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  1. im in search for one with higher att and special defence ( pref 25+ att and 20+ special def ), still a nice ttar tho
  2. preferred nature is adamant, may be willing to negotiate other natures (but will offer less as im not too interested in them) willing to pay anywhere between 15-40m depending on how good the ivs are
  3. From a pvp standpoint I think gliscor + excadrill deserves forms due to them being great for generations in pvp and generally flexible on teams. It would provide more motivation to hunt these for building teams as well as getting the chance of the rare event form. From a personal bias view I think solosis, shellos, deino, pinsir, venipede, shroomish and aron deserve event forms as i believe all of these pokes are not hunted alot due to there being generally better options in pvp but are still good nevertheless. I think giving these pokemon event forms would motivate people to hunt these underrated pokes.
  4. start 2m insta 10m last 72h 200k steps accept cash, cc=400k, iv rr=700k GL all
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