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  1. I mistakly evo my kirlia into gardevoir, which should be gallade. Can I do anything to this?
  2. Thanks for your reply, and your advice is helpful! First, I think invest more def for Tangrowth aginst Swampert is necessary and I will do that latter. As for the scarf garchomp, the main reason I choose it is I hope it works as a counter for the boosting move uesers, such mega Charizard-X, Volcarona, Dragonite. etc. It can outspeed them after +1 rank of speed, and kill them. Therefore, my metagross choose a larger coverage rather than a priority move. What you think about this probelm? how to tackle the issue of boosting move uesers? For example, the situation is that my Tangrowth now is facing Volcarona, and I know it will Quiver Dance next turn. Of course, Azumarill with aua jet can deal with this, but how about a Charizard-X with dragon dance? Look forward for your opinion
  3. Hi, guys. I currently built a mega-metagross team as following, and it works well for now. But I'm considering if I need a healing wish user to give metagross the second life. Latias is the first choice but she is also weak to dark type. Do you guys have any advise about it? or any general idea to improve the team. Thanks~
  4. auction finished, daftgenius won the auction at 2m. please contact me and tell me when will you be online in the game.
  5. Xmas Houndoom auction start at 1.5m min raise - 100k insta - 40m 3days auction from first bid c.o. 2m by daftgenius. This auction will finish at December 18, 2020, 2:40 AM, GMT+0. accept cc as 400k, IV reroll as 700k
  6. Hi, I wtb the serperior (ID:42500998). If there is no problem, you can reply me here first, and I will login to the game about 8h latter.
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