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  1. Just an idea of mine. Is it possible to make an event where paradox pokemons are skins for the pokemon? (Like the ones for beast trio with bidoof) List of Paradox Pokemons: Great Tusk - Donphan Scream Tail - Jigglypuff Brute Bonnet - Amoonguss Flutter Mane - Misdreavus Slither Wings - Volcarona Sandy Shocks - Magneton Roaring Moon - Salamence (Walking Wake - Suicune) (Raging Bolt - Raikou) Iron Treads - Donphan Iron Bundle - Delibird Iron Hands - Hariyama Iron Jugulis - Hydreigon Iron Moth - Volcarona Iron Thorns - Tyranitar Iron Valiant - Gallade(Gardevoir?) (Iron Leaves - Virizion) (Iron Crown - Cobalion)
  2. I know this might suck the fun out of hunting to an extent, but maybe make the mints a large amount of pve coins to purchase? Like between 500-1000 coins per mint? Make it so we have to properly earn them and make them unable to be traded, any Pokémon that has a mint used on them also becomes unable to be traded to keep things balanced. What do you think?
  3. Hey, dearest people of all PRO! I want my idea to be fulfilled, it Is important indeed. Move animations! We all know PRO is a great game, fun, innovative, and exciting. But... battle systems lack efficiency! I want all people to hear me! PRO needs all Pokémon moves to be animated so PvP can run more elegantly and stylishly. Look at all Pokémon games! They all have animated movies, so we should have too! Please, trainers, help with my idea so the staff developers can prioritize the production of move animations more. I can design moves, but unfortunately, Walrosskastanie didn't reply to my message We all need move animations or at least the most used moves in PvP or PvE! Vote now to tell the staff to prioritize more move animations! I am a volunteer to design moves. I have experience. Thank you, friends. Kind regards, Lumizen
  4. So I just read the announcement about the new battle server and about the 1-2 pvp coins drop per every win which is really an interesting thing to do. My suggestion is to add this 1-2 pvp coins drop feature every weekend (Saturday & Sunday), which will attract many player and not only pvp coins as drops if we can add some additional items as random drops.For example Common drops will be like no drop, ethers, repels, escape rope etc. Uncommon will be rare candy, mysterious candy, fossils etc. Rare drops such as rr shard, mysterious shard, small train ticket, safari pass etc. This will at least make people to participate in pvp not just plain hunting and pve stuff. Feel free to drop your opinion about this suggestion. Thanks & Regards -MassKiller
  5. I feel bisharp is so univolved. The final evolution of bisharp would spice the game up more I think. Bring Kingsgambit into the game please. Like Aeigisshield. People would enjoy such a pokemon immensely! Thanks :Nortavon
  6. So I had an idea for a new event like the Bidoof or Star Wars event. I was thinking of an anime event because of how involved a lot of the community is with anime. For example, an easy one should be Ninetails being a Naruto form, or Gengar being the devil spirit from Death Note. It could range from a lot of different animes some very popular like Naruto, Bleach, dbz, and One Peace. But others could be like black clover or One Punch Man and many more! I'm not sure how the copyright would work or if it would even be a problem but it could be a fun little week-long event around like comic con. I think it would be a great idea and I asked some others in all chats when playing this week and a lot of them loved the idea.
  7. As suggested in the title, maybe add an toggleable option for auto-use repel? I'm lazy to refresh repel when it expires especially when i'm hunting all day haha
  8. Do you want Toxapex to be included on the summer map?
  9. hi dear staffs, i wish intead of showing this messge ....... encountered a shiny /rare form; you link the pokemon so players will be encouraged to hint & that will create a competition & rivalery ,joust betweenn players
  10. I am kinda new to the game and without a mount or bike, they game feel extremely slow as you have to run around a lot of times. With my first mount it was way better but still pretty tough. As there is no fly, you have to run a lot of times over very long distances. So faster Mounts would help in that process of getting through the different maps. I do like actually everything about the game except the "walking-simulator". Suggestion: - Increase the speed of mounts - Allow Mounts in all maps, including in-door, houses etc. as they feel also very slow - (Optional, in case it would be too fast for some people) add a Feature where you can change a slider on the mount to set his movement speed multiplier from current one to the new one and everything in-between.
