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  1. Yeah don't worry about it. They can do some force trade or something like that. Sorry for the trouble. Just relax and let them fix it. (Assuming I'm the right one)
  2. That's not the issue. Sayainji bid at 00:18 which means the trade is extended to 00:33. I bid at 00:24 which means it is still valid but then again, I haven't played for a while so I wonder if they changed the rule. I already reported so they can check.
  3. I don't believe that's how it works. Let's let a trade mod decide. Sorry I really want the Volc so I will try. Literally saw it last minute.
  4. @SeanstallinI dont think its done yet. 1,550,000 I bid Havent played for a while. Not sure if they changed 15 minute rule.
  5. I really think it's a bug as far as my pokemon knowledge go. Or maybe you can't use Worry Seed against Teravolt? I don't see any pokemon guide saying that though. I want to use Worry seed(from my Breloom) on Zekrom cause I don't want it to have the Teravolt ability and be able to 1 shot my Sturdy Probopass. Last Battle Log image shows Worry seed failing and I only saved images of the battle log up to that point. Summary of all I did so far: 1) Switcheroo Lagging Tail Whimsicott then Whim faints 2)Golduck Soak then Gold faints 3) Spore-Sub-6 times flash abuse on Breloom then tried to use Worry seed but failed My Team
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