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  1. Hey, how's it going? I'm glad to see that you both are interested in joining BlackSword. Quick question, do either of you know each other or did you both just happened to ask at the same time? That's neither here nor there, so back to buisness: There are a few things that we would like to know if you both could copy/paste these along with a few short answers to a few basic questions. PM them to use here on the forums, on discord to any of the officers discord or just join the discord server... https://invite.mskell.net talk to you soon!!
  2. I actually did read that first & honestly, that's not at all what I thought they meant by box rework. I guess just close this out, Thanks..
  3. It would be nice if there were a way to pin pokes where you want them, therefore creating some sense of organization. Also, I believe that it would be super helpful if there were more helpful filters added & while we are currently able to sort Pokes by Name & Level they almost always get lost in here - & the solution to this problem would be to add a few more filter options which would significantly help us find our pokes.... PokePC: Sort by Region, Sort by Pokemon Number and/or Sort by Type Being able to see the Pokedex by number would make working on ou
  4. I know I'm a little late seeing this & I'm not sure if you're still looking or not but I have 31 def / 31 sdef if you're interested I will link the poke.
  5. In order for your submission to count it needs to be officially submitted you have to post it in the event channel on the BlackSword Sever. You also need to take that to the caught date & time checker and take a screenshot like the example below... Thank you!
  6. buy audino and ralts trace male (edit: i mean kirlia)
  7. will buy greninja, escavaleir and reunicllus
  8. Sounds like you're looking for BlackSword.. The entire discord is centered around PRO Training, Bettering yourself and Giving back to your peers.. "One Trainer Sharpens Another - As Iron Sharpens Iron".. We ready do go above and beyond for those willing to learn, also you are welcome to join the discord as a guest (link below) see what you think first. We also have a Bulbasaur Hunting Event beginning in less than 5 hours from now so its a great time to come check us out!!! Oh yeah and we have the dopest artwork in the game
  9. MEGA VENUSAUR is a major threat in PvP right now.. How we select the Pokemon for our hunt events - it's not random.. This Poke was put up and chosen by community vote. Must be a Rare, high tier (Usually T7+) Must be Highly Valued by others (not all T7-T9 are created equally) Viable in the current PvP META Pokes with multiple value boosting options a plus (hidden power, event/clone forms, etc..) COME SEE FOR YOURSELF WHAT MAKES OUR EVENTS SO EPIC WE WILL BE STREAMING + DONG LIVE GIVEAWAYS AS WELL.. T Minus
  10. Excavation most certainly requires an enormous investment from players demanding both time & money before that player will ever see a decent reward and/or turn a profit. b I feel like it was safe to assume that players would end the month having invested more than returned. However, I feel like perhaps your research is slightly incomplete. Should the High tier pokemon that do eventually spawn at these exca sites not account for anything? I mean, wouldn't that increased possibility of encountering rare, high tier pokemon not be the driving force behind the required dedication? Anyone, I kno
  11. Buy modest trace porygon for 70k..... ign: mskell.... discord: mskell#0001
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