Dig Spots, the Battle Tower (although I won't cover it here because it doesn't grant you an important gain), and the aforementioned activities you can do. However, the issue with Sinnoh is its weird structure, as trying to grind trainers who are spread out throughout the region is way harder than in previous regions. In Kanto, you could do them in a circle, same as in Johto. In hoenn, you had to take two routes to defeat them. Here it's just a spread fest of trainers, but we'll eventually get there. There are no pokestops here, sadly. Dig spots Sinnoh brings back the Dig Spots mechanic for good: there are spread dig spots throughout the region and there are a lot of them. The best thing is that they usually carry some good monetary items you'll be able to sell and, if you get lucky, you'll dig up some rare pokemon that are otherwise extremely hard to find (yey). There are Dig Spots spread around: The first ones are in the cave above Jubilife city, then to the east of Eterna City, before and after the dig spot shortcut, and if we head east from Celestic Town, we'll find more. We'll then go to the Southeast to Veilstone and head southwest through the tunnel to find more dig spots and end up in Solaceon. We'll finally head south to Hearthorne while grabbing the dig spots on the way and climb Mt Coronet to find a few dig spots on the summit (Although I don't really recommend grabbing these, they barely ever grant anything useful and they're just hard to find and get to). We'll return to Jubilife and make a small trip to the east, enter Oreburgh Gate and surf in the floor below to grab the last dig spots. Hidden and Overworld Items The Hidden and Overworld items in Sinnoh suffer from the exact same problem as Hoenn did: While there's a lot of interesting and good hidden items we can sell, they're really spread out. Some are super far away (one is near Snowpoint, the Ice Stone to evolve Alolan Vulpix), and some are near other hidden items, in good grinding areas versus high level trainers (Victory Road), but still far from other places. However, I highly suggest grabbing them all, even though they're all spread in weird places (such as the south of Sandgem Town). Services and Trading Fun and weird fact: Sinnoh actually doesn't have all that many interesting pokemon to hunt that are not found in other regions. It mainly has some niche stuff that you can use in PVP and hunt down, but not that much. However, what we can make use of it is the fact that we'll now have unlocked ALL region accessible pokemon in the world and thus, we'll be able to trade anything in the game we're interested in and we'll resell it. Heliolisk is a nice pokemon to hunt, such as Metang! Bosses Such as with previous regions, Sinnoh has MANY really difficult bosses (it's normal, considering by this point in the game you should've become an advanced player and close to an expert in PRO), as you have progressed into the game. It has really high rewards for each of them and I highly suggest you fight them all. You can gain really interesting items and a LOT of money if you get lucky enough. Trainer and Wild Battles Fighting trainers in Sinnoh is... weird. You should fight all trainers after the 4th gym, but they're all over the place. You would have to fight these around Canalave, Pastoria, the route to Snowpoint and the mountain and the ending part of Sinnoh in the southeast of the world, and the Victory Road trainers. It's a bit complicated to get to all zones, and to also fight the trainers in MT Coronet. The route is just uncomfortable because it demands that you go to all places in Sinnoh, practically, instead of just being able to cross certain routes. If you're still in, however, get ready to travel and fight A LOT. Solaceon Daily Quest In Solaceon, you can find the News Reporter Building. There, you can show them the pokemon they will ask you every day. If you do this seven consecutive days, the last day reward can be a Reroll Ticket or other super big prizes. You will also obtain Master Balls and other extremely useful stuff for players that can be traded and sold in Trade Chat. These pokemons will range from the Starters in Sinnoh to the last Sinnoh Pokemon. The list is entirely comprised of SINNOH DEX POKEMON. The other requirement is that YOU MUST CATCH THESE POKEMONS YOURSELF. THEY CANNOT BE FROM ANOTHER PLAYER. Route to Farming The route in Sinnoh can be a bit weird, considering it's mainly a square we can more or less navigate through, but it has weird extensions (Canalave, Snowpoint, the eastern part) where you will basically get a bit lost to be able to farm money if you want to obtain extra stuff. If you're not into losing too much time to gather money, just do Dig Spots and Bosses in Sinnoh. It's not a big deal, you can make up the small money you would earn from trainers via grinding pokemon instead. We will try to start in Canalave, taking the southern Big Pearl and moving east onto route 218, grabbing the Rare Candy. We will enter the pokecenter in Jubilife, travel to the starting town to get the rare candy, then going to Sandgem Town (as we crossed earlier) and going down to the water routes, fighting everything in our way and picking up the hidden items. Relog while in battle and we'll head north from Jubilife, do the Dig Spots in the cave and continue and exit to the north to the next town. We'll continue north to Eterna to enter the pokecenter, go south to the route under the bike lane to pick up another item, relog in a fight and head east from Eterna. We'll pick up the dig spots in both sides of the mountain, enter the pokecenter in Celestic, and optionally, we will take the time to enter Mt Coronet, fight all galaxy members, then pick up the Mt Coronet dig spots, relog in a fight, travel through Mt Coronet and leave through the northern exit. We will fight all trainers in the snowy route until Snowpoint and pick up the Ice Stone in route 217. This part is optional, but really worth it! After this, we'll head east from Celestic, pick up the Nugget, dig spots and then head southeast until we reach Veilstone. If you want, enter the pokecenter here, then head south and decide: If you want to do the optional route, fight all trainers going south, then going east to the last gym badge city while picking up the hidden items on the route. You can also try and go to Pastoria and find the hidden items around the city, but this is pretty time consuming. Once you reach the last gym badge city, go north, fight everything, grab all hidden items in Victory Road and fight the trainers there. Find a wild encounter and teleport back. Now you can continue the normal route, do the dig spots in the tunnel and reach Solaceon, go south and dig the other last dig spots. Reach Hearthorne, enter the pokecenter and optionally, pick up the Mt Coronet dig spots if you didn't pick them up before. Go through the mountain to reach Oreburgh, to enter Oreburgh Gate and pick up the last dig spots in the region and thus, congratulations! You've done everything in this guide Enjoy your money now!
