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  1. zowens


    por favor pueden poner el juego en español?
  2. Hİ We would like to have a new payment system other than Paypal. Our country closed to use paypal please consider the issue Waiting for a nice reply please.
  3. First time Ii'm writing a post, I'm not an english person so forgive my grammar/syntax mistakes. Basically my idea (not just mine, i think most of help-chat players would agree with this) is that rules about help chat should change. We all know that Battle Chat is dead, and by being dead I mean that if you ask for help there about PvP things (as EVs spread, movesets or rates) you will have to wait for 15 to 30 mins if you're lucky, up to 5 hours if you're unlucky. Almost half of the requests on help-chat channel are about those topics and most of the time help chat is full of Mod's messag
  4. Im suggesting ban the use of softboiled, moonlight, rest, roost. Why? Regen with slowbro/amoonguss, tangroth is already good. But I get sooo tired of playing against blissy-chansey-snorlax teams that just toxic and heal or rest and sleep talk. If we cant use OP Pokemon (genescect,speed boost blaziken, darkrai, ect) why is op stallers a thing? Makes for a looong and annoying game when some is running 2-3 stall healers and spamming heal.
  5. One of the problems with hunting is getting the right ability, it may not be as much of an issue due to Role-play being in the game but sometimes you either want to change the ability because the poke has another good ability for a different set, you don't have a roleplay poke or in an extreme case say your Vivillion didn't get Compound Eyes upon evolution as it randomly gets either Shield Dust or Compound eyes upon evolving, and I cannot stress how frustrating that is. So to make this balanced what I propose is have it work the same as Ability Capsule in regular games only for non H.A
  6. 1. Given how many fossils are obtained from excavation sites, make them tradeable. It'll help stimulate the economy. Many players have dozens of them just sitting around, and I have tons on alternate accounts that I will never use because those accounts dont have privileges to use excavation site re-animator. 2. Add an additional Silver Disc NPC in another region. Being on Cinnabar is an isolated enough place.
  7. Considering how hard it is to level Shuckle due to his lacking damage and lackluster offensive pool, shouldn't it's base exp. (experience needed to level) be reduced ? I mean, considering that killing a wild with half its level can take like several turns.
  8. The value of coin cases are slowly recovering from their horrible 200k value (silver server) , but its still bad at 250k/300k value. We don't know when will megas come to PRO or how its going to be when Megas do come like what will the requirements be to get a Mega stone? so I suggest that when they do come, to have the option to buy a certain mega stone for 1 coin capsule that will for sure raise the demand and value of the coin case. and can for sure boost the buying of Coin Caps with real cash and there for assist PRO with the extra collected money from players
  9. With the possible implementation of super bosses I thought it would be a fun idea to throw in a super boss concept. Boss: King Midas Location: Mirage Island Possible Rewards: Nature Re-roll ticket, Stat Re-roll ticket, Turn a legendary pokemon into shiny variant Requirements: 1m per challenge attempt, Complete pokedex for all regions including evos Cooldown: 2hrs on player loss, 24 hrs on player win (in effect you may only win against him once per mirage island appearance) The idea is about creating a super boss that would entice more accomplished players/collectors and at the same
  10. Hellow , I was thinking to make a new theme for vermilion port. It is the most visited port . Will be great if changed theme. Like change in path , ships etc... Also it would be great if vermilion port is changed to new map OR make vermilion port like lilycove like a stop house ( We will go in all ships will appear line by line ).
  11. I purpose to make reroll ticket untradable. Legendairy pokemon are used especially for PvP and not PvE except 2-3 legendairies pokemon. So i think it s not normal that guys who have a lot of reroll tickets thanks to PvE like reporter ; suspicious bot ; boss have more chance to have a good legendairy pokemon in comparaison with PvP player. Furthermore a lot of people complaining about mass account abuser, i think it s a good option for stop this. In a same time, it will influence economy of server because there are less money in movement. My second purpose is about price of reroll tick
  12. i cant believe they added this levelup animation to the game and not make it optional..i lost all my interest to play the game after i had to wait 1min to see my dratini levelup from 20 to 38 ... if this was added to increase playtime and increase ur monetization , then its the wrong way to go abt the game .. bcz in the short run u may earn some bucks but in the long run youll lose players... and if it was added without any motive just as a feature , its the dumbest decision one can take and i would kick that trash out of the dev team without thinking twice. im pretty sure u got negative fe
  13. I've been looking for Charmander about 6 days with 2xbms. Please, its wasted my time then wasted my bms. Ofc sometimes i got in the right synch but with bad IVs. It is the best IVs that I've had in 6 days with fail synch. 50% chance it means: 50% fails 50% works Please i/we need buff for synch at least 50% to 51%. TBH Im kinda tired, its no funny anymore. QUARATINE HIT YOU. THANKS.
