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  1. The rating there, means ppl played 10 matches already, so ofc higher ratings since most will be near 100 rating. Im sure this addition was so ppl have something to lose when playing. Before u would play, and lose 10 games in a row, wouldnt matter, you wouldnt go to negative rating. Now it matters. I assume this is an experiment, using Rating the same way as Elo, like SD you start witj 1k. Wally must have his reasons with this update. This is just an experiment, for this season, mostlikely will be like with Zmoves. One season here, then gone. I dont understand why people starts to complain left and right after any change. This is a test to see if it works or not rly. Lets give it a try, after one month, we can give our opinion on how it went
  2. HEY! Finally you can claim that you got 100 rating using NU and LC pokes or Shiny team! Like you always wanted! Isnt that great? Go take that glourious ScreenShot, and spam it in every discord. You made it! Best Update!
  3. Bisharp, the GOAT Lucario Charizard
  4. PRICE: 1M Payment: Cash, RRs 680k ea, CC 390k ea
  5. Changed pokes. Auction only now electrike
  6. S.O. 100k Min Bid: 50k Insta: 800k Time: 24hrs after first bid
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