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  1. Best guild on Gold, apply now & join us on discord :: Join Our Discord (guests welcome)
  2. Any chance you can transfer xmas ferro to gold if I buy it? I can buy using all cc
  3. Are you looking for someone to make the in game logo with that pixel editor in saffron or are you looking for a graphic for the forums / discord?
  4. [-1] C’mon bro we need less banned pokemon, this is one of the most anticipated pokes. Honestly it’s no wonder why the PVP meta rarely ever seems to feel any different because anything they introduce something that may actually make help make a difference in the meta people complain about it being too overpowered. You realize that we are running out of options as far as Gen 7 pokes to add to the game right? I would already say that it’s probably safe to assume that Mega-Metagross & Mega-Lucario are going to be banned, I don’t see Diancie on there and neither Rayquaza nor Mewtwo are even catchable. Honestly it when you get psyched for something to new to get released - then find out most of its useless. Here’s my take on this. If you’re going to ban everything in whats supposed to be our OU format, looks more like its a UU/PU format, that immediately makes you wonder what is even going to be the difference between what we have now and the new UU format they’re releasing soon? Enjoy using the same old top 20 mons that have hardly ever changed much, at least in the past year that I’ve been playing. So If you want to ban all of the cool new stuff in OU then I say, fine do that ban em everything, but if that happens can you please implement an "Anything Goes" Format. That would be the best way for us to use all of the pokes that are just wasting away in everyones PC pretty much useless at the moment.
  5. ign: mskell .. discord mskell#0001
  6. I will buy these 4 if they are still available
  7. Allowing multiple people using multiple accounts to ladder on both server is an absolutely dumb possibility buy.... Honestly, can we rethink the ladder reawards because the reward for 10th-4th is an 25% EXP boost, which is nice it helps, but a months worth battles, a ton of effort & of course the sever crash setback .... thats its not the top 25 on gold and top 25 on silver anymore... It’s more like 10 and 10.. When someone is laddered on gold and silver it creates a mess of the showdown tournament because if I am laddered on both servers I can’t possibly play myself can I? Right, reserve that spot for someone who I can compete against. I agree with your concern here and [ +1 ] this post as well. IDEAS (( NOT )) COMPLAINTS haven’t checked the dev todo list so forgive me if its been mentioned already.. We are in desperate need of a new Battle UI - Would be nice to have the current stat changes next to hp bar like showdown. Also, if trick room and other moved like that need some sort of visual change so everyone knows its active,. I believe this is on dev list aleady. The PVP meta has been stale for quite some time now, I feel like I’ve been battling the same pokes for quite some time now. Megas are nice but they haven’t really altered the meta as much I was hoping for. We need other battle formats implemented, I feel like PRO OU Gen 6.5-1/3 is in need of a push towards UU, doubles or even a Monotype ladder would be cool too - most importantly Anything Goes format would open up our pc and allow us to use any of the bans like there are in anything ges.our legends that would also afford us the opportunity to use all of the pokes that are banned in OU - hopefully then they wouldn’t feel like such a complete waste of time and money.. How about an option to look at the pokemon stat card and put a button on there that flips the care around so we can see the mega evolutinon stats instead of needing to link it to a chat in game just to check or use reborn but that ^hp command feature rarely works. Put all of the ladder and individual standings & rankings like you have on forum dash, but in the game itself like on an npc somewhere or a button next to the coin shop.. What if we had a mailbox button added to the upper nav bar with a drop down menu of PRO generated Global notifications - I LOVE discord but the game requires way too much back and fourth between the two. Just thoughts and Ideas - take it or leave it
  8. My overall goal here would be to have the 300 evo data I need to become eligible for the latios/latias quest. Looking for someone to evolve 118 pokemon for me. Paying between 1m-1.2 million - choice of pokedollars or CC (or both). I have a lot of the pokes that will be needed for remaining evos. would be willing to pay more if any on the list need hunte (factor into your price) would like to get this completed as quickly as possible. Looking for a price and an estimated completion date I’ve taken inventory of everything please don’t respond if you’re untrustworthy
  9. Mskell


    I dont much about developing games but I have been a web developer for 15 years so I understand troubleshooting. After they decided to switch the game and forums to new servers, we still have all of the same problems. So, while I agree that taking shots at any of the developers and making claims about who is or who is not a professional, is definitely not at all what anyone of us should be debating here. This post should not become used as an opportunity to start pointing fingers in any direction, nor should it be used to character assassinate any of the developers. While every game has it's own set of issues, the problems that we have been experiencing here are only crushing the games true potential and that hurts everyone involved. These people no doubt work hard and they eat a lot of [heck] as soon as something doesn't go right. So while they don't deserve any sort of respect for doing their job, they do however deserve respect because they are human like everyone else. To be fair, no matter how good we are at whatever it is we do - we are human, and we make mistakes. So the way that I see it, is that it doesn't take away from anyones level of professionalism for asking for help - In fact, that is probably the absolute single most responsible thing that any person can do would be to accept that they in fact don't know the answer - acknowledge that they need help - be humble enough to ask for it - all of which they have already done. I think they pretty clear that they are baffled by this issue and need our help. So while I don't think this post is calling out how professionalism they are or are not - I think what he's trying to say here is that consulting with a 3rd party professional developer & having them come in to take a look at the code would probably be more beneficial solution for everyone involved. Instead of leaving it up to a bunch of gamers to hopefully, just maybe, by chance stumble upon a bug or glitch that will help them to identify the issue. I think you perhaps took that consult a professional line a little out of context.
  10. Mskell


    Yeah truthfully the amount of times that the server crashes during these events, pvp matches, world quest and during rare pokemon encounters & every other aspect of the game I feel like is has really started to kill the morale of the players and I know of quite a few who have already quit because of it. It always seems like fingers are being pointed to the servers being [heck] but I don't believe thats the case at all, especially because the game was recently moved to new servers within the past few months and still we have the same issues. The problem has to fall on the programming side of things, so I would agree with the recommendations of this post. Aside from that and I am sure you guys are overwhelmed but the gameplay (when the server is not crashing) is becoming very stale all in itself. The game has become super redundant, we hit the same bosses, same daily hustles, same old not quite gen7 OU format in PvP, which has pretty much had the same meta/team setups being used for the past year that I've been playing. I am not one to complain about a lot of things cause I love this game but not as much as I used to.
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