  10. This is one of the ways to defeat lance. My method only needs two [Level.100] Pokemon: Gengar、Gyarados Gyarados Set: Move: Dragon Dance、Ice Fang、Surf Equipment: Never-Melt Ice //just make sure one shot, It will be need more [Dragon Dance] if you don't have Team Leader is Gengar and also a pioneer of death. Script: 1. Face to Dragonite, let Gengar trigger the Cursed Body. //It have 30% Chance. If not triggered, log out and again 2. Switch to Gyarados and use [Dragon Dance] 2-3 times If triggered. 3.Use [ice Fang] until battle end. //You can use [Dragon Dance] once if the opposite side gets Frozen
  11. Hello everyone! After search a bit about all bosses, compare their teams, trying to find counters etc.. i ended up making this team that can defeat any boss in the game. Might take a bit getting all this pokes but 100% worth to do it. HOW TO USE IT If the first pokemon used by the boss is a physical attacker you should put Gyarados, Intimidate will cute his attack, now you keep switching between Slowbro and Gyarados until you cut all enemy pokemon attack. After that you are going to put Umbreon and spam Flash. Now you can use Snorlax and stack amnesia and curse, if snorlax dies you repeat the process and stack clefable or Slowbro depending on the boss team. If the first pokemon is a Special Attacker use Umbreon and spam Flash, then use Snorlax/Clefable/Slowbro to stack! Chansey will be your cover when needed. Click here -> https://pokepast.es/0f667c474a81e8ef Enjoy and if possible Like/Bump the post!
  12. [spoiler=Halloween Candies Locations In Murky Town] Sandy [House 1]- 1x Halloween Candy [Free] Uno [House 1]-1x Halloween Candy, 1x Red Halloween Candy [Have to battle] Baswedan [House 2]- 1x Halloween Candy [Free] Annies [House 2]- 1x Halloween Candy, 1x Orange Halloween Candy [Have to battle] Officer Agus [Outside PC]- 1x Orange Halloween Candy, 1x Halloween Candy [Have to battle] Witch Neroli [PokeCenter]- 1x Halloween Candy [Free] Plumber Carl [PokeCenter] - 1x Halloween Candy, 1x Red Halloween Candy [Have to battle] Mummy Setnov [PokeCenter]- 1x Orange Halloween Candy, 1x Halloween Candy [Have to battle] Ghost Rafael [PokeCenter]- 1x Red Halloween Candy, 1x Halloween Candy [Have to battle] Ghost Ronnie- 1x Halloween Candy [Free] Now since we have collected these sweet candies, let's start the quest. To do so, we'll have to talk to Vice Mayor Butch. He'll tell us that recently, an explorer had discovered that many gems and minerals could be found on the Unison Mountain. As a result, the Mayors of two other towns (Mayor Vlad of Dreadtown and mayor Camelia of Serenia Village) of the Phantasm Land started fighting for that mountain which caused destruction everywhere. The only one who could stop them, Mayor Gorge of Murky Town had also disappeared. So he sees us as a trainer with great potential. Thus, we have to save Phantasm Land! He'll ask us to either stop the mayor of Dreadtown or Serenia Village. You can choose either of them. (Although choosing Dreadtown will save you 5 Halloween Candies and some time too!) [/Quote] [Anchor=GS][/anchor][Anchor=GS] [/Anchor] [spoiler=Hilda's Team] Florges Delphox Sylveon Excadrill Clefable Aromatisse After you've defeated her, follow the ladders inside and get to Camelia's House 3F. Here, Camelia promises us that she'll stop fighting with Dreadtown if we defeat her. It is pretty easy to defeat her. [spoiler=Camelia's Team] [spoiler=Camilea's Team] Gardevoir Krookodile Gastrodon Chandelure Sylveon Altaria Since you chose Serenia Village, skip the next part and jump to Mayor Gorge. [/Quote] [Anchor=Mayor Gorge][/anchor][Anchor=Mayor Gorge] [/Anchor] Dark Valley is to the North of Necropolis. It has got two or three trainers. There are some nice spawns there as well! [spoiler=Credits] Allsmell Omgupta3 Two to three of my images got deleted due to some reason. So I needed some help with the images. Waleed1301 Belzebel The banner was made by Robo-Shark (Deviantart)
  13. Its the best im going to do. Let us begin the incomprehensible guide to the halloween event! Things you will need: Your standard boss killing team(aka level 100's) A pokemon with the foresight move and a pokemon with miracle eyes move(these will be important later on). Head to vermillion(or any port city with a ship to a different region) and then towards the gym, just south of the gym you will find a cosplayer wearing toilet paper, talk to him and head to murkytown. Once you are in murky town you want to talk to vice mayor butch and select dreadtown (you will need to go back there for dakrai later on so unlock it early) before leaving for dread town speak to all the npc's in murky and get yourself some candy. Once you have obtained said candy you are ready to move forward. Head north and talk to the spirits at the end of the path in the picture provided. You will then need to find all 3 spirits and the free honedge to progress to the next area. After you find all 3 + the free pokemon you are ready to talk to the spirits and move on, you need to head north until you see the pokecenter. Once you find the pokecenter head to down the path on the far right side and through unison cave. Continue heading east until you find the npc selling focus sashes, its a scam and gives you 5 expert belts. then you need to go towards the south east to talk to an npc who wants 5 candies to enter dreadtown. Once you go into dreadtown you will need to head north to mayor vlad, you will need to beat the mummy in front of the castle then you will need to beat mayor vlad. After you beat vlad you will notice a hole in the wall just right of him, this is for later, ignore it for now because its the entrance to necropolis. Go back to the pokecenter you were at before dreadtown, then head north and beat mayor gorge who has giratina. Once you beat him head on back to murky town to claim your reward of a houndoom mount or vamp clothing, both come with a pumpkin hat. Once done you are ready for darkrai! <<<<Darkrai Part>>>> The two pokemon with the moves listed at the start will now be needed. make your way back to mayor vlad in dreadtown, to the right you will see a statue with a hole behind it, squeeze on through and make your way to necropolis. We shall start the darkrai quest here. Heal your pokemon and grab your foresight pokemon. Go slightly north to alucard castle, talk to girl up the stairs on the left side. She wants you to hunt down 3 ghosts, search every god damn tile for those invisible pokes. Once you have beaten all 3 go up the stairs to the left, and search every tile as you go there are more hidden pokemon(i believe there are 4 for the left side) Once you talk to the old man at the end he will want you to help is brother on the right side(this side has 10) search every tile along the way again. Once you have unlocked both staircases, head back to the pokecenter and grab the miracle eyes pokemon. You will need to search for the hidden alucard(mine was on the left side) he will most likely be next to the visible alucard, so just search every tile again.