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  1. Sadly hp steel, let me know what u think here or preferably discord: POORWIFI#5196 Also still in the process of training
  2. S.o 250k, min bid 50k, 48 hours, insta 600k. Accept cc: 350k and reroll: 750k(will compensate 150k) or nature reroll: 375k Gl
  3. So 600k min bid 100k 48 hours after 1st bid no insta
  4. S.O 600k, min bid 100k, 24hours, no insta, - cc=350k - iv rr=750k - rc=8k( must sell in bulk of at least 25)
  5. S,O 1.7m, min raise 100k, 48 hours, insta 4m.
  6. the winner is Jahann14 with a offer of 4m. plz pm in discord POORWIFI#5196 or pm in game PoorWifi
  7. . (Did this reply and duplicate by accident)
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