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  1. Charizard bought by @Prodigy
  2. Gardevoir bought by @charizard1357 Gyarados bought by @Chazzx
  3. yes, ty Dragonite bought by @P0rtaL
  4. SOLD Toxicroak bought by @Everywhere
  5. ok, I wait for you to contact the game or disagree
  6. Toxicroak, Aegslash and Conkeldurr bought by @TensYo
  7. gold server offers: you should pick up the pokemon no silver S.O: 200k MIN BID: 100K INSTA: 1M TIME: 1d AFTER STARTING Pokedollars Coin Capsules: 400k Reroll Tickets: 700k rare candy 6k Nature Reroll Tickets: 350k discord: XDZ-0303#0115
  8. Cofagrigus bought by @Feitan7900 Cofagrigus bought by @djsakib Tyranitar bought by @Popluche
  9. Garchomp boughty by @ntinop3
  10. changed log: -reduced prices between 50-175k for all old pokemon -sub price categories added -new 24pkn added (check availability on the homepage) -new pokemon in training will be added soon
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