(most likely right next to the visible boss) Once you lose to him and head on to the edge of darkness. If you don't die more than 5 times before beating nightingale, you will get a clone starter when you grab the starter. Dont worry if you die in here, just make sure you never wake up. This area is a one time only area. Here you will be tasked with beating the real alucard without your own team. search all the sparkly bits to go to the dark realm. Grab your munna at the start and then have fun looking around, find the growlithe on the left side of the map who is surrounded by gastly. Grab the repel located in a ball nearby and use it to only fight 2 level 20 gastly, Once done growlithe will join your team! He will be the main one you need to level. Head to the north and enter the castle.On the right side of the room you will see a door to walk through, search all the cans and find the rats to get alolan rattata. To unlock the first healing station, just talk to the pc to the right of the cell containing the audino. You will have to beat a pokemon that is rather easy with growlithe. Then head through the passage at the top right of the map, to grab the fire stone located behind the electric fence. To unlock the fence talk to both pylons to fight a rotom. Make sure you do NOT do the ritual to obtain a firestone. In the cave where cubone is find the mudkip/talk to the lamps/talk to the murkrow for cubones bone to get cubone. Once you have the fire stone, level up your growlithe to my suggested level of 45 and evolve him. Once he is level 45 and evolved head on up to nightingale located up the stairs of the main room just before the first healing station. After you beat her, grab all 3 of the balls in the room. You WILL need the moon stone for later! Head back into the cave, and the doorway located in the southwest you will have to fight a battle against all 3 kanto starters and their evolution's at level 25. If you had less than 5 times you will obtain a clone starter of your choice. If you died more than 5 times or selected your starter before fighting nightingale they will just be a normal kanto starter. After this fight the amount of deaths does not matter so go wild. There are many pokemon around who will drop valuable items such as carbos, rare candy and other healing items. Once completed head on back to the first room of that building and talk to the clefairy, then talk to the bookshelfs to get a clue on the statues. Talk to the entei statue first, select volcanic eruptions. talk to the dragonite statue and select jealousy then dodge left. Talk to ho-oh to get the final clue, then talk to the cases with flowers to fight roselia to get clefairy(level this up and evolve it with the moon stone from nightingale to fight umbra as it can NOT be switched out). Level the clefairy to 35, evolve it and teach it soft boiled. After the clefable is leveled, you can go fight umbra which is located to the north in the cave for cubone. You will need clefable in the first slot and it can not be switched out. Now you are ready to head to the south of the main starting area, where the final boss waits in the 3rd floor of the castle. You can keep fighting his guards for easier leveling up, just after you fight his spiritomb and shiny spiritomb go heal at the audino and then his guards will be reset. You can also go around the map and fight the solo pokes for rare candies, ev items and healing items/revives. Once you hit roughly 65 on arcanine just keep attempting the final boss fight until you have a favorable fight against torterra and lucario. Once you beat the darkrai you will be teleported back to the real world, go pick up your false swiper, your timid sync, and anything else you need to catch him. Once you are ready head on back to alucard castle and back to alucards room where darkrai waits at level 50. Good luck There is a free reroll outside Alucard castle, you only get to keep one stat. Final edit: Special thanks go to Lilythana, Papfuglen, and Xurion for being my test dummies to allow for me to be able to put together a somewhat useful guide.
  14. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HSin83eeab0 [spoiler=Read After Watching The Video!]So in the video shown above, I hope to convey to you all how broken disable is. Pokemon will continue to use the disabled move despite it being....well disabled. I understand that the rules specify that "6. Abusing glitches, and not reporting them as soon as possible, will result in sanctions. " but I would like to note that I could have easily beat that final gym anyway by using recover and calm mind. Additionally, it should be noted that Gengar's ability, Cursed Body, has a chance to inflict the "disabled" effect on the enemy pokemon. Keep this in mind if you plan to place restrictions on the use of disable. As far as I am aware, the glitch only works in PvE. I have not tested it in PvP but I assume it works as intended since my pokemon has experienced disable from opposing Gengar Sorry for the poor video quality. Anyway, that's all from me.
  15. If you do not have the Gracidea Flower and Micle Berry yet, please go to the following threads in order to obtain the prerequisite items: https://pokemonrevolution.net/forum/topic/125633-url https://pokemonrevolution.net/forum/topic/126044-url Once you have obtained these items, Talk to the NPC by the Micle Berry who will tell you the following Riddle: Grace and frustration, a legend denied; Rest without wings, o agile one; Full heal without effort, with well-honed defense: From light bring energy, and sap those you loathe. After speaking to him, head over to Sunyshore City in Sinnoh and head north to the Sinnoh Victory Road, don't forget a waterfall Pokemon! Outside of the Victory Road, there is a Pokemon Center, you can get the required Pokemon from there. You must have Pokemon with the following requirements: - Max Speed IVs - 252 Defence EVs - Natural Cure - Chlorophyll - Serene Grace - Leech Seed - Arcanine - Roost (Note: 2 or more conditions can be met by a single Pokemon, i.e. Serene Grace Chansey with 252 Def EVs or Chloro Cottonee with Leech Seed) After you have your team set up, head inside Victory Road. The following image shows you how to get to Route 224 which is where the Shaymin Shrine is located. After getting through Victory Road, you will find yourself on Route 224, head north and click on the shrine. If you have all of the requirements, then you will teleport to the Flower Paradise. Head north and you'll come across Shaymin! Shaymin Sky Form Head back to the shrine and interact with it and you will get the option to change Shaymin's Form
  16. Alright the newest part of the Shaymin quest has been released So I am going to show you pictures with the correct order of the sounds to show you were to go . Thanks Terraxyz for giving me the order!!!! This was essential to making this guide happen!!! Ok first off you need to have gotten the Gredecia flower in the first half of the quest! Then you need to interact with those cries Now to find them here are some helpful pictures For Cactnea it is north of the NPC Shelly!! THANKS ZOIS13 For showing me where it was!!! Interact with it for cry. Next for the seedot It is in the southwest corner of the map by Anna NPC!! C0libry thanks for your help as well!!! Talk to the seed for the cry. now the next one is Belossom That is on your way to the rock with red flowers near a stump. You stand on the flowers for the cry Next is paras this one you only have to step on to get your cry as well. You stand on the mushrooms! Last one you interact with is a lotad sound you step on a lily pad you have to surf under a bridge to get to it by a Hiker NPC on the west side of the map!!! THANK YOU BOOM For finding it!!!! Once you step on them in the correct order a message pops up!! Now go back to the rock you first interacted with for gradecia flower!!! it will be gone!!! =0 dun dun dun. In its place you will find A berry tree interact with it!!! This message pops up!!!! Congrats!!!!! You have your berry that you need for the Shaymin quest!!!! Thanks everyone in all chat who was helping us all out to find this!!!! Hopefully this helps everyone else wanting to do this part of the quest!!!
  17. how i can get uxie back after beat nikola ?