  11. add a command in discord to not be tagged in announcement when staff are looking for mapper /spawn/ artist or something in this way because we get bored with this tag and got annoyed ...
  12. Hey. According to your rules, you can't say die to other players, but there is this problem i feel offended by the dialogue from battle boss where it say "Welcome to die" - so to hold a good standard, maybe change dialogue? Greetings a concerned person.
  13. I think it would be better if the mini icon purple parts were more accurate to its sprite purple parts. PRO's one's purple parts in the mini icon looked like clothes that have been bleached out before, and now look way darker than the 2d sprite. This is the original 2d sprite This is how its mini icon looked like in game before the update This is how it looks like now This is how its mini icon looks like in showdown (more accurate to the 2d sprite) My suggestion: Use showdown's Tornadus Therian mini icon colors. I'm not an artist, and I'm sure PRO's artists can do a much better job with it, but the following is an example I made that I think should be the accurate colours: Sorry for bumping this, I know it's probably an unecessary change, but I had to point it out.
  14. I think I speak for every single person on pro when I say that beggars are by far the most annoying thing to see every single time you log onto the game to play and relax, as of right now there is nothing we can do to stop these beggars other than ignore them but that doesn't do anything because they just spam everyone else over and over. I'm suggesting just a tweak in the rules that can allow us to report these people because some of these people (sometimes its whole guilds) sit in vermillion for weeks/months getting 0 progress done on their own and just beg beg beg their life's away. If there was a rule where we can report the first time and they get a warning/mute I think it will stop alot of the begger problem that pro has. And trust me that problem is huge im sure everyone knows that already
  15. After the staff auction ended i was pretty mad ngl , cause like 99% of those epic shiny /themed pvp mons were locked into accounts of players that will never use them in pvp . So i was thinking , maybe staff can start a service when for example if u have gathered 50 mil u can get an epic themed mon , 100 mil epic shiny mon and so on ( the prices are just examples and should probably be set to even higher so that shiny market doesnt perish ) . That way u can create huge money sinks while also pleasing some players . I am aware there are some lurking dangers like i said above about shiny market but i think its not bad taking a minute or two thinking about this suggestion . Its sad to see all the epic shiny / themed mons locked into pve accounts . Also might motivate some players to comeback into the game ( for example i have been actively pvping the last 2.5 years but recently 3 months now i have kinda lost motovation to pvp and i barely play like 5 battles per month , so maybe it could be some kind of incentive ) P.s. obviously the mons wont be tradable
  16. Hi, Just wanted to suggest adding nature mints in coin shops. Reasons: It will be added to game economy. It will increase the values of shinies who previously had wrong nature. It will make those poke PVP able which could be epic if not sync failed and increase their values. Hunting ill be less torture. Gen 8 Sync is 100% i am not saying make sync 100% cuz it would be too easy and kill fun(who doesn't want to laugh at failed epics), but with mints they have a chance. Cause if u hunt for a whole week and best u got is a sync failed godly ivs poke it's sad. It will not make hunting less rellevant as we still have to hunt for ivs, it's just a backup for godly fails which could be saved by nature and make hunting less stressfull and more enjoyable even if sync fails. Ability and IVS can't be changed for normal poke i understand but nature is something which can be changed in my opinion.
  17. I just wanted to create this forum to create the possibility for game owners to make pokemon revolution for ps vita. I think it is a great idea. Thanks for read this and i'm sorry for my bad english.
  18. i just noticed my dcs got added to my looses on trainer card ? i know its nothing big but now it looks like i got beaten, which is not possible usually so any chance to revert this mistake ? those dcs are just teleports to pc....
