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  1. Oh, understood Dev. Goodluck Have Fun to the PvP players participating future tournaments and have a great Christmas event everybody! Also how about the Jetski/Motorbike/Yoshi color change? hehehehe. Hope you did not forget about it.
  2. As the Christmas Season is near and the New Year Celebration closely follows it. I’ve been thinking of a reward to all the players in the game. Almost every one of us who plays the game must have caught at least one Pokémon that we truly love but some might have frustrations and heartbreaks of it not being the right nature so players just leave it in the box or worst case, they lose interest and take a break from the game for a while. So for everyone to have a recharged Pokémon Trainer spirit and greet the New Year without having any regrets, I want to suggest a ONE chance for players to change the nature of ANY Pokémon they own. To avoid exploits and abuse, the Pokémon must be OT and it becomes untradeable. It can be an NPC or an untradeable modified Nature Reroll Ticket that works on ANY Pokémon which we unlock after a quest. Good luck Have Fun! Thanks!
  3. Oops nevermind, I've read from another thread that Mega Gengar Clothes is available as a reward after beating Umbra in Special Mode and the Shiny Mega Gengar clothes is exclusive to 2020 Halloween event. Thanks!
  4. I was thinking if its okay to add the S Mega and Mega-Gengar Clothes set in Murky Town Shop for a good amount of Halloween points. It'll give chance for new players and old players who missed it in last year halloween event to acquire these cosmetics. Thank you Happy Halloween!
  5. Thanks for the review. Yup, using Pokedollars (Money-sink) or PvE coins (PvE coin sink) as fee will be great.
  6. or Color Changer NPC for Yoshi, Car, Motorbike, and Jetskis. Similar to the Bike Color changer NPC at cerulean. Instead of buying same item just with different color. Thanks
  7. Hi everyone, Buying Jetski's using CC costs 380k (average CC price) before. But from the recent changes, its price is now 250 PVE Coins which is around 700k (based from IV RR to pokedollars) in equivalent. It's kinda higher than its CC value before. I was thinking if its possible to make its price from the PVE Coins shop lower and refundable in Celadon Mart for a fraction of the PVE coin price since its not tradeable. Thanks and Good Luck Have Fun during the Summer and upcoming Halloween Event
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