  18. **Don't forget to leave a like** Here is a guide to finds all 2019 Easter Eggs in Kanto. Bring 2 Escape Rope (or use Escape Trick) Need Flash, Cut, Surf (Dig would help you too) Talk to this guy to start the quest (in breezy town, house 2) : I place them to find them all in one easy travel from Vermillion [spoiler=Rewards] In the egg basket : 25 or 50 Easter Tokens per basket 1 Egg : 1 x PP UP 4 Eggs : 5 x great ball 7 Eggs : 5 x hyper potions 10 Eggs : 5 x Revive 14 Eggs : 10 x friend ball 17 Eggs : 10 x Focus Sash 20 Eggs : 5 x revival herb 24 Eggs : 3 x Big Mushroom 27 Eggs : 5 x rare candy 30 Eggs : 5 x PP max 34 Eggs : 10 x level ball 37 Eggs : 10 x fast ball 40 Eggs : 1 x Master ball [spoiler=Locations] [spoiler=Vermillion] [spoiler=Route 11] [spoiler=Route 12 (Raika Famous Hiding Spot)] [spoiler=Route 13] [spoiler=Route 14] [spoiler=Route 15] [spoiler=Fuschia] [spoiler=Route 19 (Arcanine Farm)] [spoiler=Seafoam Island B1F (Use Fuschia Entrance)] [spoiler=Route 20] [spoiler=Cinnabar] [spoiler=Route 21] [spoiler=Pallet Town] [spoiler=Route 1 (Behind Tree)] [spoiler=Viridian (Enter Poke Center)] [spoiler=Route 22] [spoiler=Indigo Plateau (Use Escape Rope After)] [spoiler=Route 2] [spoiler=Viridian Forest] [spoiler=Pewter] [spoiler=Route 3] [spoiler=Mt Moon B1F (First Ladder)] [spoiler=Route 4] [spoiler=Cerulean] [spoiler=Route 24] [spoiler=Route 25]Here you can see the fabulous Haneroze !!! [spoiler=Route 5] [spoiler=Route 9] [spoiler=Route 10] [spoiler=Rock Tunnel (Use Lavender Entrance)] [spoiler=Lavender] [spoiler=Pokemon Tower B5] [spoiler=Route 8] [spoiler=Saffron (Enter Poke Center)] [spoiler=Route 7] [spoiler=Celadon] [spoiler=Route 16] [spoiler=Route 17] [spoiler=Route 18 (Use Escape Rope After)] [spoiler=Route 6 (Back to Vermi)] Special thanks to Blaze, Madtrainer, Norg83, CrosbieL for helping me to gather all the spots. This guide would not have been possible without them. Long life to Phoenix Guild (Silver Server)! Also thanks to waleed1301, I learned 8 pictures came from him! Sorbet #0883
  19. WELCOME TO MY GUIDE HOW TO WIN EASY SUPERBOSS IN DOCK ISLAND. FIRST OF ALL YOU WILL NEED ONLY 4 POKES FOR THIS STRATEGY. POKES IS: FROM THIS POKES YOU ONLY NEED A GOOD DUSCLOPS AND A JOLLY GYARADOS DONT NEED TO BE MOXIE ALSO FOR WOBBUFFET AND KLEFKI YOU CAN USE TRASH ONES BUT WOBBUFFET NEED TO BE DEF AND HP EVS TRAINED AND KLEFKI HAVE HP EV TRAINED AND ABILITY PRANKSTER. STRATEGY IS SIMPLE 1) lead with klefki use REFLECT if you dont die 1 hit use SPIKES 2)Afrer klefki dies go with dusclops and do as many FLASH as you can. 3)After that go with wobbuffet and do x3 CHARM. 4)Now is safe to switch in gyarados with Gyarados do x6 DRAGON DANCE 5)Swipe with gyarados -)CRUNCH MEWTO X -)WATERFALL GROUDON -)ICE FANG XD001 -)CRUNCH LATIOS -)CRUNCH KYOGRE -)ICE FANG RAYQUAZA IF ALL HAVE GO WELL YOU MUST HAVE THIS RESULT. HERE I WAS TESTING IT THATS WHY I HAVE LOST TWO POKES NORMALY THE ONLY POKE DIES IS KLEFKI. I HAVE TEST THIS IN MORE THAN 4 ACC SO I CAN TELL YOU THIS STRATEGY WORKS PERFECT AND ITS PRETY EASY. HERE SOME INFO FOR THE BOSS. Boss Location: CURRENTLY LOCATED IN DOCK ISLAND LEFT HOUSE Cooldown: 15 days Requirement/s: 6 level 100 pokemon, 200 hours playtime, active membership. Team: Mega Mewtwo X (Psycho Cut, Close Combat, Recover, Psych Up) Primal Groundon (Earthquake, Flamethrower, Swords Dance, Thunder Punch) XD001 (Cosmic Power, Aeroblast, Psyshock, Roar) Primal Kyogre (Surf, Thunder, Ice Beam, Calm Mind) Mega Latios (Calm Mind, Stored Power, Recover, Dragon Pulse) Mega Rayquaza (Dragon Dance, Outrage, Roost, Extreme Speed) Possible reward/s: $60000-125000, 10x Rare Candy, 10x PP Up, 10x Focus Sash, 50x Ultra Ball, Assault Vest, 1x Weakness Policy, Eviolite, Master Ball, Dratini, Larvitar, Bagon, Beldum, Goomy, Gible, 25 % chance for Phione Third time reward? Yes ✭✭✭ Dratini, Larvitar, Bagon, Beldum, Goomy, Gible, Small MS Medalion(15days) Good Luck! :D
  20. Hi little boys! Today I give you the second full season of the Johto Region, I hope it helps new people, and without further ado I send you the links of the Video Walktrough: ¡Hola muchachitos! Hoy les entrego la segunda temporada completa de la Región de Johto, espero que ayude a las personas nuevas, y sin más rodeos les envío los enlaces de los vídeo tutoriales: Part 1: Part 2: Part 3: Part 4: Part 5: Part 6: Part 7: Part 8: Part 9: Part 10: See you in the third season the Region of Hoenn, goodbye~ Nos vemos en la tercera temporada, la Región de Hoenn, adiós~ Courtesy of Navochan17 Cortesía de Navochan17
  21. Hi there, this guide will talk a bit what is a World quest and what you can win with it, so let's start. Next quest will be: 0.5% chance hour Discord Announcements included Content: -What is a World quest? -What do you need to participate in a World quest? -How world quest works? -Delivery -Reward -Birth island -List(know pokémons/possibilities) -Credits What is a World quest? -World Quest or "WQ", is a Event that appear with a chance of 0.5% each hour and the main objective is to caught many pokémons as possible to fill, IV requirement 80000-120000 cult's request with a time limit of 1 day (24H). To check if a world quest is active, it will appear at the top, near your party, this icon: The pokémons asked in a World Quest, are normally encounter in wild, with a tier 7, 8 and 9 with a message in game chat of the required Pokémon. Once a Player just logon without the information needed of the Pokémon required to fulfill, the only way to know it is by talking the ,Mysterious Cultist . Also, is not possible to return no-Original Trainer Pokémons and Pokémons that a player already had before world quest begun. All NPC Related with World Quest have Purple name on it. By complete a WQ , the top Icon will Disappear. What do