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  1. Is this still the case?
  2. Location: Valley of Steel Western Peak Trying to catch: Skarmory and Klefki Membership: Active Time: During Morning only Alt used: Disciplinarian I've used up 900 Super Repels on this spot and I can say that I can encounter 0 to 2 Klefkis or Skarmories per Super Repel. 1 encounter is kinda common for me. I have no problem with this, I think it's completely normal. Then, I also decided to buy 800 Max Repels because if my Math is correct, Super repels have the same value as Max Repels that was bought in discounted Bulks. (2.5 pokedollars per step) Now I've only used up 60 Max repels and I can say that I can only encounter 1 Klefki or Skarmory for like every 12 Max Repels that I used which definitely doesn't make sense compared to the amount of encounters I get from Super Repels. Max repels also have more step counts so that makes it worse. I decided to stop using the remaining Max Repels I have because I'm sure I am just wasting money. Please check out the problem with this one.
  3. Interesting. I may do it for the fun part too xD. Last question. What is the max rank?
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