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  2. HELLO! So, lately, while I was doing my quest for the Sablenite (took me hours because the stone keeps on *PIF*-ing TT) some players has asked if I knew the way to start the Diancie/Diancite Quest. Luckily, I know the way. So I'll be sharing it here, too. DISCLAIMER: THIS IS ONLY A GUIDE ON HOW TO GET TO DIAMOND EMPIRE AND NOT A WHOLE GUIDE ON HOW TO GET DIANCIE/DIANCITE. Things you'll need: First thing we need to do it to go to Love Island. After arriving at Love Island head to Diamond Domain cave. Now, this is where some players starts to search and ask where to go. You need to take the 1st Ladder you see and not the one ahead of it. That one is for the Sablenite quest. Once you've entered and went down, head west and use waterfall. Then go north and then east. And you should arrive here where you need to use Rock Smash. After entering Diamond Domain Main Cave??? (Forgot the name of the cave I'll edit this after xD) head north and you should see a dive spot there. Dive in and then head north again. After you dive back out you should be in Diamond Empire Entry. And this is where you start the quest for Diancie/Diancite. I hope this helped you my fellow trainer Goodluck on that Diancie! May the RNG Gods for IVs bless you!
  3. CHANDELURE Won by Shirotora2705 Also selling: DRIFBLIM Price: 200K Status: Available
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