you need to participate in a World Quest? There is no requirements needed to participate a World Quest, but is recommended to: -Complete All Regions -Complete Side-Quests -Unlock Islands and Side-Areas -Unlock Pokecenter - Train/Teleport -Complete MS Areas A player that wants to complete the World Quest Task , don´t need to talk with any NPC to start it, only to complete by deliver the Pokémon required . How world quest works? World quest, have a time limit of 24 hours in real life, but that does´t mean is the real time limit! Time to complete a WQ is variant, it will depend on all players Luck, remember, is possible to complete a world event by complete the cults IV request (IV requirement 80000-120000 ). A great advice deliver every time you can, you are always against the time! Is possible to check out how much Ivs a player have and the IVS remain to deliver by talking with a Mysterious Cultist. Delivery To deliver a Pokémon, talk a mysterious cultist , normally at any Region dock. Those are: Vermilion-Kanto, Olivine-Johto, Lilycove-Hoen,Canalave-Sinnoh. Reward To receive a reward you need to fulfill the requirement by 0.3.7% of it (400 - 600ivs), is equivalent of 4-5 pokémons "Trash" or 3/4 decent, with a possibility to receive at 0.6% a double reward. (Pokémons given to a cultist will be forever removed at Players Account and is impossible to take them back). The reward is always a Mystery Ticket that can be exchanged at Vermilion dock, to go Birth Island . BIRTH ISLAND Birth island is a area only accessible by using the Mystery Ticket at Vermilion port by talking with Mysterious Captain. New players need to Complete Sinnoh Region to access it. Players that once use a ticket to enter at the island, can leave and enter Birth Island till caught the Pokemon. Once caught a pokémon and player left the island, a ticket is required once more. Birth island have a chance of 50% to appear a player not caught legendary Pokémon. Those are: Second and third members of legendary trios, Lake Guardians, as well as the other Lati twin. Spawn lvl 80. (Legendary only appear with the required quest done). [TABLE] [TR] [TD] Second Members of legendary trio: [/TD] [TD] [/TD] [TD] [/TD] [TD] [/TD] [/TR] [TR] [TD] Third Members of legendary trio: [/TD] [TD] [/TD] [TD] [/TD] [TD] [/TD] [/TR] [TR] [TD] Lake Guardians: [/TD] [TD] [/TD] [TD] [/TD] [TD] [/TD] [/TR] [TR] [TD] Lati Twins: [/TD] [TD] [/TD] [TD] [/TD] [TD] [/TD] [/TR] [/TABLE] The others 50% will appear Pseudo legendary or very rare pokémons but with addition that those will appear with the Hidden ability if they have one. 100% to appear Pseudo Legendary or Very rare pokémons, to a player that already have all legendary listed above or legendary Pokémon quests not done. [TABLE] [TR] [TH][/TH] [TH][/TH] [TH][/TH] [TH][/TH] [TH][/TH] [TH][/TH] [TH][/TH] [/TR] [TR] [TD] [/TD] [TD] [/TD] [TD] [/TD] [TD] [/TD] [TD] [/TD] [TD] [/TD] [TD] [/TD] [/TR] [TR] [TD] Hydreigon [/TD] [TD] Lucario [/TD] [TD] Zoruark [/TD] [TD] Godra [/TD] [TD] Tyranitar [/TD] [TD] Rotom [/TD] [TD] Volcarona [/TD] [/TR] [TR] [TD] Levitate [/TD] [TD] Justified [/TD] [TD] Illusion [/TD] [TD] Gooey [/TD] [TD] Unnerve [/TD] [TD] Levitate [/TD] [TD] Swarm [/TD] [/TR] [/TABLE] Hope this helps. List of know Pokémons that can be at the requests: [TABLE] [TR] [TD] Name [/TD] [TD] Time [/TD] [TD] Dificulty [/TD] [TD] Image Pokémon [/TD] [TD] Kanto? [/TD] [TD] Johto? [/TD] [TD] Hoen? [/TD] [TD] Sinnoh? [/TD] [/TR] [TR] [TD] Pichu (Discovered by Bug at silver server) [/TD] [TD] Normal/Long [/TD] [TD] Hard [/TD] [TD] [/TD] [TD] Yes [/TD] [TD] Yes [/TD] [TD] No [/TD] [TD] No [/TD] [/TR] [TR] [TD] Magby(Discovered by Bug at silver server) [/TD] [TD] Normal/Long [/TD] [TD] Medium/Hard [/TD] [TD] [/TD] [TD] Yes [/TD] [TD] No [/TD] [TD] Yes [/TD] [TD] Yes [/TD] [/TR] [TR] [TD] Croagunk (Pokémon sinnoh only) 1st Official Task at Silver Server. [/TD] [TD] Long [/TD] [TD] Hard [/TD] [TD] [/TD] [TD] No [/TD] [TD] No [/TD] [TD] No [/TD] [TD] Yes [/TD] [/TR] [TR] [TD] Mienfoo 1st Official Task at Gold Server. [/TD] [TD] Long [/TD] [TD] Hard [/TD] [TD] [/TD] [TD] Yes (Reward Only) [/TD] [TD] Yes [/TD] [TD] No [/TD] [TD] Yes [/TD] [/TR] [TR] [TD] Emolga (Discovered by a bug at gold server) [/TD] [TD] Long [/TD] [TD] Hard [/TD] [TD] [/TD] [TD] No [/TD] [TD] No [/TD] [TD] Yes [/TD] [TD] Yes(ms only) [/TD] [/TR] [TR] [TD] Chatot (Discovered by a bug at gold server) [/TD] [TD] Long [/TD] [TD] Hard [/TD] [TD] [/TD] [TD] Yes(Headbutt) [/TD] [TD] Yes [/TD] [TD] Yes [/TD] [TD] Yes [/TD] [/TR] [TR] [TD] Klink (Discovered by a bug at gold server) [/TD] [TD] Long [/TD] [TD] Hard [/TD] [TD] [/TD] [TD] No [/TD] [TD] No [/TD] [TD] Yes [/TD] [TD] Yes [/TD] [/TR] [TR] [TD] Bergmite(Discovered by a bug at gold server) [/TD] [TD] Long [/TD] [TD] Hard [/TD] [TD] [/TD] [TD] Yes(Reward) [/TD] [TD] No [/TD] [TD] Yes(Reward) [/TD] [TD] Yes [/TD] [/TR] [TR] [TD] Inkay [/TD] [TD] Medium/Long [/TD] [TD] Hard [/TD] [TD] [/TD] [TD] Yes(Reward) [/TD] [TD] No [/TD] [TD] Yes [/TD] [TD] Yes [/TD] [/TR] [TR] [TD] Fletchling [/TD] [TD] Medium [/TD] [TD] Medium/Hard [/TD] [TD] [/TD] [TD] Yes(Reward) [/TD] [TD] No [/TD] [TD] No [/TD] [TD] Yes [/TD] [/TR] [TR] [TD]Helioptile[/TD] [TD] Long [/TD] [TD] Hard [/TD] [TD][/TD] [TD][/TD] [TD][/TD] [TD][/TD] [TD][/TD] [/TR] [TR] [TD]Togepi[/TD] [TD] Medium [/TD] [TD] Medium [/TD] [TD][/TD] [TD][/TD] [TD][/TD] [TD][/TD] [TD][/TD] [/TR] [TR] [TD]Gollet[/TD] [TD] Very Long [/TD] [TD] Very Hard [/TD] [TD][/TD] [TD][/TD] [TD][/TD] [TD][/TD] [TD][/TD] [/TR] [TR] [TD]Kangaskhan[/TD] [TD] Long [/TD] [TD] Hard [/TD] [TD][/TD] [TD][/TD] [TD][/TD] [TD][/TD] [TD][/TD] [/TR] [TR] [TD][/TD] [TD][/TD] [TD][/TD] [TD][/TD] [TD][/TD] [TD][/TD] [TD][/TD] [TD][/TD] [/TR] [/TABLE] -Credits: @Kaminokage - Confirmation of Lake Guardians spawn at Birth Island. Thank you! @PreHax - Confirmation of : Dwebble , Politoed, Durant - Removed. Thank you! Trivia: -The First and the Second World quest was been "Forced" to appear. -At the first world event at Silver server , show a long list and canceled the task "dweble" by a message at all silver server saying:"that's is a ms only Pokemon" and was been canceled, right away a new task appeared,Croagunk task. -Some false alarm appeared on Chat, same happen to Gold server at the first task by showing long list of false alarms. -Birth island at Pokémon Revolution , is inspired at Gen 3 Birth Island Mystery egg that appears Deoxys to caught at normal games. -It removed the Cultist that checks IVS percentage and made in one only. -All WQ Npcs changed to purple Text.
