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  1. please; add an option in menu grafic game to change the view instead of writing the command "staffview 1" in chat each time we Best Wishes Algerie31 :)
  2. Costs 25k/level to remove. Personally I'd like it to be able to delevel to any level, but you can also code it to only work on Lvl 100 pokemon. Frees up staff time. Is money sink. Frees up player time also. Edit: Should be easily accessable, ie. one in every region, mabye inside a building in the ports?
  3. something like a bridge would be useful, getting to cerulean cave faster, avoiding 2 map loadings example:
  4. hi all, i want to inform you that city's name are availaible in kanto & johto but not in hoenn and sinnoh especially sometimes we clik on a region and we forget if we are true or wrong city ... so please fix it best regards;
  5. hi all; i have a sugg to add in pokemon card its hidden power so we can know its hp directly without speaking to psychic npc or to link it in any chat channel; it's a pain when you hunt a lot of poke to find who has what hp ;furthermore it gets pretty annoying when you are looking through your boxes and you have to link every single mon just to know the hp also as you know some guild makes hunting events where players have to show their caught pokemon i.e each player have to take two screen shoot ( first for their o.t and second for hidden power pokemon ) of each pokemon card and some of them forget ............. i hope you will like my suggestion best regards example
  6. Hello everyone, seeing the upcoming arrival of mega evolutions to this wonderful game, I was thinking that it would be a good idea to be able to use mega evolutions just being the original trainers of the pokemon. According to me this would give more difficulty to the fact of being able to get them, making them something unique for each player, it would give them an interesting difficulty, in addition to going with the sense of mega evos in anime, where pokemon evolve by trust and affection they have for their trainer. I would like to know what you think, greetings, a hug!
  7. hi staff; i have a suggestion to make items and money tradable to own self by mailbox between server as coins are
  8. Foul play shouldn't be essentially 1 shotting azumarill or landorus-t at all. its a bugged move and is doing way too much damage. these pokemon are just some examples of mons that get 1 shot that shouldn't. 252+ Atk Mandibuzz Foul Play vs. 4 HP / 0 Def Azumarill: 57-67 (16.6 - 19.5%) -- guaranteed 6HKO 232 Atk Mandibuzz Foul Play vs. 0 HP / 68 Def Landorus-Therian: 169-199 (52.9 - 62.3%) -- guaranteed 2HKO 252 Atk Mandibuzz Foul Play vs. 0 HP / 0 Def Weavile: 104-123 (37 - 43.7%) -- guaranteed 3HKO I attached examples with and with-out items showing that its calculating in the damage from the opposing Pokemon's items. This is from a mandibuzz with no items on Foul Play inflicts damage. It uses the target's Attack stat to calculate damage, as opposed to the user's Attack stat. The target's stat boosts (Abilities like Huge Power plus anything that changes the stat stage, such as Swords Dance or Growl) are incorporated into the damage calculations. Any remaining boosts (such as STAB, being burned, Abilities like Adaptability or Tinted Lens, and items like Choice Band or BlackGlasses) are calculated with the user of Foul Play's items, Abilities, and status. when it should only be calcing its own items, its calcing its own items + the enemys items meaning black glasses mandibuzz is hitting for over 80% on azumarill these are all tests after 1 foul play. Example of Mandibuzz doing Stab + Black glasses + enemy item + Enemy Ability ect, i did this just to point out the damage was wrong. the imgur link is just a collective of the screen shots + 1 additional https://imgur.com/a/JHPeJIQ
  9. Hellow guys, It will be so cool if we can see our trade logs in dashboard cuz we can see each and every trade and it will make easy to get all details. Sometimes , people give pokes to lvl train then the level trainer go offline without getting him in our friend list so instead of making thread we can get his name from dashboard. thank you
  10. hi i want you to add a devolution services in forum as deleveling services is implanted because we have evolved some pokemon by mistake and want them as pre evo for example i want my blissey to be chansey
  11. Excavation high tier spawn chance feels super low. Considering you need many Excavation points to unlock everything and then get 3-5 High tier Pokémon in one clear (all excas) feels bad. Also because usually the high tier Pokémon in one exca need different syncs and also sometimes special natures. => The failure rate is pretty high. Revives and Revival Herbs are also not useful anymore since you cant use them on Bosses (Hard). I suggest a buff of Exca spawns.