  19. Hello guys, In this topic, I intend to present to your attention a theme already known and addressed, but (in my opinion) presented in a hasty and unclear way. I'm talking about Shinies Pokemon. Pro is becoming an increasingly complete and organic game, many new features are introduced and many old dynamics are constantly updated. Regarding this, I want to make the warmest congratulations to all the staff working on this project. In any case, I would like to bring to your attention this problem, which does not seem to have been adequately taken into consideration. In the game today many people have Shinies, but with the current game system, 95% of these are totally unused and abandoned in the PC. This is especially due to the low tier and the fact that they have very bad characteristics for PVP. In fact, even many high-tier pokemon find it very difficult to be sold on the market due to their bad characteristics. Let's face it, having a shiny even rare but not suitable for PVP does not bring any advantage, it remains abandoned in the pc. I aim to reactivate Shiny's importance, so that they have a practical utility in the game. Therefore, make sure that the player perceives the usefulness of finding a shiny and can benefit from it, using it, and not just hoping to sell him for a small change. To do this, I thought of a competition that can give them back this importance and give new life to the game: the SUPER SHINY CONTEST! The contest could present these features: - It will be an annual competition, in which all players can participate, and whose purpose will be to obtain the highest score determined by the capture, or purchase, of Shinies during that year. - Each shiny, based on the Pokemon represented, will have its own score, so that the one with a higher tier allows you to have a higher score. The points obtained by the Shiny caught or purchased during the year will be added together to obtain a total score. - There will be an NPC in the map port cities (as for the NPCs of the World Quest) that will record the captured or purchased Shiny, and will keep in memory the total score obtained. Only properly registered Shinies will be considered in the competition. - Shinies can be captured or purchased, and either way will earn points for beneficiaries, albeit to varying degrees. By way of example, I present an overview of how I thought about the attribution of value: . common shiny: 3 points / common shiny purchased: 1 point . uncommon shiny: 8 points / uncommon shiny purchased: 3 points . rare shiny: 15 points / rare shiny purchased: 7 points As can be seen from the prospectus, greater importance is given in points to the shiny captured rather than to those purchased, to avoid the millionaires of the game having the monopoly of the situation on the market. I will explain this in detail later. - The player, who trades or sells on the market, shinies registered by the NPC, will automatically lose the registration of the same and the corresponding score. On the other hand, the player who buys a shiny and registers it at the NPC, will get the score as indicated in the table described above. A further sale of the same shiny will follow the same rules mentioned above. - Being annual, only shinies caught during the considered year will be admitted. Shinies already owned or that have been captured or purchased in previous years will be valued in the manner that will be explained later. - The object of the competition will be only the shinies, and not alternative or event forms. - For those who reach the first 3 places in the ranking, the prize(s) will be awarded. by way of example, the prizes taken into consideration will be: PVE, Pokedollars, a common or uncommon shiny with best IVs and nature, the improvement of the shiny encounter equal to 1/6000 (or 1/5000) for 3 months, transform one of your legendaries in shiny, get an amazing and unique form of your legendaries (for example a golden version!) and so on (for the prizes just have imagination, the important thing is that they are rightly precious for the importance that this contest will play in the game!) - PARTICULAR ATTENTION (1): It is important to value both the shinies caught and those purchased, with the necessary differences. This is because the market balance will give a new value to all Shinies, and even those of low tier will acquire greater importance, both on the market and for the personal objective of the player. The buying and selling of Shiny according to this model will generate a new and more dynamic flow of money, but in a more balanced way, so that not only the Charmander or the Froakie Shinies will gain importance, but all the shinies will be more appetible for everyone. The richest may have an initial advantage in the market, but with the new value being attributed TO ALL SHINIES, they will be forced to bestow large sums, and wealth will be redistributed in a more balanced way on the market. There will be much more trading on the market in this area. - PARTICULAR ATTENTION (2): I was hoping to be able to describe here the other half of the project, which includes the use and enhancement of all shinies, including those already owned or years prior to the competition, but the topic is becoming very long. I'm sure I've forgotten some details about the first part explained here but I'll add it if it comes in mind. I would particularly like to see, however, your reaction to this project, if you like it and may be interested. In that case, I will explain the second part immediately. However, I would like to emphasize that, if it is not to your liking, something must still be done to move the current situation. In the current state of affairs, having shinies is not engaging at all! This idea, which is still the basis, can be implemented and improved in any way with suggestions and observations. To conclude, I sincerely hope you can embrace and support this project. Again, it is only the basis, and any support with suggestions and observations will be more than appreciated. I thank everyone in advance for reading, and I hope that together we can contribute constantly to the enrichment of this fantastic game!
