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  1. Costs 25k/level to remove. Personally I'd like it to be able to delevel to any level, but you can also code it to only work on Lvl 100 pokemon. Frees up staff time. Is money sink. Frees up player time also. Edit: Should be easily accessable, ie. one in every region, mabye inside a building in the ports?
  2. Hello, my suggestion is simple, it consists of accepting up to 3 - 4 capital letters in a nickname For example: Before : Withnewrules After : WithNewRules Advantages: these much more aesthetic, for my part I refused to change my nickname because my new nickname was ugly without capital letters. I also propose if this suggestion is accepted to offer 1 change of nickname only valid once per account, or reduce the price of the first change of nickname, these really very expensive ( for first time ) Thank you for reading
  3. something like a bridge would be useful, getting to cerulean cave faster, avoiding 2 map loadings example:
  4. hi all, i want to inform you that city's name are availaible in kanto & johto but not in hoenn and sinnoh especially sometimes we clik on a region and we forget if we are true or wrong city ... so please fix it best regards;
  5. Hello friends, since we are all hunting gibles rn, the idea came to me that we should be able to stack repels, just make them add steps to your repel counter, so you can stack up 10000 steps if you want, and like to life on edge with these server crashes, or like 1000. It would increase the quality of life on repelling a lot imo.
  6. For a pve player like me, completing my pokedex is one of (if not the) most important goals to achieve. When I say completing the dex, I'm talking about maximizing the caught, seen and evolution data, that currently is or ever has been viable to obtain. With the option of trade chat, alot of grinding and a bit of luck (world quests, outbreaks), it is possible to maximize the caught and evolution data. The problem lies in the fact, that currently there are seen datas, that are not obtainable anymore. I can think of hoopa and zygarde right now. (Yveltal lost his spot in ash westbrooks team but suspicious bot still has it). So my suggestion is to add them to the game somehow. An example would either be to add them to a boss team, do a new boss or even just do mini bosses for hoopa and zygarde, so players can actually complete their pokedex.
  7. hi all; i have a sugg to add in pokemon card its hidden power so we can know its hp directly without speaking to psychic npc or to link it in any chat channel; it's a pain when you hunt a lot of poke to find who has what hp ;furthermore it gets pretty annoying when you are looking through your boxes and you have to link every single mon just to know the hp also as you know some guild makes hunting events where players have to show their caught pokemon i.e each player have to take two screen shoot ( first for their o.t and second for hidden power pokemon ) of each pokemon card and some of them forget ............. i hope you will like my suggestion best regards example
  8. A small improvement to make WQ viable for some players who already got all legendaries and rest who were not lucky enough to find it on the Island. -not legendary pokemon holding a reroll ticket (rng: 50% nature, 25% iv, 25% ability capsule) -legends could hold a decent value item like master ball, choice, orb too. I'm sure you would like it.
  9. I'm very excited for these new legendaries being added, and I look forward to more in the future (for the love of god lugia and ho-oh plz! lol) and I think at this point it would be a good idea to implement something that's been talked about plenty and limit ranked pvp teams to 1 legendary. I think the time is right for it because I dont wanna see something like Lando get introduced just to get banned, so I think this is way to keep it balanced. Lando is a plug and play on pretty much any team ever, so I think this is pretty much the only way we can potentially avoid him inevitably being on every. single. team. in pvp, in gen 7 ou on showdown youl will see him in 90+% of the games you play and keep in mind that is a meta where he must compete against Z-moves and megas. In this.. he will be a no-brainer play every time. And it's great we get to have nice things, but I think putting a limit on it will lead to some actual decision making and keep the meta healthy. Thoughts?