  22. Since the most recent change just a few days ago (hours, even), the quest to access Sinnoh has been completely replaced. If you were in the middle of the quest, about to start it or had beaten Hannah but not talked to her and teleported to Sinnoh, you'll have to start the new one from scratch. Good luck, trainer! VERY BIG WARNING: ONCE YOU ENTER ROUTE 101 TO FIGHT THE GRUNTS, DO NOT, I REPEAT, DO NOT GO BACK TO LITTLEROOT TOWN. IF THE NPCS DISAPPEAR AND YOU CANNOT PROGRESS, POST HERE: https://pokemonrevolution.net/forum/topic/871-url . THERE SEEMS TO BE A BUG WHERE, IF YOU GO BACK TO THE TOWN AND THEN REENTER ROUTE 101, THE GRUNTS COMPLETELY DISAPPEAR AND YOU CANNOT CONTINUE THE QUEST UNTIL YOU ARE HELPED BY PRO STAFF. WELCOME TO THE SINNOH ACCESS QUEST GUIDE! The quest will start once you speak to the NPC Paul in Lilycove City (Hoenn). You need to have 6 pokemon in your team that are at the very least level 80 or above. This can be acheived by training them in Mount Silver or in Cerulean Cave as the NPC says. However, getting access to Cerulean Cave is painful, so we can also borrow a friend's team. The pokemon do not have to be ours to be valid for the quest, so we can borrow 6 pokemon at level 80 from a friend or train them ourselves. He will then teleport us back to Littleroot Town. Once you exit your house, you'll find unwanted visitors: Team Galaxy Grunts! The villagers need help! You will then approach Stan, who stares at you, menacingly (yes, this is a Jojo's reference). He will fight you with strong pokemon. He has a level 70 Exploud, Hariyama, Crobat and Purugly. They will then Teleport and escape. Go north to route 101. More grunts will appear. The next one has a level 70 Mightyena, Dustox, Masquerain and Luxray. Grunt Bernie is next. He has a level 70 Mawile, Aggron, Electrode and Skuntank. Grunt Jack comes afterwards. this will take long... He has a level 70 Cacturne, Altaria, Whiscash and Bronzong. Grunt Mario has a level 70 Whiscash, Claydol, Banette, and Drapion. There's still more! Grunt Karina has a level 70 Medicham, Dusclops, Glalie and Toxicroak. The last Grunt, Vincent, has a level 70 Absol, Tropius, Flygon and Weavile. You will then reach Oldale Town. Heal up and try to go to Route 102. Stan will block the way and fight you with his level 100 Alakazam. When he's defeated, he will teleport you to Route 103. You'll see Mars, Saturn, Pluton and Birch. However, you'll hear a mysterious voice: Maxie and Archie will take care of two of them, while you'll fight Pluton. He is a tough one. Pluton has a level 100 Slowking who will spam Scald, a Rotom-Wash, a Porygon-Z, a Blaziken, a Sceptile and Swampert (the pokemon they forced to evolve, it seems). Since many people asked for help on this step, I will give you an example strategy of how you can beat this boss easily: 1.- Geodude with Sturdy + Stealth Rock (or any evolution, you can capture one in Mt Silver with the moveset ready as Graveler) 2.- Electrode with Eerie Impulse (you can get one at a high level already in Cerulean Cave) 3.- 1 Pokemon with a good setup move. Examples: Gyarados with Dragon Dance, Clefable with Cosmic Power, Slowbro with Calm Mind and Iron Defense, etc. For this boss, I recommend you either unlock the Mega Slowbro Stone or you use a Clefable, easy to farm and use. You begin by using Stealth Rock with Graveler and letting it faint. Then you Eerie Impulse multiple times against the Slowking and faint your Electrode. After this, switch in your pokemon with a setup move equipped with leftovers, set up until your stats are maxed and you will be able to sweep. Example: Clefable - Cosmic Power, Toxic, Softboiled, Moonblast Gyarados - Dragon Dance, Earthquake, Waterfall, Ice Fang Slowbro - Iron Defense, Calm Mind, Slack Off, Surf However, they will escape after you defeat him. You will talk to Birch and he'll actually tell you that the three Hoenn starters are lost in Route 101 and 102. Mudkip can be found just below Birch in the Route 103. You need Surf to pick him up here. Torchic will be hiding in the spot in front of me in Route 101. Interact with it to rescue the lost pokémon. Treecko will be hidden in front of me in this spot in Route 102. Interact with it as you did before. Once you have picked up the three Pokemon, talk with Birch. He will tell you to go and talk to Alakazam. He can be found in the Docks in Lilycove City (same place you can go and get the boat to go back to Vermillion and Olivine. Congratulations, you've now completed the new Sinnoh Quest! VERY BIG WARNING: ONCE YOU ENTER SINNOH, THERE IS NO GOING BACK. YOU MUST DEFEAT THE ELITE FOUR IF YOU WANT TO GO BACK TO THE PREVIOUS REGIONS. Special thanks to: @WhiteBaron (mr corsi handsome french boy) for helping me out and fixing the variables that bugged while I was doing the quest. @Donuts02 for lending me his level 100s so I could rush Hoenn to do a guide of the quest for forums. @jimmicha for rushing my account story in Silver so I could do more guides for forums.
