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  1. This suggestion is pretty late considering the Halloween event is almost over, however can you please let us keep both the Regular and Shiny Mega Gengar clothes. With all the effort put in to actually win the extra hard mode, I feel like we as the players feel abit let down by it (no offence to the artist who made it, we know we tried your best and appreciate it ❤). Considering the fact the we keep one or the other of the outfits, the end reward doesn't really feel worth for the actual effort put in to obtain it. Going back to my regular suggestion, hopefully PRO's con
  2. So I was curious, I want to know which League Of Legends Champion is your favourite. Mines Sett. It doesn't have to be someone you main and you don't even need to give a reason if you don't want to.
  3. I just used Assault Vest Charizard and spammed Air Slash.
  4. At the moment no. Though I've already suggested the idea to a Content Scripter. We'll see in future, stay tuned to PRO Discords. #announcements channel. Added how to get the Cyan Fire Wings too.
  5. Once you've arrived on the Island speak to the NPC called Dr. Reinfield, he will ask you to meet him at the welcome centre so he can discuss more regarding the summer quest. Once inside speak to him once again and he will explain to you that you will need to find some items. The 3 items being a Red Stone, Blue Pearl and Red Banana. After this we have officially started the quest.
  6. Magma members unite, bump for our leader Iriz!
  7. Thank you, changed. Hey there, what do you mean? If you mean what sync to use. I would probably say Timid or Bold.
  8. Hello there, @RageWolf The best suggestion I can give you for now to return back to Johto is using an escape rope if you have one on hand or battling either a wild Pokémon, NPC or asking a Player in All/Help chat and disconnect from any of these battles to be respawned in the last visited Pokémon Centre. Hopefully the staff team can fix this issue. Good luck, I hope this helps. Have a great day! Edit: sorry I just read that you used an escape rope now. Apologies.
  9. Not sure if this has been suggested in the past but can we allow the use of mounts in New Mauville please. It would make things alot eaiser when going to the Lt. Surge boss. As well as making Blitzle World Quests easier for players. Just for that extra movement speed. You might counter argue that its indoors etc. However the usage of mounts was allowed in Cinnabar Mansion so why not this?
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