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  1. Hello, unfortunately there is no solution for your concerns. We are developing the game and the only way to completely eliminate potential abuse from developers is to stop developing the game and completely lock ourselves out of the database and server. Ideally, encrypt the server with a random password and throw it away as well. However, this would make it impossible to further develop the game and fix bugs or even server crashes. In all seriousness, there are only two Devs, Cames and I, and I can assure you that we are doing our best to not compromise the trust of our player base in us. We are a large team looking over each other's shoulders to avoid such scenarios.
  2. Hello, we do not plan to implement this in a 2D game.
  3. Heyho, I am not against opening EXP daycares in the future. It fully depends on how we decide to calculate the EXP given from daycares. That's definitely something we can discuss once the EXP rework goes live. Please bump this thread once the EXP rework is live on Silver and Gold for a few weeks in case we did not address it.
  4. Hello, that's a mechanic we do not plan to add in the game for now cause we use the subway as huge money-sink. As announced in the official Discord and forum announcements, we currently test our EXP rework on our test2 server. The new EXP code uses the gen7 EXP formulas and we coded the EXP. share item, Party EXP. share, Lucky Egg and EXP. candies. The release might still take a while as we need to adjust many trainer levels and spawns but they already work on test2. Amulet Coin is an item we'll probably never code cause it's not good for the economy. We did not release the megastone cause Mega Kangaskhan's ability Parental Bond is not coded. We'd like to code it before releasing it. Sadly it's very hard to code it with the current battle code so it's very low prioritized. That's a suggestion Content Scripters. I am not up2date about dig spots but if there aren't many or none it's probably cause Hoenn is already attractive due to the Excavation Spots. A Content Scripter might be able to you a more accurate answer.
  5. Hello, those windows have a dynamic window layering. I am not really sure how to solve this tbh. It's definitely something I'd like to change as well. We have a few options I don't really like but I'll look into it.
  6. Do not comment on this thread, only post the screenshots and feedback in here!
  7. Eaty

    TM Teaching

    Hello, that's something to consider for the future.
  8. Hello, the only way to play PRO on iOS is by jailbreaking their phones and we do not want to recommend that and be responsible for people breaking their phones. See this suggestion as denied.
  9. Hello, we do not plan to move to 3D battles. This wouldn't fit well to the game and destroy our form-based events.
  10. Hello, this will most likely not happen as we do not have enough pixel artists to maintain something like this. That's why I have to deny your suggestion for now.
  11. https://pokemonrevolution.net/forum/topic/72892-introduction-of-exp-share/?do=findComment&comment=1162855 The rework means that leveling will be more comfortable in early game and hopefully end in a healthier story experience.
  12. Eaty

    Exp Share

  13. Hello, I fully reworked the EXP code to gen7 and coded Party EXP share and the item EXP share while I was at it. I am not sure how we'll release the EXP share item yet. The Party EXP share will probably be activated sporadically for EXP/EV weekends and events. Please keep in mind that it'll most likely take a while before we'll officially release it on live servers as we need to fully rework spawns and trainer levels.
  14. https://pokemonrevolution.net/forum/topic/166840-tutorial-how-to-pro-on-linux-2020/
  15. Hello, 2FA is already planned and will be implemented in the future.
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