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  1. Implemented next client-server update: https://pokemonrevolution.net/forum/topic/3146-update-logs/?do=findComment&comment=1048630
  2. Hello, building an IOS client itself is no problem at all. That could be done quickly. But we aren't in the AppleStore. That means players have to jailbreak their devices to play PRO on iOS. We don't want to be responsible that players might break their phones while trying to jailbreak it and therefore decided to no release an iOS version.
  3. Hello, we plan to code/fix all abilities at some point! Right now, we have higher priorities than Harvest but we'll definitely get to it at a later point. Last Resort has no tutor as it's not fully coded yet. Once it's done we'll add a tutor for sure!
  4. I understood that point. It's just something we won't work on right now but might be an option in the future.
  5. Hey, it's not to prevent item duplication. It's not worth it considering we already have hotkeys imo.
  6. Hey, this is also an option but right now, we do not plan to work on it before finishing other prioritized projects first.
  7. Hello, 2FA is on our to-do list. We plan to enforce it once a user logs in from a completely different location. It might take a while until we work on it as we have other priorities at the moment.
  8. Hello, I agree that we need more different rewards. @Shaolan currently works on something we might use for it. Totally unplanned btw. Theoretically, Escapes Ropes could also be given out as rewards, but I would only like to do so as last option.
  9. Hello, I am not against adding more battle backgrounds generally but all artists we have are busy right now. As long as we don't have the man-power to do it and other priorities I wouldn't expect any new backgrounds.
  10. Eaty

    Free mount

    Hello, players are able to get free mounts via quests and bosses or can buy them from other players via pokedollars. We do not plan to add more options to obtain them outside the Coin Shop and already existing methods.
  11. Hey, as mentioned before it was intended by the Content Scripter. Therefore, I have to deny your suggestion. The ticket prices are slightly different as you can keep it in inventory while the variable change is activated on buy.
  12. Eaty

    Tabs on PC

    Hello, a box rework is already on our to-do list. We might change something small here and there but I wouldn't expect box changes before the big rework comes.
  13. Hello, we won't change this battle background color-wise as it wouldn't fit the maps anymore.
  14. Hello, I honestly have no idea what you are talking about. Could you send screenshots?
  15. Hey, I definitely won't make it possible to open pc boxes remotely outside the pokcenters but I added that you can link pokes from the box in and outside pokecenters. See this as partially implemented in the next client update: https://walrosskastanie.com/aee7ec9c2999692ee1396cb9.mp4
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