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  1. I'd like to use a color not used right now. Red is used by bosses, blue by staffs, green and yellow by NPCs afaict.
  2. I don't agree for several reasons but I am willing to move a few steps in your direction and change it so you cannot encounter your last opponent for x minutes. This way you should only encounter your last opponent if the PvP Queue is empty. EDIT: Forget it, you will be able to use /avoid_last_opponent to make it impossible to encounter your last opponent after the next server update. This command is only temporarily active until you logout.
  3. I still don't agree that this command is necessary cause we have the /draw command. However, next server update, guild leaders can toggle whether guild members can meet each other in OU-Ranked. /gavoidpvp true to make it impossible for guild members to meet each other in the PvP Queue. /gavoidpvp false to make it possible for guild members to meet each other in the PvP Queue. /gavoidpvp to check the current status.
  4. Heyho, I understand the annoyed feeling of getting repeatedly pmed for free stuff but that's exactly why I took the hassle to implement a permanent ignore list. You are always free to ignore these players!
  5. Can you list them cause most are checked with a contains checks. Let me give you an example: { "map": "Snowpoint", "comparer": "Contains", "tooltip": "Snowpoint City", "map_pos": [ -597, -294 ] } Every map with "Snowpoint" in the map name is shown on the World Map under the tooltip Snowpoint City. Therefore, all houses "Snowpoint House", Snowpoint Gym", "Snowpoint City House" and so on should be shown and only weirdly named houses such as "House1" in Vermilion City wouldn't be shown and need an extra entry. So either someone weirdly named all maps in Sinnoh or something weird is going on if you statement is correct.
  6. Heyho, all maps that aren't linked to a World Map position auto default to Pallet Town. I fixed a few. If you find more feel free to post them below so I can map them for the next client update.
  7. It's me, Mario, once more! It is absolutely correct that staffs should treat players with respect. Likewise, players should treat staffs and each other with respect. There are situations in which this does not happen and even leads to very unpleasant consequences. What I am about to say is by no means meant to be an excuse or to relativize what has been said, but I want players to see things from a different angle as well. Staffs are unpaid volunteers who support the game through their work and moderation staffs in particular get a lot of hatred for it. They are insulted, threatened, every comment is taken out of context and used against them. Signatures were revised to insult the respective person (<Example>), guilds were incited against a single person and lies about punishments were spreaded to make it look like power abuse. Even for their in-game staff rewards they get hated, insulted and even reported. All against normal players who have invested a lot of time in this game and have taken on tasks that were anything but fun. This is no criticism against the players who criticize staffs, I just think it would be nice if you could look at both sides of the coin. Furthermore, eNvy, your question confuses me. You ask Prehax why he is a staff even though he no longer actively plays the game, even though it was you who kept writing, tagging and questioning me about the game after you stopped playing the game. I think it's obvious to everyone that he is attached to the game and the community, wants to improve it, and likes to do staff work. That's probably the motivation of most staffs. That's at least what I'd like to think. As a final comment, I would like to inform everyone that Prehax has not yet addressed the points, because Keita asked or ordered him not to give an answer yet. He doesn't ignore or makes fun of the posts/topic.
  8. Shinies have their market and value due to the uncontrolable rarity/rng. The shiny auction was an exception that probably won't happen again. It was to get money out of the economy. We removed around one billion. But besides that, we won't touch shinies and forms. That's why I have to deny the suggestion.
  9. It's incredibly easy to comment on or judge something from the outside that's why I want to give you some insight. As far as the moderation is concerned, I'm hardly involved at all. There have been several situations in which I have clashed with moderators or GMs, but it had absolutely nothing to do with a dictatorship. It was more often about rules that are technically not possible. One of them, for example, was to permanently remove players from the game and forbid to create new accounts, which cannot be done with our tools, and I was absolutely against banning someone who had played on a new account without breaking rules. Of course, the other side also had good reasons to hold on to it, but it was impossible. Even companies such as Blizzard cannot prevent that. To say that situations like this make me a dictator while having no idea is beyond presumptuous. There have been situations in which smaller groups within Discord were formed that only shit-talked staffs and primarily me. However, this was only made public after they left the team. There were accusations such as "You don't give a fuck about moderation staffs cause you unbanned GoldenPikachu", although I would like to mention that this never happened. GoldenPikachu, like many others, only had the permission to create a new account, as we can't really prevent him from doing so. As for the PvP Council, I would like to speak about this once more. I made a lot of mistakes there that I wouldn't make again. However, it was originally not intended as a PvP Council, which I also wrote publicly. It should serve as a discussion platform. That many of those involved were outraged that they could not decide/vote for PvP bans on their own is a mystery to me to this day. I don't want to shirk my responsibility here either, some decisions should have been made earlier. Now Joro is in control of it and I am sure that there are only few who are dissatisfied with it. Well, the argument that players can't give constructive criticism because their English isn't good enough is an incredibly weak argument. There are always ways to express constructive criticism. May it be with the help of friends or staffs who speak the same language. The only reason not being able to express constructive criticism is that you don't have any. And should someone not being able to express constructive criticism because he, she or diverse was too frustrated in that situation, then it's still possible once calmed down. As mentioned earlier, both Prehax and other staffs have made mistakes in the past and have been confronted for them. This is currently being done by Keita. Should new cases arise, the forum can be used to forward them. As for the mentioned scripter situation, all I can say is that there could only be two possible reasons why this could have happened. The most likely is that the implementation required new features that were not implemented for various reasons and the other is that there wasn't a good reward system. Everything else is usually waved through. If there were other reasons, I am open to listen to and comment on them. I would say that scripters and I work very closely together, as they are often very dependent on dev changes. Honestly, why should I keep scripters from adding more content to the game?
