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  1. oh,i was always looking on the link countdownto.com that the owner give on the comment,and the time on it was wrong... I should've watch the 1st bid time.Since this is my first time joining an auction on forum,can you make an exceptional option and make my bid still be counting?Cause i was waiting until 4 a.m in my country time to take part in...
  2. I was checking https://countingdownto.com/?c=3249508 at that moment so i don't think i am late.So i will be appreciated if you can confirm that is true...
  3. oh i'm sorry,but i'am pretty sure it was on time,there is 10min13s left and i was join in the auction.Can you please check it again?
  4. Start Offer:2M Min Bid:200K Insta:5.5M 1 Day Auction after first Offer You can Offer here OR Chat in game: Name:Fiolia
  5. @shekhar786 thank you but i'm looking for the drilbul/excadrill in the topic
  6. we can discuss directly here,or you can inbox with me.My account name:fiolia.
  7. and also looking for rotom modest 31spatk 20+ivs
  8. auctioning bold rotom started with 800k,mid bid 100k, insta 2.5m.End in 24hours~!
  9. wtb drilbul/evolve sand rush adamant 30+atk 20+ivs,willing to pay from 1m-2m depend on the poke.Feel free to contact me ^^
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