  23. Boss Guide Main Strategy :- ⦁ Start With Klefki , Do Light Screen (for Spatkers) and Reflect (for Atkers) according to the opponent . Then Paralyze the Foe with Thunder Wave and after that set Spikes until Klefki dies or switch out if all spikes are set up and Klefki is still alive. ⦁ If attacker then after klefki go to Pidgeot , Lower its atk using Feather Dance thrice , then lower its accuracy by Sand Attack 6 times (Use Roost in Between if Pidgeot's life is half or lower) , then switch out . ⦁ If Special attacker then after klefki go to Electrode , Lower its Spatk using Eerie Impulse thrice , then lower its accuracy by Flash 6 times , then switch out . ⦁ After Pidgeot or Electrode , go to Furret and maximize its stats by using Coil (x6) , Agility (x3) and Amnesia (x3) , after that use Baton Pass and switch to Haxorus . ⦁ Now Sweep with Haxorus according to opponents type weaknesses , remember if all move are normal on a poke always use Dragon Claw because of its STAB , except on Steel and Fairy types. Here are Set Details of all 12 Pokemon :- [spoiler=MAIN BOSS TEAM] [spoiler=EXTRA POKEMON] Note - For Shedinja and Magcargo set details doesnt matter much , you can use any type of set just they should have the first 2 moves , other 2 moves also doent matter . For Breloom and Arbok set matters but moves doesnt , you only need Worry seed on Breloom and Glare , Haze on Arbok . Note - For Bosses Erika , George , Entei Guardian , Officer Jenny , Thor use Lum Berry on Garchomp Instead of Focus Sash . Exception Pokemons :- ⦁ Arbok - Bosses like Bruno , Raikou Guardian (See its Article to clear about Zekrom) , Shamac , Toothless , Link , Naruto Fanboy , Pofessor Rowan use Ground type pokemon as starters which cannot be Paralyzed by Thunder Wave . To Paralyze them you have to set up with Klefki first and then switch to Arbok and paralyze them using Glare and then go on to Pidgeot or Electrode . ⦁ Shedinja - Many bosses like Erika , Suicune Guardian , Lt. Surge , Professor Oak , Terminator , Urahara and Lorelei use pokemon as Starters which cannot do anything to Shedinja because of its ability Wonder Guard . So taking advantage of that just start with Shedinja and do Flash 6 times and then switch on to Klefki and follow the main steps . (Erika , Terminator , Lt. Surge and Urahara can also be defeated with Normal Strategy) ⦁ Breloom - Chuck - Machamp (No Guard) - Attack never misses Misty - Milotic (Competitive) - Spatk is raised if any stat is lowered The Pumpkin King - Bisharp (Defiant) - Atk is raised if stat is lowered James - Malamar (Contrary) - Every stat changes is reversed Steven - Metagross (Clear Body) - Stats cannot be lowered So for all the above bosses use Breloom having the move Worry Seed . Start with Breloom and just do Worry Seed and let him die , and then go on with the main strategy . (You can use any poke with Worry Seed but i prefer breloom because everyone use it as an false swiper ) ⦁ Pikachu - Lance (Dragons Shrine) , Pewdie , Koichi and Nikola bosses use their Starter with life orb which gets killed due to recoil before u can set up and Tigerous uses Salamence with Lum berry which could also be a problem . So start with Pikachu holding Choice Scarf and use Knock Off to remove their Life Orb (Use Nuzzle for Tigerous Boss) and then go on with the main straegy . Note - Pikachu needs at least 12 spd ivs to outspeed nikola's Mewtwo while holding choice scarf . Some Bosses Which Need Different Strategies :- ⦁ Bugsy - For Bugsy , Start With Impish Garchomp and set up Stealth Rock and then use Dragon Tail on Scyther because Scyther uses Brick Break which Breaks Reflect , that could be a problem for Pidgeot to lower its atk cause it also knows Swords Dance . ⦁ Shary and Shaui - This is One of the Hardest Boss in Game , so to defeat this you have to bring Shedinja , Garchomp , Electrode , Furret , Klefki and Haxorus (No PIdgeot) . For Shary , start with Garchomp and use Earthquake on Flareaon (Life Orb) and kill her . Now comes Mienshao , he will use High Jump Kick on Garchomp , switch to Shedinja and Mienshao will get hurt because of crash damage . Then he will use Stone Edge so switch to Garchomp again . Then repeat this process until Mienshao dies , then comes Meleotta . Let shedinja die and then go to klefki and follow the main strategy using electrode. For Shaui , Start With Klefki , set up light screen , paralyze Shaymin , then go to electrode and lower its Spatk and Accuracy and then switch to Garchomp and set Stealth Rock cause Azelf have Focus Sash and we have to break it . Then just setup with Furret and Baton Pass to Haxorus and sweep . Note - Shaui have 2 pokes with focus sash , Azelf and Alakazam , azelf's sash will get broken by stealth rock but alakazam's wont because of its ability Magic Guard. So Remember to put Focus Sash on Haxorus Before Battling Shaui , so that he can survive a critical hit from HP Ice . ⦁ Raikou Guardian - Start with Shedinja and Kill it's Zekrom (Life Orb) and then let Shedinja die , set up with Klefki and then switch out to Arbok because its second Pokemon is Excadrill (Ground Type) , paralyze him and then continue the main strategy using Pidgeot . Team :- Shedinja , Arbok , Klefki , Pidgeot , Furret , Haxorus (No ELectrode) . ⦁ Xylos - Xylos starts with Victini which OHKO's Klefki and Electrode and Pidgeot too , if reflect is not up . So , for that u have to start with Klefki , use Reflect and then go to Pidgeot and use Feather Dance and then Roost twice and then Feather Dance , use Roost time to time whenever pidgeot's life is half or less . After lowering its stats , switch to electrode paralyze her and then Set up with Furret . ⦁ Saphirr - Start with Magcargo and use Memento and then go to klefki use Light Screen and then Reflect and set up spikes if he still survives . Now just follow main strategy using Pidgeot . If you are using absiel rope then you can use Arbok in 6th slot to paralyze Groudon after klefki . Note - You need a Fire Type pokemon in team and a pokemon with Rock Climb or an Abseil Rope to reach Saphirr . So team will be Magcargo , Klefki , Pidgeot , Furret , Haxorus and Rock Climb Pokemon / Arbok (If using Abseil Rope). ⦁ Professor Birch - Birch uses Medicham which gets Killed From High Jump Kick's Crash Damage before Furret can set up and it knows Fire Punch too so we cant kill him using Shedinja . So use Pikachu holding Focus Sash this time . Start with Pikachu , use Protect he will use High Jump KIck and will get Damaged then Attack him using Quick Attack or Knock Off , Pikachu will survive bcoz of sash , now again use Protect and Medicham will die bcoz of Crash Damage . Now go to Klefki and Follow the main Strategy . Team :- Pikcahu (Focus Sash) , Klefki , Pidgeot , Electrode , Furret , Haxorus ⦁ Ash Westbrook - (There is a glitch with Ash Westbroook for now , Knock Off Doesnt Remove Arceus's Life Orb . Hope it gets fixed soon , for now there is a different strategy) Ash starts with Dialga which Knows Roar , and will eventually use it when u set up with furret , so use Chansey . Start with her and Kill Dialga with Seismic Toss and also set up Stealth Rock with Chansey , then comes Reshiram which has Life Orb and also Knows Roar . So Kill Reshiram Too Using Toxic and Seismic Toss . (Dont forget to do Softboiled to recover chansey's HP) . Then Comes Arceus , do the same with arceus too and if chansey dies just go Garchomp and Kill Arceus . Now , let Garchomp die in front of Infernape . Infernape knows Fire Blast and sometimes kills Klefki even if u set up Light screen , So U have to paralyze Infernape . Then go to Pidgeot and use Reflect first , now follow the main strategy . Team :- Garchomp , Chansey , Klefki , Pidgeot , Furret , Haxorus ⦁ Thor - For Thor , you just ave to put Garchomp in 6th Place because it's easy to set up and sweep with haxorus but his last pokemon is Lugia which could survive a Dragon Claw from Adamant Haxorus depending on your Atk IV's and lugia will survive a Jolly Haxorus's Dragon Claw Definitely and will kill Haxorus in a Critic from Aeroblast . So Before setting up with Furret you have to Set Stealth Rock using Garchomp . (Sometimes Klefki is not able to set Spikes becuase of which Mamoswine survives due to its focus sash and damages Haxorus and then lugia kills it in an aeroblast without a crit becuase u will take damage from Zapdos's Rocky Helmet too . So it is mandatory to set Rocks up and also Use Lum Berry on Haxorus instead of Focus Sash to cure the paralysis from Zapdos's Static Ability) After Limit is put on Bosses many people asked me to make a list of top 20 bosses to do . So i compared rewrads of every bosses and came up with this list . Hope U like it . :- [spoiler=TOP 20 BOSSES] The 20 Most Viable Bosses for Older and Newer Players :- 0. Battle Bot - If you have active membership (Not for newer players) (All Dual Bosses give higher money than single bosses) 1. Shary & Shaui - High Tier Pokemon Rewards (Need 120 Gen 1 caught dex and 38 evolved ex to access the area) 2. Medussa & Eldir - Alolan Grimer and Alolan Vulpix + Mini MS 3. Pewdie & Diepy - High Tier Pokemon 4. Thor - Tier 9 Pokemon 5. Tigerous - Gives Eumi Tokens which give good rewards 6. Urahara - Tier 9 Pokemon + PvP items 7. Brock - Fossil Pokemon + Nugget and Big Nugget 8. Morty - Gives Rotom (The best pokemon to sell) 9. Professor Oak - Gives Starters 10. Professor Elm - Gives Starters 11. Professor Birch - Gives Starters 12. Professor Rowan - Gives Starters 13. Spectify - Gives Nugget and Big Pearl + Good Pokemon 14. Lt. Surge - Gives Rotom 15. Terminator - Gives Rotom , Alolan Grimer + Good items 16. Entei Guardian - Chance to give Choice Band (Not for newer players) 17. Raikou Guardian - Chance to give Choice Scarf (Not for newer players) 18. Suicune Guardian - Chance to give Choice Specs (Not for newer players) 19. Erika - Gives Larvesta , Ferrothorn 20. Logan - Gives 2x Life Orb + Logan Mask + Good Pokemon Others 4 Bosses for Newer Players (If not able to fight Shary and Shaui) :- 21. Chuck - Gives Timburr , Mienfoo 22. Naruto Fanboy - Gives Big Pearl + Sash + Rare Candy 23. Link - Good Pokemon + Good Items 24. Misty - Pearl + Good Pokemon ⦁ Some Frequently Asked Questions :- Q. Can we use different pokemon instead of These who learns the same moves ? A. You can but i recommend to use these pokemon only . Why ? Because Firstly i used Pokemon Like Pidgeot , Electrode , Furret , Pikachu and Arbok which are easier to find for New Players . Secondly Using These Pokemon Satisfy the Type Requirements of many Bosses like Klefki for Steven , Electrode for Lt. Surge , Haxorus for Lance , Shedinja for Morty . Q. I use Staraptor , Ampharos , Gorebyss and Conkeldurr in Place of Your pokes , is it OK ? A. Gorebyss is Good , Staraptor is even better than Pidgeot because of Intimidate but i'd say using electrode is better then Ampharos because Electrode can outspeed many pokemon Only with +nature and helps in Paralyzing pokes which Klefki is not able to , like Entei Guardian's Entei . Ampharos have a very low Spd which can pose a Problem if Entei Crits Klefki and then Him too . (Anything Can Happen , Its RNG , so its good to play safe) I highly recommend Don't Use any Attacker other Than Haxorus becuase Haxorus have the Second Highest attacking Stat and he have a high Speed and He learns great Variety of Moves to Counter Different Types . Most Importantly , He has the Ability Mold Breaker which Ingores the ability of Oppssing Pokemons which is very Useful to OHKO Dragonite (Multiscale) , Lugia (Multiscale) , Sturdy Pokemons like Donphan and Unaware Clefable and Quagsire which are the greatest threat because Unaware ability ingores the Stat changes . Q. Do i need Epics IV'S on all pokes ? A. No u dont need epic IV'S , Just 20+ in their required stats . Like 20+def and HP for Pidgeot and 20+ Spdef and HP for Electrode , etc. Feel Free to ask any question in comments below . If you want know more about mechanisms of this team , you can check out my youtube channel . Here is the Link - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCzdwC5N6AuK3ZXjPwG9ARTw?view_as=subscriber You can join my discord - https://discord.gg/RReR9Xa Thanks for Visiting !! :) You can visit my shop in forum (Silver server) :-
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