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  1. Now I'm basically able to log in to both Gold and the Test Server with my alt (HjkIntoProtect), but upon trying to log in there with my main (HeroOfTheStreet), I keep receiving the same "Invalid Username or Password" message. I was almost about to write a paragraph about this (as I tried to log in dozens of times with both of my accounts during a period of 10 mins, facing some really odd difficulties), but meanwhile I realized that while I was doing it, for a while Gold was down, even though Reborn Bot didn't say so. If you want me to explain the difficulties I was facing in detail, I'll gladl
  2. Hello, It's been a while since I'm having this issue (at least ever since July when my activity in Gold was recorded the last time). Whenever I try to log in with my main (HeroOfTheStreet), as well as with my alt (HjkIntoProtect) to Gold, I basically get this message shown on the screen below: Same goes for the test server for which I heard that it is being hosted in Gold. If it helps at all, when I try to log in to Gold on my Android, the same issue occurs. I'm obviously playing on Silver with both of my accounts and I have no trouble to log in there.
  3. Yo. As the title says, for the future I'd like to suggest adding military clothes, headgear and gear/weapons as accessories. I'll make a few examples: CLOTHES: Military Uniforms; two for the infantry (the one for the forest/jungle which is the most known, usually having a combination of green, brown and black stains, as well as the one for the barren land/desert, which is usually tan), one for the airforce and one for the navy (blue) Black Ops Uniform Officer Suits (possibly with some medals on those and a different one for each military branche) HEA
  4. As the title says. Def and hp pretty much near 31. Sp def and speed should be +25, but slightly below will be fine. Sp atk +20
  5. Hi. Chandelure is not the very best poke for the meta right now, but it can still be used as it has some niches, especially as a way of being a reliable switch to the dangerous mega charizard y (the ability flash fire is a necessity on it right now), as well as a check to some super common threats, such as mega scizor. Equipped with a choice scarf, with its great special attack, it can serve as both a revenge killer and bulky offense/balance breaker, while also being able to pivot around some stuff. That being said (since you want it paired up with garchomp), I'd recommend using them both in a
  6. Ah, yeah. It was actually taken away by Avast. I didn't check beforehand as I already made that exception many months ago. Sometime after that I deleted the game and haven't played it for more than three months, so that must've been the reason why the antivirus has put it back on the list of threats. I added an exception for it now. Let's see how it goes, although I suppose it should all be fine now. Thanks for the help
  7. During the past few days, while I was playing PRO on my pc, the game randomly crashed for me. I quickly logged in and tried to log in with both of my accounts (obviously in two seperate windows). The game instatnly crashed and the PROClient.exe file got removed from my PRO Folder (everything else remained intact there). When I tried to extract it back, I was being asked by the system for an admin permission (which I have btw and it seeked the admin permission only for puting the PROClient.exe). I continued and it refused to put the PROClient.exe in the folder. Later I somehow managed to do it
  8. I'm glad someone finally spoke about this. Too bad it's not getting any attention. Definitely a +1 from my side
  9. It's interesting how the players with no respectable success in pvp are smacking the - (minus) on their comments. To make things clear, the only time I had a problem facing Aegislash (to some extent) was when the opponent was skilled enough to use it properly (Swaglordx from above). It could be argued that for the same reason Greninja isn't considered to be broken in PRO, although it should've been banned a long time ago. I definitely don't want a new 'Gren' roaming in the fields of PRO pvp, as it's obviously unhealthy for the meta to thrive. That being said, a solid + for the ban of either
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