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  1. My ign is Yash005 I would like to you Holydoof I can speak and understand English I have an active account both in-game and dicord My all stories are completed I like doing pve sometimes PvP I can do ev service for guild I am from India My discord is Yoriichi My total playtime in 1672 Hrs Also I like raidoof cause it look cool
  2. I want to buy that larvesta with hp ground 25 spd, 16 sp.atk 300k price
  3. Thanks now i have access to sweetland
  4. Same problem, I did second part of bidoof wq in silver server later i transferred my server to gold. Now npc is not giving any reward to me. Pls help me
  5. Username: Yash005 Server: Gold Timezone: India / GMT +5:30
  6. Hi I want some info pls dm on my discord Yash005#4893
  7. Do you give this service in gold server also?
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