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  1. Where can u check which ones are tradeable this month ?
  2. Jesus christ the lag is unbearable ,. please expand ur servers . i Get dced evry 5mins
  3. Hunting at event lake - luvedisk appears , i try catch game crashes , logs me out , i get back in , im in pokecenter , weird Happen 5-6x already with luvdisk especially , idk if its bad luck , but it happens realyl evrytime with that poke . weird
  4. So right now im hunting at the water lake in the first village where Lapras - slowpoke - lotad - frilish and so on spawns . Could someone spare his time and tell me what sync for which poke . Ofcourse only the pokes that matter lol. Lapras - modest or bold ? And when use bold , do u guys keep catching slowpokes too or what else u catch with which sync.* For example Bold : ___________ which pokes viable And if u want be extra helpful u could tell the right abi too lol
  5. u need to scroll down the text as if u read it and click accept than -
  6. Is it 900 ? how much until u cant catch anything more
  7. any future plans to make it on ios too ? anyone know ?
  8. no u can just use them as a travel mount outside of battle ,they have no other effect than to be fast and look nice
  9. best way make money is catch xmas forms or good iv nature pokes and sell them. Dig spots , and bosses . but bosses u wont be able to do
  10. Hello i have an ipad and i try downloading the game for it . None of it work , is there an ipad version or which link do i have to download ?
  11. I play alot of games and in many games there are ways to hack or cheat . So i was wondering if it is impossible to do that here , if this game has good anticheat protection since its a small group of people who develop this. So far i havent seen a single cheater. Things like botting programs and stuff like this . Asking cause i hope its impossible and all get banned because its incredibly unfair to people who play this game fair .
  12. But at least u guys that are creating all this for christmas are smart enough to make a boss at start place it infront a door and make him say. Theheheh nononono u cannot use disable heree. These guys seem evil and have some hidden hate towards new players . sad to such a great game And make rocksmash and all tools aviable in coin shop that people have to spend money . And dont tell me but woahhhhh its freeeeee . Yeah have to have max happines poke , with the crappy move learned , and has to be right class also that it can learn it . Nobody gonna
  13. Something tells me u guys dont have a clue about ur own game when u smack infront a questline Thanos with his supergauntlet recking 90% of the playerbase for christmas . Imagine guy plays the game for a while , Cant wait to play christmas event map , wants to finish all quest line to get rewards . Goes around with his lvl 55 - 80 team - hell even a 90 . And sees evrything is lvl 100 from start . And than a few steps later there is Thanos waiting for him with some mega pokes AIIII LMAO. Full Pepega staff creation . I lost interest in this game since it
  14. U probably rushed this map . HEJ STAFF LET ME EDUCATE U A BIT -------------- CHRISTMAS IS THE TIME OF LOVE AND HAPPINES AND SNOW --- How about u let us enjoy at this time to play the game , feel some kind of reward - Like a tree in the middle of the event map . That has presents that can be opened for evry player with diffrent cosmetics or some . Kids will be happy . And make a less confusing map - better quest guidelines . BUT NOOOOOOO LETS GO HAMBUMBAM ZIG ZAG LEFT RIGHT UP DOWN SQUARE JUMP SUPERBOSS BATTLE ULTIMATE WOMBO COMBO RUN BACK AND FORTH FIND 3 PLACES
  15. + what the hell is up on matsuki village there is a farmer asking for some lost horse and 2 other guys that need hellp. So first when i entered the day it came out i looked for some horse LMAO. Is this supposed to be irritation or what the hell is this , is it a quest that can be finished ? Idk but this christmas is so dissapointing . Some npcs running around having no functionality whatsover . If they at least say hello , heres 5 pokeballs my friend , but not just some bla bla and keep running . Goddamit i promise you , a kid that is 10 years old in school would designed it w
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