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  1. s.o 300k insta 1m min bid 50k auction 12 hours after my knowledge of first bid ign = algerie31 discord = algerie31#5698
  2. our guild is full but continue to send us your application
  3. hi all, as you know All guild members will avail from experience-gain bonuses depending on the scale of membership that there is in; so i have a suggestion to add above the welcome screen in chat to the guild who has beneficts accordind to its members & ranking a text that say = " your guild has a bonus (2.5%, 5%, 7.5% ) EXP boost for +** members." for example my guild has +96 members so all members of my guild will have this message as in pic = i hope my suggestion will be good because it will let all members to know how much bonus they got and make fun
  4. i respect any player in this game because we are a community and they are as my brother & sister & father & mother but that is my way to say my opinion sry if you misunderstand me
  5. what is the fact of my personal fortune in suggestion ?
  6. if you are not aware we lost many rare item and precious as nuggets and big nuggets & stardust & gems & huge staff which could cost millions
  7. as dig is disabled i want staff to compensate its items with pokestop so that he will give us item of dig too as = nuggets /big nuggets /gems /stardust /macho brace /vitamines /fosslis .... ps= sry for my bad english
  8. +1 it is idiot to enter to poke center to heal our pokemon and the nurse each time ask us if we want to heal them as she has an other work to do there futher more than healing pokemon wtf
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