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  1. Wts: Start Point/Price: 7 million End Point: 48 hours after the first bid Min. Raise: 200k Accepted Payment(s): Ingame pokedollars or CC = 380k each This is a cross server auction so I will transfer to the winners server! Have fun!
  2. Hey just a random suggestion not sure if it's possible for the Devs to do/how much effort is needed for something so small. However I think it would be a cool idea if we could get Pokémon Icons where the Pokéball icons are My bad example :kappa: I think it would be a pretty nice addition especially for random battles since sometimes you might forget what mons the opponent has switched in and out. Once the Pokémon has fainted you can return the Icon to the original fainted pokeball icon or a black outline of the icon (I don't have an example sorry) Anyways that's my suggestion. I know some of the players might disagree but it doesn't hurt making a suggestion. Thank you!
  3. You have to be super quick with the destiny bond mon if that's the technique you're using or any technique in general I believe
  4. I apologise for my mistake, it was my misunderstanding and I take full responsibility on it.
  5. Hey! Since some commands like ^inspect are no longer available to use on reborn bot. Is there a possibility that a new way of checking MS is added? Possible suggestions are it being available to see on the dashboard again or adding it to an npc ingame was thinking to the Psychic Gene NPCs as you can already see the time for an active BMS. Thanks for taking your time to read!
  6. With the release of the summer event, I've decided to make a guide regarding all the information for the quest and side quests you can do for this year!l Will update with other information later, if you think anything needs added or changed feel free to let me know here or discord. Thank you in advance! Credits to: Alixx7 for key information
  7. Yes that's fine, I just mean that you need to fight one of Gardenia's subordinates in her own gym to unlock the other trainers. Open the spoiler attached and you'll see numbers 1 through 5. Fight ight these trainers in order, so that you can progress on. Hopefully this will clarify your doubt. Have a good day!
  8. Hey there, @GeArS The first Gym trainer is located on the bottom left corner of the gym, once you challenge the trainers it will progressively unlock the next until you can fight the gym leader. In this spoiler below shows the locations of the trainers 4 trainers you need to fight in from 1 to 4 to unlock the battle with the gym leader. If you're ever stuck in the story you can always refer to the Sinnoh Story Guide for information. Hopefully this information can help you to progress, have a lovely day!
  9. Hey there, welcome to a small guide about Guild Island! This guide will cover most of your concerns and available content on the Island. Requirements: Being in one of the Top 3 pvp Guilds from the previous season or as a guild having contributed a combined total of 20 Mysterious Tickets to H.Ackerman in Vermilion City. How to access: Speak to Sailor Gordon in Vermilion City Docks, if you have the correct requirements he will give you the option to travel there. The Mysterious Cultist is a Boss NPC, which is located in the Guild Island Dojo located just behind the Pokémon Centre. Lineup: There are a total of 7 Dig Spots on Guild Island which have some fairly rare Pokémon. To access the Dig Spots location, you will need your pokémon to know the move Waterfall or have the Tool to climb Waterfalls. Pokémon & Items Guild Island has various TM and Tutors, each month the rank 1 guild leader from both servers get to select what tutors they want added in the Guild Island Ghost House, keep im mind this changes monthly depending on the top guilds. However on the outside, scattered around Guild Island there are tutors which will stay the same unless a CS decides to change it. Tutors in Guild Island Ghost House: TMs around Guild Island: Guild Island spawns are separated into several different spawn sets these spawns are based on pvp team themes for example Stall or Rain. Each month a spawn set is selected by Eaty to start things off, however if players are dissatisfied or want to hunt other Pokémon from Spawn Sets they will have a chance to change it. This can be done by speaking to the Spawn Ranger NPC, he allows the player to vote for the spawn set they wish to have. However there is some key information when it comes to changing the spawns and the Spawn Ranger: If you would like to know which pokémon is available in each spawnset, there is a link for it here. Additionally there is a Map called Guild Island Falls, this map has a permanent spawn set which does not completely change, however the only thing that does change is the Rare Pokémon which spawns there, this changes every week. List of possible Rare Pokémon: Thank you for taking your time to read the Guide, if there's any information to be corrected or any information you want to see added be it for this guide or the PRO wiki pages feel free to let me know here or on discord. Special thanks to GoldenP1kachu and the Unbridled guild for allowing me to join so I can make this guide. Additionally special mention to someone who didn't want to be credited but helped me out alot (you know who you are)
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