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  1. s.o 1m no insta min bid 250k auction 3 days after the first bid accept cc 350k nature reroll 350k iv reroll 720k
  2. I was doing some research and some guys told me that this year it's not possible. Earlier in discord announcements i saw written : #FreeBBFroakie statement. Want to know. Possible or just a waste of time this year?
  3. s.o 750k no insta min bid 200k auction 2 days after the first bid accept cc 380k nature reroll 380k iv reroll 750k
  4. s.o 1m no insta min bid 200k auction 3 days after the first bid accept cc 380k
  5. I want to know. Rewards are only for Ranked PvP Ladder and not Random? Is that correct (it's about top 25)
  6. I used 2 reroll tickets because I thought it will be 2x2 IV rerolls for my legendary but instead it was only purchase. I didn't know that. In the dialog it's not a good explanation how it works and I guess many players made the same mistake I did. Will it be possible to restore my 2 wasted tickets or not?
  7. I would like to ask about possible Sword & Shield forms of this gen 8 Legendary Dogs. Will it be possible to obtain?
  8. I was catching & farming Sneasel and suddenly this guy was selling witamins & minerals, supplements for pokemons in chat, I saw it and immediately started a conversation What a fun ! good enough reason to laugh for sure hahah
  9. Hello. I want to ask about spawn change in Lake Cave and Forest Pit, should be done today because it's the end of the month and PvP season (31.07-01.08). It's the same starters without change for probably 4 months. We want Froakie, Fennekin, Chespin instead of Oshawott, Tepig, Snivy.
  10. I want to know why there isn't a spawn change since probably 3 months? Did you forget ? I want to catch Froakie and other 2 starters and I can't.
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