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  1. Hey all boys and girls, Here is a new tournament for you all which will be on gen 7 ou proclient current allowed pokemons ,moves and items . All matches will be Best of 3 and u will have two days to complete each round Both servers can participate Current pro meta means only current pokes no wave 2 megas but u can use wave 1 megas and ditto imposter Read out the ranked pvp rules before participating https://pokemonrevolution.net/forum/topic/31283-ranked-pvp-rules/ One more thing if u or ur opponent wish to use aegislash without kings shield then u have to play on gen 7 anything
  2. Sir any reply pls also I can sit and record a video with one of my friends to check this out and post it in bugs report so that this don't happens with other ppl
  3. so as per ur knowledge bro i hit first means this is my win also i want a staff reply so dont mind anyways
  4. This is the thing which ensures that i should gain ratings instead of losing while its just opposite its going unfair with the winner and extra fair with loser . Do it choose ur favourite and make them win even if they lose
  5. sir i want to report about the game mechanics its going really unfair really unfair i beated v3g3tta elbruno and agree but my poke also died due to indirect damage of life orb,hail, life orb respectively but everytime i lost rating i asked this also when it was first time with me against elbruno in discord support chat where i didnt get any fair answer but i left it thinking that more rating person loses rating and that happened to me again when fighting v3g3tta there also i lost ratings this time also my rating was higher but now this is unbearable i beated agree and my tornadus died of li
  6. Hi there, I am very happy to announce that I on the behalf of blacksword guild will be hosting a showdown tournament but this will not be like the simple tournament anyways it will be brand new format hosted for both servers that is both silver and gold players can participate Firstly I will specify the prizes and participation fees and we will move forward to the outstanding format and rules of the tournament. Also we “Blacksword” are hosting a fun bulbasaur hunt feel free to participate in that also it has no participation fees come join our discord https://discord.gg/8F8G9kp
  7. I want to ask is mega Scizor with curse banned from ranked play or not cz I just queued up with a person using mega Scizor with curse I don't know if his Scizor was ha or not but still mega Scizor has technician which is banned with curse so just to confirm im asking this I have warned the person tho on discord but it seems that he ignores me I just want to confirm can I report him with proper screenshot if he uses curse next time or is it allowed so that I can also use curse instead
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