  20. Could it be possible to add in a permanent escape rope which would be similar to the already existing tools such as flashlight, battering ram, shovel etc. I often find myself stuck in areas with no escape ropes without realising and it can be a small inconvenience if there is no npc's around to teleport back to the PC, but with a permanent escape rope, I can add it to my hot bar without worrying about buying more. I get that its a form of money sink but maybe it can be a win/win if it can be added as a coin shop item. Thanks for considering my suggestion.
  21. Hello iam apocalypse leader 5 years i play this game i have alot game hours , i wanna make one suggestion. My suggestion is why no exist one more pvp ladder for only shiny or events pokes? In game exist many events and shinies pokes and no one use because is difficult counter normal pokes in pvp rank , so why not pvp shiny - event ranking. These suggestion give value all shiny - event pokes , now only for collection. Thanks alot.
  22. This is something i always wondered when playing the original pokemon games and was eventually expecting to be implemented eventually, but it never was. So now i can see a great opportunity for a more direct feedback instead. I always thought about a fifth move slot that would only show up and could be used outside of battle. This would get rid of the annoyance of having an HM/TM slave and improve the game overall, it would be like a slot for useful moves but would still preserve the competitive aspect of not needing to make space in the 4 original slots for one. From the top of my head i can think of: The HMs (obviously) Headbutt False Swipe Dig Teleport (if eventually implemented like in the original games to go to the PKM center) Rock Smash Sweet Scent Secret Power Milk Drink I hope that this can be useful somehow even if it doesnt get used this way. :Grin: .CCTO.
  23. can you make the ash pikachus in world quest be able to hold ash cap to wear for player? would be a nice addition for people who didnt choose pikachu and still want to have the hat for long time
  24. I've noticed from time to time at a decently common rate, that newer players myself at one point had no clue that evolving our Pokémon causes the exp requirement to be higher for the next level an further up, many newer players pop into the help chat asking or are confused as to why their Pokémon are taking forever to level up and when confronted with the fact that its because they evolved them, they feel a little let down or maybe some of them lose the will to want to put more effort into playing, my suggestion is simple add in Bold or capital letters that evolving a Pokémon will increase the amount of exp required to level them. I think adding this to oak at the start or in his lab will give newer players a chance to not feel like they made a mistake that slows their progress. this way at least they're informed, I was also told that a optional to talk to NPC will tell players this but not every new player just talks to every NPC they see so making it part of standard dialog will keep a new player well informed about this. TLDR; Add exp rate changes when you evolve a Pokémon as a warning for new players to a mandatory conversation so that it is less likely to be missed.
  25. Hello evryone! Here its medu5a or how old players know me as paok123 My suggestion is! So many players from 2016 have take perma ban and can't take there accounts back! If this accounts stay locked for ever the pokes was existing there have simply desipere right? So why you do not take the shiny and good pokes from banned accounts and make them somthing like give away for evryone with 1k hours + ? I mean if you was knew my old acc i was playing all day i lose so many shinys if i was know i will take ban propably i whould give them away! I do not say that for i take somthing , give them maybe at players with -1k hours ? For other players can buy them! Now days only shinys exist in game its 2 low cause as i said many have take ban many have stop playing and for us we love shiny buying and selling its nothing 2 do with that! We need hunt like for 1-2 weeks in a row for tier 1 shiny ratata! I hope evrything make sense cause you know me my english its not the best so hope my idea get some attension and if do not make it true maybe at the future change it a litle but keep the main ''head'' and make somthing with that! Peace and love Shop back then : shiny charizard shiny luxray shiny breloom shiny shiny shiny Shop now days : shiny clefa shiny ratata shiny zubat ......
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