  14. For a pve player like me, completing my pokedex is one of (if not the) most important goals to achieve. When I say completing the dex, I'm talking about maximizing the caught, seen and evolution data, that currently is or ever has been viable to obtain. With the option of trade chat, alot of grinding and a bit of luck (world quests, outbreaks), it is possible to maximize the caught and evolution data. The problem lies in the fact, that currently there are seen datas, that are not obtainable anymore. I can think of hoopa and zygarde right now. (Yveltal lost his spot in ash westbrooks te
  15. Hello friends, since we are all hunting gibles rn, the idea came to me that we should be able to stack repels, just make them add steps to your repel counter, so you can stack up 10000 steps if you want, and like to life on edge with these server crashes, or like 1000. It would increase the quality of life on repelling a lot imo.
  16. hi all; i see that kanto starter have no repel trick i suggest to add repel trick to charmander & bulbasur & squirtle in safari kanto or just add another spawn location without repel trick best regards algerie31;
  17. Hello fellow pokefans, some of you probably heared of the "pokemon unity" project, that aimed to create a tool for pokemon fangames (like pokemon essentials) within unity. To my great sorrow it got abandoned half way trough. Pokemon Fangames are still beeing made within RPG Maker XP. They could be so much better if there were based of unity. To my knowledge Pkmn Revolution Online was created with unity. So i was wondering if you plan on releasing the project or parts of it as a preset for the community to create fangames with. A preset for creating Pkmn games in Unity could finally
  18. we get bored of the new digway before it was next digspot but yesterday was moved to this place so to do dig we have to pass also through mt.c 4 to finnaly acces mt.coronet summit other side so why not return the digway as it wa before here in this entrance or just add a way or stair here
  19. add marriage channel in ur discord so we can find our partners
  20. Hello, I will request to make bulbasaur spawn in one more place where we don't need to invest money. Cuz we need to invest money in order to get bulbs. Also if anyone invested 50k for there is no possibility to get more than 3-4 bulba spawn. So add it in 1 more place. OR Make all starter spawn In a place where player need to invest money ( Like it is for johto starters) Ty Have a good day
  21. Ive been in this game for so long, and knowing a bit of the complexities of the game. But im not the competitive type. I do play ranks but im not that good and i think not even average pvp player. Yet, i think its time you guys open this to everyone. Most top pvp players enjoys a lot of perks and even tourny winners, but what about regular players? Dont they also deserve to at least get themselves something? Idk if youd say it will break the economy but hey. Its been so broken since last year and now the megas are getting. Idk what else youd say about breaking the economy. So maybe its time t
  22. Hello everyone, seeing the upcoming arrival of mega evolutions to this wonderful game, I was thinking that it would be a good idea to be able to use mega evolutions just being the original trainers of the pokemon. According to me this would give more difficulty to the fact of being able to get them, making them something unique for each player, it would give them an interesting difficulty, in addition to going with the sense of mega evos in anime, where pokemon evolve by trust and affection they have for their trainer. I would like to know what you think, greetings, a hug!
  23. hi staff; i have a suggestion to make items and money tradable to own self by mailbox between server as coins are
  24. Okay, so i suggest that the world quest should be announced before the WQ itself, you see the last 2 world quest started 3am and 12am here in Ph, making it hard for us to participate. If we would know that there'll be a world quest ahead of time, we should stay awake
  25. I'm very excited for these new legendaries being added, and I look forward to more in the future (for the love of god lugia and ho-oh plz! lol) and I think at this point it would be a good idea to implement something that's been talked about plenty and limit ranked pvp teams to 1 legendary. I think the time is right for it because I dont wanna see something like Lando get introduced just to get banned, so I think this is way to keep it balanced. Lando is a plug and play on pretty much any team ever, so I think this is pretty much the only way we can potentially avoid him inevitably being on
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