  10. Heyho, I'd like to pick up on a couple of points that will most likely need a more detailed answer and will receive that from Keita later on. I think it's a shame what is made of such an opportunity. Many players have expressed that they feel misunderstood and ignored in the past. Because of that, Keita has created the opportunity to publicly address one's own opinions, ideas and problems. Instead of taking advantage of this opportunity that many have asked for, it is used to insult and corner others. Prehax and many other staffs - I count myself among them - have made mistakes in the past. But to see that players that have been handled with soft gloves complain about staff abuse is quite disappointing. There were players with more than ten infractions handled by several staffs that called him out for staff abuse while they should have been banned way earlier according to our punishment policy, along with a candidate that used third-party software and got a second chance because of his long playtime. Of course you are free to complain about Prehax and other staffs, but then please do it properly. Name points, express constructive criticism and make suggestions for improvements. A fundamentally aggressive attitude will not get us any further. This counts to both staffs and players. Furthermore, I would like to shed some light on the "ignored" suggestions. We read all of the suggestions posted in the forum. It's just insanely time consuming to answer every thread. Once we plan to implement a suggestion we will add it to the dev to-do list. There are weeks when I work on PRO for over 12 hours a day. The players often do not notice a lot of this, as it is often about changes that are not visible to the end user but are necessary. PRO was at a point for a very long time where you could no longer work with the code. This applies to both client and server code. That was because the top priority was to do something that the players can see without considering the further negative effects it would have. You should all keep in mind how much happened over the past two years. Don't just hold onto the negative. There will be more progress that we can all look forward to.
  11. Heyho, the other points will certainly be answered by Keita or other staffs. I would like to concentrate on the second point first, because I do not want to leave it as it is. As you mentioned, I nerfed the speed of jet skis from 8 to 6, as all players used jet skis because of the speed and not the optics. That highly devalued all other surf mounts for literally no reason! The other surf mounts had a speed of 4, which is the normal running speed, and therefore players only used jet skis. I considered whether I should increase the speed of the surf mounts to 8, but the animations of some mounts looked very bad at this speed. That's why I nerfed the speed of jet skis from 8 to 6 and buffed that of every other mount from 4 to 6. That's exactly how I announced it at the time. Furthermore, it took a day to add the NPC to exchange a jet skis for a CC because it had to be tested first. It had nothing to do with the reaction from the community.
  12. Hey, this was due to you not having the PvPCoins variable which was a result of a server transfer. This month was quite busy so I didn't find the time to fix it early, sorry about that. You fully received the coins on silver server where you reached second place.
  13. Heyho boys and girls, I've been thinking a lot about potentially new forms for Summer, Halloween and Christmas the last few days. Since we already have a lot of forms, I wanted to see your ideas. There is no need for pixel art. You can just draw forms and post them here. The only rule there here is that it has to be your own work and idea. Don't post pictures that you googled or is not your idea originally. We may use some ideas. o/ Furthermore, we will hold a public voting and reward the first (if there are many submissions, maybe also the first three). The reward will be a Pokemon mount of your choice. If the mount is not yet added in PRO and isn't impossible to create then we will add it in the next client update. Last but not least, one more thing; If you create a form for a Pokemon with a pre- or evolution, please create forms for the whole family. If the interest or the time investment is not for you, please stick to Pokemon without evolutions. Submission format: The competition ends July 1st 2021 12 AM GMT+0.
  14. Sure, I'll try to implement it next client, no promise.
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