  12. my suggestion to make bms better and more worth for ppl to buy is : 1) duration 24 or 16 hours 2) stop timer while player is offline 3) 50% h.a. chance this helps ppl that arent always online or ppl with internet problems to not lose time while offline and therefore thats why i also suggested to lower duration so its not overpowered and give more ha chance bec ive tried it many times and hunting high tier pokes like dratini 20% chance is too low and most ppl wont spend money to buy bms for this low chance of ha this will also help you guys cuz more ppl will donate for the game also wanna thank you for your job i like this game been a member here since 2016 keep it up
  13. Hello, I would like to propose that the substitute movement change depending on whether the pokemon has skin or not, in the same way that you have a substitute with skin for a shiny pokemon, such as a pink pokemon, the substitute is pink, as shown In the attached images, the images are only to imply my proposal visually, I am not really a pixel artist or anything, I only use paint,I know game artists could do a much better job,THANK YOU FOR TAKING THE DISCOMFORT OF READING MY PROPOSAL. ;D
  14. Ok so, what if there was a command, lets say, something like /staffview # That you would put in-game console and it would distance your camera. I know it sounds wild and from the future, but all i gotta say after logging back in after 4 moths is this: BRING IT BACK!!!
  15. hello all; i have a suggestion to add cancel (or return) button when we want to cancel a sold as shown in screen shoot we can't cancel and if yes; we had to logout
  16. Yo As some of you know, last halloween, a unique iv lock reroll ticket has been given to every people who finished the darkrai's quest. This special reroll let us locking 1 iv of a legendary pokemon and only one iv which is the best option in my opion. It was so cool but for an unknown reason it was the only one special reroll available. What I suggest is to make it available in pvp and pve coin shops. Why ? We always have more and more legendaries which need specific ivs(Max speed for a lot of legendary... I'll explain in detail this later), hidden power (Ice, Fire...) and a IV Reroll costs atm 700-750k each. Staff legendary pokes are allowed in pvp. They have max speed with almost perfect ivs and the hidden ability which is not only a plus on many pokemons. Ok, we can have 31 speed with reroll, but 31 speed + Other good ivs + hidden power is almost impossible. It's why it would be good to reduce the gap by being able to buy iv lock reroll in pvp and pve coins. For example the 3 Forces of the nature : Thundurus, Tornadus and Landorus. Thundurus-T : 101 base speed which is 1 more than 100 base speed like manaphy if played timid it's necessary to have 30 or 31 speed, plus he needs hp ice to be able to beat gliscor, garchomp, landorus or ground, dragon or grass type (hp fly can be good too). Thundurus-I : 111 base speed which is 1 more than 110 base speed like gengar if played timid it's necessary to have 30 or 31 speed, plus he needs hp ice to be able to beat gliscor, garchomp, landorus or ground, dragon or grass type (hp fly can be good too). Landorus-T : 91 base speed which is 1 more than 90 bas speed like lucario if played jolly it's necessary to have 30 or 31 speed, plus many sets need hp ice to be able to beat himself, gliscor... (hp fly can also be good for hawlucha, tangrowth, breloom and fire for scizor-mega, kartana in the future). Landorus-I : Who cares ? it will be banned :v Tornadus-T : 121 base speed which is 1 more than 120 base speed like alakazam but also speed tie with pidgeot-mega (31 speed ez) Tornadus-I : ...Yes Another exemple is suicune : He has 100 base hp which is equivalent to 404 hp to level 100 ivs 31 ivs and 252 evs. Why do we need 404 ? With substitute it will let the sub tanking 2 hits of seismic toss which is essential to pp stall chansey In general they all need max speed to win speed tie (these 2 maybe not : uxie (almost only used in tr), cresselia (same as uxie, or just here to use lunar dance, can also sweep). We can only have 1 ivs spread so it's better to be able to play both defensive and offensive forms thanks to max speed. In my opinion reroll prices should be reduced to : -40 pvp coin for nature reroll ticket -75 pvp coin for reroll ticket -150 pvp coin for IV lock reroll ticket -70 pve coin for nature reroll ticket -125 pve coin for reroll ticket -250 pve coin for IV lock reroll ticket Alternative ways to earn iv lock reroll ticket ? - Tournament but it should not be the only way. - Suspicious 2.0 with a bigger win streak or more difficult ? - A daily/weekly/monthly quest rewarded daily/weekly/monthly (not like solaceon quest where you can just let 7 alt there and connecting each day) but maybe something like the doctor quest or celadon quest. - World quest rewards (choice between mysterious and iv lock ticket ? More percentage like 1,5% ?) - PvP quests which should be implemented in the next patch. -Dig spots on broken island (guild island)............... No more seriously feel free to give your opinion on the subject, tell me what do you think of the main way of earning these tickets and the alternative one or give me other alternative which could be interesting. Thank you for watching. :CharYay:
  17. As many of you may be able to realize, Vermillion City, and pokecenter, are the most popular, and thus most changing ones. Something i would like to request is rather not to constantly add stuff to vermillion, and change the map for the likes, but rather change somewhere else. For example, Sinnoh is one of the least populated regions, because once it's done there's nothing to do there other than a couple bosses, some dig spots, and quests. For that reason i would like to suggest that for future, more stuff be added to other regions, and not just have everything happen in vermillion. This would also prompt players to have more intention to beat the whole game and not just stop after hoenn. I understand that most people would think something to the effect of "this is pointless", but to be honest i just get bored of seeing everyone sitting in vermillion because it's the only place that gets stuff for it.
  18. I have gotten used to the new system of bosses (I can say I prefer it over the old way) but my only small complaint is that the 6 days and 19 hours timer is slightly too long. For instance, if I do all 20 bosses Wednesday from 7 pm to 10 pm, I cannot then do 20 bosses next Wednesday morning or will often be interrupted while doing the boss run, and I am forced to wait a few hours before I can do the rest of the bosses. Which can be problematic if I am busy later in the day or so forth. This also kills the rhythm of bossing, which is where I believe most of the enjoyment comes from while grinding. A nice quality of life change would be to change the 20 boss limit timer from the current (6 days and 19-hours) to 6 days and 12-hour timer. This allows people who like to do bosses on the same day weekly (but not always the same time during that day) to have more flexibility and smoothness of doing bosses. This will also (hopefully) not be too short of a timer for people to abuse the boss system. I also believe I have a good amount of experince with the new boss system now to make this post. Thanks for your time. -Debeast
  19. If it is possible to Bann bugged moves etc it should also be easily possible to add proper ranked PvP queues for NU UU RU etc. Idk why this wasnt implemented Long ago ... The current Queue is only filled with the same boring 10 pokes over and over again. Most amazing pokes arent even used or hunted because they wouldnt even stand a chance against these ridiculous pokes like azumarill rotom chansey and this garbage . Pls add, will make PvP enjoyable and Game lively
  20. we get bored of the new digway before it was next digspot but yesterday was moved to this place so to do dig we have to pass also through mt.c 4 to finnaly acces mt.coronet summit other side so why not return the digway as it wa before here in this entrance or just add a way or stair here
  21. Hi I would like to suggest the cooldown time of 21 days for the Nikola Boss be changed to the same cooldown times as the other bosses. I fought the boss today and lost because i didn't know it was a super boss which meant i couldn't use any revives. I would like to rebattle this boss but waiting almost a month is kind of sad lol. Also imagine getting disconnected during your battle due to unknown circumstances and having to wait 21 days. That's kind of insane :o Thanks
  22. As many people probably already know the walkway to the Johto Safari Zone can be incredibly frustrating because of multiple caves, ladders and fields of grass. The way itself is also very long compared to the other Safari zones which are very easy to access. Thats why I want to suggest a digway from Cianwood City to the Safari zone in Johto.
  23. I've been looking for Charmander about 6 days with 2xbms. Please, its wasted my time then wasted my bms. Ofc sometimes i got in the right synch but with bad IVs. It is the best IVs that I've had in 6 days with fail synch. 50% chance it means: 50% fails 50% works Please i/we need buff for synch at least 50% to 51%. TBH Im kinda tired, its no funny anymore. QUARATINE HIT YOU. THANKS.
  24. hi all; i want you to keep the idea of 20 bosses in one week but limit the bosses to three every 24 hours so in each week we can only fight 21 bosses (03x07) i hope you will enjoy my idea and implant it ingame best wishes
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