  10. PvP gets less enjoyable every day... everyone using the same 10 pokes and theres no space for cool pokés. Why we have to fight chansey gengar rotomwash tangrowth ferrothorn azumarill togekiss conkeldurr clefable weavile etc every single game... By using this stuff they all literally force each other to use more lame pokes, just to counter other boring tryhard stuff and it just gets worse and worse. If there can be an unranked queue and if its possible to prevent players from entering the ranked queue with banned move combos etc, it should be possible to invent different tiers of pvp queues, such as UnderUsed NeverUsed RarelyUsed etc. plsss.. the situation is so horrible right now
  11. lease add a digway on cianwood city to lead in route 48 (johto safari) as well because we have some difuculty to go there so please make this short cut cianwood
  12. please; add an option in menu grafic game to change the view instead of writing the command "staffview 1" in chat each time we Best Wishes Algerie31 :)
  13. hey id like to suggest this once again since i didnt get any anser last time please please remove the 10min queue timer for disconnects or at least remove it for the preview timeout I JUST WANNA SKIP THE LAME TEAMS but everytime i have to wait a decade or what would be even better add a queue for the cool trainers only UU pokes or NU and below
  14. disabling staffview command is a real mistake please put it back
  15. Hello there! I saw that rating of guilds is the sum of every player in the guild(asked to a mod in discord), i think this is a littlle hard, this is why: I create a guild with my friends, we have for now, 3 pvp players, and the quality of our guild should be only considered by it quality, not quantity, top1 guild today has 8k of pvp points, top1 player has +- 450 points, so to our guild dream to be top1 both 3 players have to be 2,4k rating xD, i agree that 3 players is to low to represent a guild, but why not they should represent? So if i recruit 10 players to do pvp, they must have 800 of rating...twice as the top1. And then if i have 20 players, all need to be as the top1... that is to much, isn't? I play this game since 2015 (with many comings and goings), i started with a lot of new players from brazil, a lot of friends, but all of them is sad because we can achieve top10 guild because of the numer of our players in the guild. I hope the sistem changes, i have some ideias, but for now i'll just leave my suggestion here. Thanks for your attention!
  16. Okay, so i suggest that the world quest should be announced before the WQ itself, you see the last 2 world quest started 3am and 12am here in Ph, making it hard for us to participate. If we would know that there'll be a world quest ahead of time, we should stay awake
  17. i want you colorized each server borders by its colour name for example server gold will look as : and for silver put silver colour to the border and like that every player will know which server he is in personnaly already i forget if i am in silver or gold playing
  18. ign = algerie31 silver server i see that there are many abusif & unuseful heal items that can be replaced with only two cure items full heal & lum berries especially they are headbutted and placed in many places
  19. Hİ We would like to have a new payment system other than Paypal. Our country closed to use paypal please consider the issue Waiting for a nice reply please.
  20. Dear PRO team,please can u make more easy to top up coin for indonesia player like me....i want to buy coin but i not have credit card or pay pal.Please add anothervwayvto top up please..........
  21. First time Ii'm writing a post, I'm not an english person so forgive my grammar/syntax mistakes. Basically my idea (not just mine, i think most of help-chat players would agree with this) is that rules about help chat should change. We all know that Battle Chat is dead, and by being dead I mean that if you ask for help there about PvP things (as EVs spread, movesets or rates) you will have to wait for 15 to 30 mins if you're lucky, up to 5 hours if you're unlucky. Almost half of the requests on help-chat channel are about those topics and most of the time help chat is full of Mod's messages (like: "Things around movesets and EVs are to be asked in Battle Chat") which are annoying to see and fill space that could be useful to answer to Story-related answer. It takes about 6 to 10 seconds for a Mod to copy-paste that messages, while there are always 2 to 8-9 players (very good in pvp) that can just answer, quick and simple. As many of my friends pointed out, telling someone how many EVs someone has to assign to a pokemon is ACTUALLY an help, so why shouldn't we just help that guy, instead of redirect him in a dead channel? Also think about this: Making an answer will take 2 to 5 seconds and the guy is happy. Redirecting him in another dead chat takes the same amount of time, if not more, and the guy is sad because of no answer and has to ask again, and again, and again. I just can't find any logic sense about that rule, that's why I think it should be changed: Just make help chat a place where ANYONE can find help, maybe not with rate or price checks but AT LEAST let people ask about pvp things. Not sure if I wrote it right, but I tried to explain what I think. [X] EDIT HERE [X] We arrived at the point where people get litteraly muted for helping other people and where players start making fun of Mods because of their messages. That's also another point of view, where you can clearly understand that's something is wrong here. P.M. It's also really sad to say "Ask in Battle Chat" when you know that that question won't have an answer and you could've answered in 3 millisec. Ma77ix
  22. As the title already said, I am currently looking for a way to make this less frustrating but first I want to know what you guys prefer. The poll ends in 7 days
  23. i wanna suggest making every bad words allowed in battle chat as pvp is just very intense and sometimes u just cant hold urself back after the 10th focus blast miss and then u get muted xD
  24. Zowens


    por favor pueden poner el juego en español?
  25. hi staff; i have a suggestion to make items and money tradable to own self by mailbox between server as coins are
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