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  1. Hey, I was thinking about adding automated tournaments in PRO. I thought about a weekly random battle tournament and a monthly OU tournament. Nothing is decided yet as I want your input first. An NPC could fully handle these tournaments. If we have too many participants, it could make different tournament trees. Random Battles would be thrice a month and OU once a month. You have the whole week/month time to register. To participate you have to pay a fee. Not sure about the amount but I think 10,000-20,000 for random battles and 30,000-50,000 for OU sounds fai
  2. Absolutely, that was a mistake on my end.
  3. They are not choosen via vote. More votes only increase the chance for the set, there's no guarantee. And the set was not choosen 3-5 times, the set just didn't change since it was randomized (12,5-15% chance to change every 12 hours). Once a set is live the votes for the set will be ignored until the set changed again.
  4. Hm, according to my math that should be the norm. 12,5% chance (up to 15% via votes) to change the spawn set every 12 hours shouldn't change thaaat often.
  5. Feel free to talk about the changes and give feedbacks in here. Please only give feedbacks if you actually used Guild Island this month.
  6. Hello, if balancing wasn't a problem then maybe it would have been an option but I'd rather add a mood in the trainer card where you can select your current mood such as Bashful, Timid or Modest and then you could synchronize with your mood once you activated the Sync Medalion instead of a Pokemon. Sadly balancing is a problem therefore I doubt this will happen. :c
  7. Eaty


    Hello, it's not easy due to how scripts are saved and loaded but I think it's highly underestimated how much work that would be. Scripts currently have more than 12,421,961 characters and more than 500,000 lines. Additionally, every release would require translations. It's definitely possible to translate the GUI but that would also cause problems in the communcation, for trades for example.
  8. Eaty


    Hey, there are several reasons against this as mentioned above and it would be a huge amount of work for Artists.
  9. If your suggestion was only to avoid gaining/losing happiness in PvP battles then please rename your suggestion title so I can mark it as implemented. Starting next server version update you won't gain/lose happiness in all PvP battles (ranked, unranked, friendly) anymore.
  10. Eaty

    Merge servers

    Correct, on high times we have 800-1000 users on each server. Merging the accounts wouldn't be much of a problem but I don't see many advantages. The only advantage I see is the PvP queue but I rather have a cross-server ranked PvP queue and battles than merging both servers. The two server system works quite well.
  11. Hm, theoretically, I wouldn't mind a pseuedo salon with a cooldown to raise Pokemon's happiness for a small fee. Right now, they are only used for Dig, Dive and Headbutt as far as I am aware. I might also deactivate losing/winning happiness from PvP battles so moves such as Return work as intended and are usable without any problems.
  12. Guild Island Update April 1st 2021 Few changes were made after reading users feedbacks and suggestions. Most changes were done to simplify the whole process as many did not fully understand how it'd work. All current spawn-sets have been updated. They currently contain of Rain, Sun, Sand, Hail, Offense, Balanced, Stall, Support and Trick Room. More spawn-sets will follow in the future. Suggestions in our subforum! There is a 12,5% chance spawn-sets will change every 12 hours. There's an NPC in guild island to
  13. The problem is that if we add only one thing it might require two reworks instead of one which is not worth the time investment. We'd rather do it once and completely.
  14. Changing the PC storage is one of the most requested feature in Discord, in-game and Forum. Adding a single filter is not much of a problem but that won't help much. To add many features users requested require a whole rework of the PC storage, server- and client-sided. It's definitely do-able but not as easy as it might sound at first. Adding boxes and make it possible to put your Pokemon wherever you want without auto-sorting is tedious to do but possible. Changing the GUI for that is surely a bit work but that's mainly cause I am not used to this work. The main problem for the PC
  15. Unranked counts as Uber and won't get a ladder.
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